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Смотрела запись интервью на Свободе. Отметила что -необычно для России – Екатерина Шульман совершенно не накрашена. Подумала: что мне напоминает её лицо и выражение?

Так северо-европейские портреты 18века же! Типа вот такого:

J-E. Liotard, Geneva. Portrait of a Young Lady

J-E. Liotard, Geneva. Portrait of a Young Lady

Что думаете?

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…searching my own comments in blogosphere, as a reminder to myself [“oh, where did I said something like this before?!”], I found this amusing exchange.

A biscuit to first reader who’ll spot the name of [unimaginable-then] our President Elect.

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Barbro called for showing something joyful, however trivial – to spread the happiness and share delight. I agree: let’s write of small pleasures of existence.

Here’s my new office shoes, subject of long and hopeless hunt – and imagine my joy (yes) when I saw them at DSW: low (but noticeable) heel, comfortable ankle hug detail, reliable arch support, figured (not plain) leather. And very unusual play on “maryjane” theme. Something very “roaring 20s” about them, isn’t it?

Here they are, my beauties, literally on my desktop!

img_0769 img_0770

Наташа barbro убедила, что хвастаться приятным – значит делиться радостью. Там у неё тыща комментов, а делятся картинками единицы. Ну так вот, без ложной скромности отвечаю на призыв.

Любуйтесь -мои новые офисные туфли. Конусный каблучок, “мятая” кожа, мягкая обнимающая щиколотку деталька сзади, удобная колодка. И замечательная дизайнерская вариация на тему “туфель с перемычкой”. Есть в них что-то от весёлых 20гг, нет?

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Let’s try to make Chaz feel better.
-“former ballerina” means she is overweight (or anorexic), her knees are shot, she walks awkwardly and has two favorite conversation topics: weight-loss diets and gossiping
-“lifestyle journalist” – she has no profession; she is using her connections from the time she has been a dancer to support her own expensive lifestyle habits by giving BS advice to others.
-“also an architect” – maybe after her ballet career was over…but I doubt it. Architecture requires at least 8 yrs of professional education; say she retired from the stage at 35…OK, at 30. how old, you think will she be by the time she can actually design and build something? Also, Architects usually able to support themselves by actual work, not “lifestyle” advice – or they are not architects. The only overlap between an architect and ballerina could be an enormously inflated ego.
-“headscarf, glamorous shades and a skill to sit luxuriously” – it’s all she has left for sale.

[all of these considerations will not stop me from trying to get to the performance of Ratmansky ballet Golden Cockerel by ABT at Lincoln Center tonight]

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Rainy Sunday

Too lazy today to go through my weekend checklist; there are some days you just give in to sloth.
Сырники  and my plum jam for breakfast (and then again for brunch…), finishing the long-winded French novel, for once competently translated (y Hoyt Rogers)- all those strange turns of phrase and endless sentimental passages  reasonable enough for the premise and the story to be believable, to relay the fragrance and tone of time.


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Let’s get it to 35mil!

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