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Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue

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Learn something new

What it the most important thing to remember after 20 yrs in profession? Never stop scouting. Lesson to self: don’t be too snobbish; curiosity pays in more ways than one

So, what this preamble lead us to? To couple of things I learned recently:

  • Clever way to turn cracked stone slab from trash to a design statement: fill the the cracks with melt tin. [found in an obscure Russian LJ, can’t find it now, in some boring “renovation” post. No pictures either – but I remember photo demonstrating results: awesome]

Cool example of multipurpose furniture in old Dutch windmill museum [again, found in LJ, this time I had presence of mind to save the link] . It’s a bed + laundry closet+ nursery! See the rope? It’s tied up to a crib at the footboard. Cool, a?

I can’t wait for some suitable project to come along to use these.


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Barbro called for showing something joyful, however trivial – to spread the happiness and share delight. I agree: let’s write of small pleasures of existence.

Here’s my new office shoes, subject of long and hopeless hunt – and imagine my joy (yes) when I saw them at DSW: low (but noticeable) heel, comfortable ankle hug detail, reliable arch support, figured (not plain) leather. And very unusual play on “maryjane” theme. Something very “roaring 20s” about them, isn’t it?

Here they are, my beauties, literally on my desktop!

img_0769 img_0770

Наташа barbro убедила, что хвастаться приятным – значит делиться радостью. Там у неё тыща комментов, а делятся картинками единицы. Ну так вот, без ложной скромности отвечаю на призыв.

Любуйтесь -мои новые офисные туфли. Конусный каблучок, “мятая” кожа, мягкая обнимающая щиколотку деталька сзади, удобная колодка. И замечательная дизайнерская вариация на тему “туфель с перемычкой”. Есть в них что-то от весёлых 20гг, нет?

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Today’s newsletter’ installment brought a welcome surprise: Epiphany hotel in Palo Alto.

I gotta say: it is rather pleasant, to see drawings and pictures living in one’s mind – being implemented into reality. Of course, I also see “value engineering” at work: several rather nice features that we conceived few yrs ago got vanished (angled wood accent wall at Reception, f.ex, the tray-over-settee in the guestrooms, or the spiral stair treatment – that I spent so much time over!) On the other hand, other items got developed into a nicer, cleaner statements – like forged steel screen at the restaurant’ entrance, and a cute “round bar section”/button in seating group upholstery.

You can find more pictures here. I do, of course, have my own drawings in portfolio – which I show only to potential employers and clients, and only for the purpose of illustrating my skills.

But, oh, how these pics brought in the memories of that difficult year!

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Иногда читанное в одном месте разговаривает с читанным в другом.


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I will write about it just as soon as new year begins. In a meanwhile, just look at this beauty. How can anyone who lives there be unhappy?!

[See more @ the Flickr album]

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Yes, I’m a hater.


I hate unprofessionalism. Hate make-believe, all-for-show, piece-of-crap-lacquered-to-resemble-chocolate-bonbon’ fakery.


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