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You Democrats don’t just need to reform your gun policy, you need to reform your attitude towards the voters to a place from which your present policy looks as vicious and absurd as it does to them.

You Democrats don’t just need to reform your rhetoric about racism and sexism, you need to reform your attitude towards the voters to a place from which your present rhetoric looks as vicious and absurd as it does to them.

It’s all of a piece. You’ve forgotten how to be the party of the people. Trump was the price of that forgetfulness. Now, you need to relearn it, for all our sakes.

The alternative is that something like the Republicans, or possibly worse, dominates American politics for the foreseeable future. I don’t want that, and you should fear it more than I do.

So get your act together now.

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[H/t to stas]

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To debate this eternally consequential dilemma (I mean, Johnson or Trump? Trump or HillBill is considered only by the likes of Taki “libertarians.” If any) – or listen to others debating it for you, please click on “Play” below

Link via American Rattlesnake – thank you, Gerard! – and here’s my impression below the cut:


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10 лет, Anna_Stilo решилась оставить мне следующий коммент:

Г-споди, какая же вы удивительная… Подставьте эпитет сами, я не в силах.от восторга :)))
Исключительно заглянув в гугль, я, честно, это впервые делаю.

Отставим в сторону странную орфографию, но и смысл заявления (с которым, повторю, журналистка Анна догоняла меня 10 лет) от меня ускользает.  Что нам хотел сказать автор сего произведения? Подозреваю, нечто малоприятное. За что, интересно? Перечтём длинный тред десятилетней давности.

Ну, что сказать…взгляды мои только усугубились. Но развивать тему, разжёвывать и обьяснять я бы сейчас не стала. Не стоит труда.

Однако хорош был сукин сын…дочка то есть. Как излагала! Увидела б где сейчас, зафрендила бы себя в момент!


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Copying my comment @Brian’s:

As people-smarter-than-me noted long ago, we are a Nation of Salesmen. We live surrounded by salesmen and their pitches. Anyone who’s been in the country for 5yrs knows he has to divide any sales spiel by at least 2 – and divide Trump speeches by 10.
Those who don’t (all those crowds at Trump’s rallies) will be taken for a spin in a used ford sold to them as a sparkling ferrari.

I have a nagging suspicion, born from dealing with bombastic salesmen, that he’s already made a behind-the-curtains deal with Hil&Bill and their cohort of cynical moneygrabbers. Judging by his previous deals w/Clintons, his many-decades cohabitaiton with socialist nomenklatura administrations in this city (NY), see his numerous and prosperous built-in-insults-to-taste (Trump Tower, Trump SoHo hotel, etc) – he is a statist when it suits his RE acquisition and a salt-of-the-Earth natural libertarian when it benefits his moneybags.

If he wins, this will be a Traitorous Administration on a truly humongous scale.

Update: Brian Micklethwait responds.

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His mother is Jewish, and his stepfather is an architect

Hmmm…sounds familiar

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do i like the increase in taxes, NO – i am in the lowest rung of the highest bracket – but i will grin and bear it, if it happens.

Let’s see how much it is, exactly

tax bracket
It’s rather easy to “grin and bear” at this stage, isn’t it? And to be generous, especially with other people’s money.

И эта мерзкая сучка смеет ещё что-то вякать о её libertarian friends!
А вообще – кроме насквозь подлого нутра, мочалка-моля просто дура. Неумная, претенциозная дура с раздутым самомнением. Спорить с ней – значит выполнить её самое заветное желание: чтоб её воспринимали всерьёз. Кто спорит с дураками – сам малого ума, так и знайте…

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idnycNaturally, I am completely against this card as form of identification, even more so – as an ID for the questionably-legal (because, as our infamous mayor BdB insist, “immigration status does not matter”. Doesn’t it? Look at Germany, Billie!)
See, f.i., combination of what documents can get you this card in NYC:
-Your child’s U.S. Birth Certificate – listing applicant as birth parent
-Foreign Driver’s License – NOT machine readable
-U.S. School Transcript without date of birth (transcript from H.S. NOT including date of birth, dates attended, academic record etc)
-Plus one document establishing residency: like letter from Homeless shelter or High School.
Absolutely ridiculous!

What can one use this card for? Among other uses, “Benefits like SNAP, cash assistance and Section 8″. Or as government prescription medication discount card (50% off). Compare to a normal insurance-issued benefits card: tiers of “covered” medications, mandatory generics instead of proprietory brands, and premiums and copays of such magnitude that using the insurance card in a pharmacy makes absolutely no economic sense. A relative told me a diabetic med costs MORE with insurance card than if declared absence of insurance and paid pharmacy price out of pocket.
But I digress.

I’d like to offer an explanation why there are now 8mln NewYorkers who applied for the card.


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