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TimeOut NY sez:

Need a sugar high to balance out your booze buzz? Head to the Tuck Room every Thursday for bites of glazed, sea-salt and old-fashioned doughnuts at this joyous happy hour. Look for heavily spiked whipped cream, jams and ice cream—and make sure not to get too full to dance to beats from DJ J-Zone.

Details: free!

Let’s go tomorrow, to celebrate start of summer!

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Speaking of old soviet strawberry joke*, here’s today’s loot from my local KeyFood:


-Star fruit

-Bunch of rhubarb

-Blood orange

-Nameless cross between lemon and plum.

I say: Hurray for global trade!

Even if the taste is not as good as when they all are in season.






*-When does first strawberry appear in Soviet “gastronom”?

-In June

-When does first strawberry appear in American supermarket?

-At 7am


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Bargain hunt

For some time I’ve been made fun of for refusing to part with  my decidedly-not “smart” LG Remarq and for sticking to no-data phone plan. “You are overpaying for regular service, when data plans fell in price and now are in the same range as regular!” OK, I succumbed to inevitability of switching; it’s Sunday and I devoted whole morning to reconnaissance of options.

First, to Verizon: I am already a customer (Fios), so maybe they’ll get me a better deal for adding phone to my “bundle”. Right…+$75 extra a month for using one of old Droid models and 2GB!

OK, let’s look at my current Sprint. After all, I’ve been a loyal customer for 5 yrs; maybe they really do appreciate us, as they claim…


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