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I just learned the horrible news: Lord & Taylor is no more!

With all those professional (equal to personal, for me) turbulences I had no time nor interest in shopping –  and voila! I’m not just behind the times, I’m behind in “closing this store” bargains.

On the other hand, I’ve avoided the [semi-sweet] sorrow I experienced when shopping at Daffy’s during their last breathing days.

What a sad, sad world!

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Обещала картинки из венгерско-словенской поездки, да так и не нашла времени за полгода с гаком. Спешу пока год не кончился, вот смотрите!


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It is amazing what one can learn by idle link-surfing in Wiki.


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Sway me more

[ as promised]


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случается найти чудесные весёлые картинки.

и отступает на время.

“О Консуэло, ты Утешение!”



Никто не знает, как присобачить ЛЖ-сообщество к ленте в Dreamwidth?

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Colorful past

How, do you think, this happened? When, where, in what alternative universe?

In April, “45 hungry and desperate Russian laborers descended upon the office of the Tujunga Valley Rock Company and demanded money with which to get something to eat,” according to the Los Angeles Times. These men had been building a roadway for six weeks in the Big Tujunga Wash and had been given checks that turned out to be worthless. They camped out in the rock company’s office and refused to leave until they had been paid.”

Still in America, but universe is alternative indeed: CA, LA. What happened next? Read the whole thing. That building has a fascinating personality – see, now, why I like them buildings?

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Suddenly, Spring

…and so is my cry di jure: Where to go on vacation?

Actually, I do know this time: Magyar! But will be appreciative of recs, suggestions, tips and advice. Have any?

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