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Welcome to Paradise



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In poor taste

Today, of all days.

Was very busy at the office, ate my lunch in front of the comp and didn’t go for the usual brisk walk on the bike path. My office is 3 blocks away from 345 Chambers St, where cops finally stopped the bastard.

Today was a gorgeous sunny, chilly day, perfect for a jog or a stroll -just like another Fall 16 yrs ago. That bridge to Stuy HS is in my memory, too. It was popular with photo-journalists, taking shots towards the deadly white cloud, the hole in the sky, with bridge in the foreground. The school entrance is still makes me pause when I walk past. On 9/11 is where my son was, looking up from the lobby at desperate people falling from the skies -and paper, paper, all those tons of flying paper.

Suddenly interrupted by sirens behind the windows – piercingly loud even up on 14Fl – I fell thru time. Here it is, again. Coworkers followed on the channels: 5..no, 6..no – 8 dead. Cab driver. No…road rage? no. School bus. Truck. Suspect caught. Up to 15 injured. Helicopters are wailing above, fire trucks rushing.

On the train home people’s faces are in mismatch with their Halloween costumes: an old man in joker’s hat with flashing lights, a ring in his nose and tears. in his eyes Three pokemons, lanky Chinese-American version, whispering.  A Dr Seuss green hat over sad made-up face, like in Cabaret.

Parade, they say in the ether, will go on tonight. “Or terrorists win”.

Tone-deaf, and frightened. Just like then.

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Не люблю примазывающихся. У меня всегда была настороженность относительно мумбо-юмба  химба; читать – почитывала в ленте у бывш. френда, но в свою никогда не хотелось включить.


Химба-юмба подредактировала свой коммент назиданием (после того, как лишила меня возможности ответить).

Дурашка, я крики “шовинистка” от вонючих муслимов принимаю как награду. It’s a feature, not a bug. Никогда тебе не стать еврейкой,  дети у тебя гои и сама ты исламская прохиндейка, втёршася в Бельгию.

Update: вся ветка по линку трусливо скрыта.

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[Arsonists] were cruising the city and throwing explosive packages from the car windows – at people, gas stations, neighborhood electrical transformer stations and natural gas lines...”


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10 лет, Anna_Stilo решилась оставить мне следующий коммент:

Г-споди, какая же вы удивительная… Подставьте эпитет сами, я не в силах.от восторга :)))
Исключительно заглянув в гугль, я, честно, это впервые делаю.

Отставим в сторону странную орфографию, но и смысл заявления (с которым, повторю, журналистка Анна догоняла меня 10 лет) от меня ускользает.  Что нам хотел сказать автор сего произведения? Подозреваю, нечто малоприятное. За что, интересно? Перечтём длинный тред десятилетней давности.

Ну, что сказать…взгляды мои только усугубились. Но развивать тему, разжёвывать и обьяснять я бы сейчас не стала. Не стоит труда.

Однако хорош был сукин сын…дочка то есть. Как излагала! Увидела б где сейчас, зафрендила бы себя в момент!


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Believe it

Breitbart highlines a minute ago:Capture

20+ years ago we rented a 1-bedroom in a mixed immigrant neighborhood of Midwood.
The building was well mixed, too; the salad bowl had albanians, italians, russian-orthodox and russian jews, chinese, indians and even anglo-americans.
One of our neighbors, bearded man always dressed in standard mujaheddin garb, loved to chat with my now-ex-husband. Smoking near entry door, smiling broadly, he would point a crooked finger at his chest, then turn it to his own and proclaim, in garbled Russian: “I am your foe!” – and he’d laugh uproariously. My idiot husband was delighted; he spent all his 40 yrs in european part of ussr and in all his life have never seen an actual muslim, didn’t know what he’s dealing with. He took it as a joke, manifestation of humorous surprise at inexplicable turn of wheel of fortune: how two people from opposite side of soviet-afghan war ended up in the same house in brooklyn, america.
I was terrified. My first reaction was to clutch my son and keep him close to me at all times; I demanded we should avoid that “joker” and all his family like a plague. years of living in various “stans” taught me to take the implied threat seriously. should I add that, of course, I was ridiculed and mocked by my own husband? and that I didn’t sleep well until the afghan and his harem moved out of the building?
here’s the lesson: never, ever trust a muslim – however civilized, westernized and assimilated (s)he might seem. especially when they openly proclaim to be your enemy.

Believe it!

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Час от часу

То на меня ссылаются венесуэльские комми, то изучают из Азербайджана. 37 views! это ж, небось, полдня у него/неё ушло. Интересно, и какие выводы? молчит…

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