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Hokusai spinning


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Остается только объяснить самой себе, почему Ваши коллеги не имеют проблем, афишируя свои политические предпочтения, а Вы – нет. Вероятно, если называть вещи своими именами, коллеги уверены, что Вы их не будут [sic!] дискриминировать; у Вас же уверенность, что они – в какой-то форме – могут.

Я не хочу жить с оглядкой на партком, читать между строчками газет, ни одному слову которых невозможно верить, гадать, что происходит в головах сумасбродных вождей и ходить на комсомольские собрания. Я адаптирован к этому куда лучше среднего американца, но мое пребывание тут становится бессмысленным.



2 сегодняшних разговора.


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I was going down from 14 fl; a guy stepped in from the 7th. Hastily buttoning his fur-collar coat, he said Hello, I nodded Hi, howR’ya.

To my surprise, he replied with a list of grievances: his kids, his flu, his headache at work, and most importantly, he is in very low spirits awaiting the upcoming doom on the 20th.

-What’s happening on the 20th?

-Why, that clown of a traitor of a tyrant is coming to the Oval Office!

-Oh, that’s OK, I don’t think it’s going to be such a disaster the press is making it out to be. Don’t lose sleep over that.

[picture his face. ritzy downtown building, every apartment cost $few mil, a stronghold of bleeding heart nomenklatura parasites – and suddenly …a Trump apologist! at his threshold! why, one can’t feel safe anywhere anymore!]

-You think? Obviously, we don’t see eye to eye on that.

Silence fell while  elevator went from 3rd to 2nd. Then he suddenly asked:

You have an accent – is it Russian?

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Riding “R” from work, I was absorbed in my kindlik*. All exterior happenings swam on the periphery – change of stations, change of passengers, change of “subway artistes” or simply beggars.

Somewhere around Atlantic Ave I was startled from my engrossment.


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IMG_0100Open to the public last time before big renovation, TWA terminal in John.F.Kennedy airport was THE destination this past OpenHouse weekend.

The OHNY site description reads:

Architect: Eero Saarinen, 1962; Restoration, Beyer Blinder Belle, 2015

One of the most famous icons of mid-century modernism, the TWA Flight Center, beautifully restored over the last six years, is on the National Register of Historic Places. MCR Development, the firm selected by the Port Authority to celebrate Saarinen’s masterpiece and reopen it to the public, is advancing a privately-funded $265 million plan to rehabilitate the national landmark to its original splendor and deliver the first on-site, world-class airport hotel at JFK International Airport. Through a $65 million investment, MCR Development will preserve the iconic terminal for the public to enjoy. Expected to be complete in 2018, the redevelopment plan will include a museum focusing on New York City as the birthplace of the Jet Age, the storied history of TWA Airlines, and the Midcentury Modern design movement.

Sounds tempting? You bet, for you and me and, apparently, 10,000 more people! (or more – I just ballparked the #)


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***wordpress почему-то поменял ленточку-фон в “закулисном” меню: вместо синенькой-красивенькой теперь там пошлая 6-цветная радуга (без жёлтого). полистала ленту и дошло. это они так празднуют одобрение верховным судом гомосексуальных браков? смело! solidarnosc!


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