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Tick-tack lunch

I’ll tell you  how to enjoy NY Restaurant Week: choose places with min of (4) $-signs to their name. The price is set (although it grew from $25 to $29 for lunch this year), but a good Chef will be a good Chef even on unaccustomely small allowance – and you’ll get a chance to see the insides of a restaurant that is normally out of your league.

That’s how, years ago, I enjoyed my birthday dinner at Jean-George (yep, at one of Trump NY buildings). And that’s how me and a colleague went to a Clocktower at – you guessed! – Metro Life building with its enormous clock atop the tower, the one that gives Madison Park on 23rd St its Deco energy and charm. Personal anecdote – every architect/designer have similar after few years of working in this city: ~15yrs ago the new owners of the building considered converting the top 20-25 floors of the Tower into hi-end apartments, and gave our office some seed money to develop preliminary space planning. We went to survey, then shared with engineers the original base building drawings. I still remember the floor plans, especially of the 25-27, where the clock takes about a quarter of the floor plate. Naturally, when we were in the middle of design process, the owners changed their mind and sold the place to someone else – too bad. Another project that “might have been”.

But I digress.


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ohny1-054Не поехать ли мне куда в гости, размять кости? Хочется разговоров за чашкой, прогулки по бодрящему морозцу, разделённых мнений, хлеба и зрелищ.

А вам? Мой диван, борщ и уши к вашим услугам!

‘Tis the season to be hospitable – and to visit. I’d like to take a train somewhere mid-continent, meet friends (known on or off line), take comfort in shared opinions, food and long walks.

Even better – to see you here, in my humble abode, to introduce you to my borsch and my festive city. My guest sofa’s at your service!

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Long Beach

Все ходят-бродят-бегают-рассекают на разнообразных устройствах по деревянному бордвоку. Туда-сюда, полный круг, половину, но главное – серьёзно, шутки неуместны. Это такая работа, что у населения, что у приезжих; ну и я тоже поучаствовала, да раза по 3 в день.


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Where to…?

The project I’m wrapping up now (planning and supervising renovation, fitout and internal move of ~300 people in a major Broadcast company within their NY headquarters) will be over at the beginning of October.

I’ve been working at my top speed and endurance for about 6 months. I love what I do – but 50hrs workweeks of insane intensity; sleepless nights -you know the kind, when one’s mind is too strained to relax,  kaleidoscope of corporate rat race – took a toll.

I need a vacation.

Something to give me a jolt.To take me out of my comfort zone (spa…beach…lazy reading of mystery novels under canopy of leaves…knitting another sweater I don’t need)

So, what do you think – Peru (machu picchu, colonial architecture of Cusco and Lima, Spring at high altitude) or Vancouver (a ferry from Seattle; Fall in a rainforest, Pacific seaside I’ve never seen)? Maybe even in your company? I have about two weeks and I want to return in time for Election.

Advice and ideas are welcome!

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Next installment of hazy phone pictures see here

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Pictures from the [Vanity] fair

See first installment: here

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To whom concerns

3 days of 1st week in July I will be visiting Detroit. If anybody close wishes to say “hi” in person, a drink is on me. Give me a sign!

3 дня первой недели июля я проведу в Детройте. Если кто-то из близко-живущих желает пообщаться лично, дайте знать. Чашка чего хотите – за мной!

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