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Acqua Alta

Какую чудную книжку я сейчас прочла!

Фото owls1 http://the-owls1.livejournal.com/158685.html. И не Венеция вовсе, а Рим

Детектива (я ничего другого сейчас не читаю) американской писательницы Michaela Thompson, герои – персонажи Commedia Del Arte, место действия – венецианский Карнавал. Гениальный замысел: герои изменяются в процессе запутанных приключений, надевают на себя личины и каждая высвечивает новую грань их характеров. Это не подсказка сюжета – сюжет совсем о другом – а одна из многих подводных струй (в наводнение?), многих аллюзий и цитат, и какое наслаждение их узнавать.






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8 утра. Комната в будайском “Модном отеле” сдана, багаж оставлен консьержу, у меня 2 часа до заказанного такси и 5 часов до вылета. Полчаса на завтрак (и какой! ах, эти кокосово-бело-шоколадные шарики к кофе с пенкой!)

Вышла из ворот на улице Ури, пересекла квартал до стены и пошла гулять по периметру.

Тихо, безлюдно. Цветут каштаны, семенят собачки, часы бьют на церкви Матиаша.

8am. The guestroom’s key card is surrendered to reception, a porter stored my carry-on, I have 2 hrs till shuttle to the airport and 5 – till my flight. Buda Fashion Hotel’ restaurant fed me their last breakfast, fit for a squadron of hungry Hussars – oh, those coconut-white chocolate balls with cappuccino!

Out the doors I go, across Uri Utca, along the meter-thick  parapet wall,  around the castle hill. There are no people, just occasional doggie and his master on a leash. Heady aroma of blossoming chestnuts, breeze, sun and melodic sounds of clock from the Matthias church.

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This is how it looks in credit card bills:

Scary, huh?


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, называется. С АйПедика в АйТучку сгружается 877 картинок.

Не пугайтесь, вырежу половину за повторы, потом четверть –  за отсутствие эстетической ценности, останется процентов 40 на корректировку в Пикасе, потом порубаю на альбомы… всё равно жуть! Но ведь не удержишься, такая красота…

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I really do need a vacation. Exhausted, slept all Saturday – and the week wasn’t anything special, just a regular step-forward-two-steps-back annoyance. So I have to tick off  all chores on the list in one instead of two days.

Weather in Hungary and Slovenia is unseasonably cold, I now have to be very selective and pack carefully. My layover in Helsinki is only 40 min, so I am not taking a big case, only carry-on.

My itinerary is complicated: starting by 5 days in Budapest (Pest side), then on the 29th taking an overnight train to Ljubljana (transfer in  Saltzburg), then at 6:30am taking a ride-share van by company called GoOpti to the Adriatic coast, to resort town Portoroz, where I booked 4 nights at spa hotel. Between salt scrub massages and sea mud body wraps I hope to take a ferry across the waves to Venice – no ticket yet. Then on the 4th at 4am – GoOpti van will pick me up and return to Ljubljana train station, this time for a day-long ride back to Budapest, this time to Buda side, where all the famous baths are spread around the Castle and couple of museums. Morning of May 6th should find me at the hotel’s lobby waiting for a shuttle ride to airport, then British Airlines will fly me home.

Frankly, I feel a bit uneasy re: whole enterprise. Logistics have been difficult, and the chain can break at any link, ruining the whole sequence. Doesn’t make for relaxing mood. But…too late to cancel, and all I can do is to wait and see if my nervousness justified or, hopefully, not.

I’ll say good bye now  – and you tell me what do you want me to bring from my travels.


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Suddenly, Spring

…and so is my cry di jure: Where to go on vacation?

Actually, I do know this time: Magyar! But will be appreciative of recs, suggestions, tips and advice. Have any?

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Tick-tack lunch

I’ll tell you  how to enjoy NY Restaurant Week: choose places with min of (4) $-signs to their name. The price is set (although it grew from $25 to $29 for lunch this year), but a good Chef will be a good Chef even on unaccustomely small allowance – and you’ll get a chance to see the insides of a restaurant that is normally out of your league.

That’s how, years ago, I enjoyed my birthday dinner at Jean-George (yep, at one of Trump NY buildings). And that’s how me and a colleague went to a Clocktower at – you guessed! – Metro Life building with its enormous clock atop the tower, the one that gives Madison Park on 23rd St its Deco energy and charm. Personal anecdote – every architect/designer have similar after few years of working in this city: ~15yrs ago the new owners of the building considered converting the top 20-25 floors of the Tower into hi-end apartments, and gave our office some seed money to develop preliminary space planning. We went to survey, then shared with engineers the original base building drawings. I still remember the floor plans, especially of the 25-27, where the clock takes about a quarter of the floor plate. Naturally, when we were in the middle of design process, the owners changed their mind and sold the place to someone else – too bad. Another project that “might have been”.

But I digress.


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