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Tick-tack lunch

I’ll tell you  how to enjoy NY Restaurant Week: choose places with min of (4) $-signs to their name. The price is set (although it grew from $25 to $29 for lunch this year), but a good Chef will be a good Chef even on unaccustomely small allowance – and you’ll get a chance to see the insides of a restaurant that is normally out of your league.

That’s how, years ago, I enjoyed my birthday dinner at Jean-George (yep, at one of Trump NY buildings). And that’s how me and a colleague went to a Clocktower at – you guessed! – Metro Life building with its enormous clock atop the tower, the one that gives Madison Park on 23rd St its Deco energy and charm. Personal anecdote – every architect/designer have similar after few years of working in this city: ~15yrs ago the new owners of the building considered converting the top 20-25 floors of the Tower into hi-end apartments, and gave our office some seed money to develop preliminary space planning. We went to survey, then shared with engineers the original base building drawings. I still remember the floor plans, especially of the 25-27, where the clock takes about a quarter of the floor plate. Naturally, when we were in the middle of design process, the owners changed their mind and sold the place to someone else – too bad. Another project that “might have been”.

But I digress.


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I have broken with tradition to celebrate  the newborn year at home, under Christmas tree, surrounded by bowls of salad Olivier. I am joining Jesse’s party at Gander. Planning to take pictures until defeated by open bar.

Where will you be partying at midnight? I wish you all, rare readers(c), fun evening and a prosperous new year ahead!

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Угадайте, откуда я сейчас пришла?


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Food, drink and Cuban jazz

is a worthy alternative to infamous S, D & R-n-R.

At least that’s what I thought on Friday, stopping for dinner at Salud Bklyn on 3rd ave.


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HB to me

Стоило, как думаете?

Was it worth it?

IMG_0303 IMG_0304

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Рецепт выпрошен у Паши Кудрявцева, за что ему ОГРОМНОЕспасибо. Невероятно вкусно.

Итак, на 2 порции:
50 грамм креветок с головой, алебо же лангустинов.
1/2 зубчика чесноку
Чорт… Ciboulette… Лук-батун… По-английски не знаю.
Полторы-две ст. ложки оливкового масла Экстра Вирхен
50 мл белого вина
30 мл рыбного бульёну
50 мл двойных сливок
малая чуточка чёрного перцу смолотого тут же и кайенского.

Очистить креветков и всю шелуху вкупе с головами и в отдельном ковшичке обжарить на ложке оливкового масла. Как покраснеют- добавить вино, за пару минут выпарить алкоголь. В другой сковородке на второй ложке масла за те же две-три минуты обжарить с чесноком очищенных креветков. В ту же сковороду добавить бульон и процеженный отвар из-под шелухи. Туда же сливки. На первом этапе в обоих случаях огонь довольно сильный, далее- слабый. Всё перемешать, добавить перцы и готовить 1-2 минуты не более. Далее облить пасту и проглотить язык)))))))))))))))))

А теперь – дискотека картинки!


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Let’s pick up where we left and resume talking about the Star of Ukrainian Cooking, borsch.

It is one of my favorite soups, not because I invented it or have particular attachment to Ukrainian kitchen, but because every time I make it it feels like a tribute to my beloved grandma: she taught me how. After years of practice I can finally say without false modesty that I cook it well -although not as well as her, in my memory. I’m not ashamed of it: she was a champion.


As with any great classic dish you will find endless variations on a theme: “the meat for stock should only be out of a pork shoulder” – “no, a 1/3 of each of beef, pork and ham” – “no, only based on bone with marrow” – “no meet at all!”-, etc etc etc.

It’s all fine and good – within reason. What’s reasonable? What products are likely for Ukrainian countryside. Pork is reasonable, mutton – no. Purely vegetarian is reasonable, as long as vegetables are cabbage, potatoes and beets – and not avocados or yams.

A disclaimer: I’m giving you the recipe as it evolved in my Jewish family; which means: no pork and no “salo” (fatty bacon), and we don’t add vinegar or lemon juice.

Yield: 10 bowls.


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