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This production uses explosive noises and fire and smoke effects

[ремарка в программке MET]

13 января, пятница. [вы уже насторожились -и не зря]

Офис в даунтаун. Диалог с электриком*: с 9утра до 6 веч., звонком, текстом и email.

-Samuel,  so you’ll be available for work tomorrow? You know how to take down industrial ceiling fans? Can you load the fans and deliver them afterwards to an address on LES? Great. Please note you need to bring your own ladder, the ceiling is 12’h. Please give me your quote.

-ET, I will call you in an hour, because I need to talk to my helper, make sure he’ll be available tomorrow.

-Samuel, I’ve been waiting for 2 hrs. Did your helper confirm?

-ET, Oh yes, he’ll do what I say. I don’t need to ask him. I have to find 8′ ladder. I’ll call back

-Samuel, did you find the ladder

-ET, I don’t have a ladder. My quote is $50/per fan, plus “expenses”. Total of $400

-Samuel, the price seems fair [heavy sigh aside]. I’ll bring a checkbook. Were you able to find a ladder?

-ET, don’t worry, if I said yes, I mean yes.

-Samuel, here’s the address:”…”, please confirm you’ll be there at 11am.

-Samuel? Please confirm appointment

-ET, do they have power on premises? If not, I will bring portable lights on batteries. I borrowed the ladder. My total with transportation is $600 [!]. See you tomorrow at 11am.

7:30-9:30 веч., Метрополитан Опера в Линкольн Центре, Севильский Цирюльник. Райские голоса, смешной коротышка-мексиканец Альмавива, по пояс Розине-южноафриканке в кокетливых рюшах. Петренко в качестве Дона Базилио трубит басом и сшибает шляпой-доской честную компанию. Фигаро возвышается над всеми нескладной шведской каланчой, но подбоченивается и поёт вполне аутентично. Кибитка удалая#15 ведомая смирным милым осликом, раскладывается откидными коробами, полными пилюль, париков и ленточек: чудеса сценографии. Девицы, изображающие подружек Фигаро, милуются на крыше сами, без его участия. К концу действия все распелись, публика разогрета, в зале счастье и даже, кажется, запахло воздухом Mediterranean.

9:35pm. Aнтракт. Русские дамы с недоотбеленными хвостами из партера справа гордо несут в фойе меха и бриллианты. На пустые места слева пересаживается пожилая пара, мы вступаем в любезную болтовню. Сзади увлечённо беседуют два биржевика. Гул, смех, шарканье старичков, беготня девиц по проходам.

Начинается 2 отделение. Восторг в зале, веселье на сцене. Фиоритуры, хлопки выстрелов, крещендо к концу – знаменитая сцена с лестницей**. Конец, поклоны, аплодисменты.

Включаю телефон, выключенный по просьбе капельдинеров. Текст за 9:16pm:

Samuel: ET, I will not work tomorrow. Can’t fit ladder on the roof on my van.

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Today’s newsletter’ installment brought a welcome surprise: Epiphany hotel in Palo Alto.

I gotta say: it is rather pleasant, to see drawings and pictures living in one’s mind – being implemented into reality. Of course, I also see “value engineering” at work: several rather nice features that we conceived few yrs ago got vanished (angled wood accent wall at Reception, f.ex, the tray-over-settee in the guestrooms, or the spiral stair treatment – that I spent so much time over!) On the other hand, other items got developed into a nicer, cleaner statements – like forged steel screen at the restaurant’ entrance, and a cute “round bar section”/button in seating group upholstery.

You can find more pictures here. I do, of course, have my own drawings in portfolio – which I show only to potential employers and clients, and only for the purpose of illustrating my skills.

But, oh, how these pics brought in the memories of that difficult year!

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How is it that design professionals, arbiters of taste, guru of sacred Fundamentals of Manners and Beauty –  corrupt most basic premise of etiquette?


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Ah, what a pity

Look what fell into my inbox this morning: a dream job!


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Who, me?


Flattered, but no-thank-you!


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This was my volunteer’ assignment site on Saturday afternoon, and proved to be the best in the last 2-3 years’ batch.

Not only because this witty boutique hotel was just open, everything looked fresh and squeaky-clean and only 3 floors were operational with staying guests; this time the architectural firm responsible for the project (Stonehill&Taylor) sent an interior designer to lead the tours (few years ago, at Hotel Americano, I had to improvise the tour myself, since architects didn’t show up).

And not just any designer – Elaine (not her real name: privacy rules) was part of the designing team, and could answer numerous questions in meticulous detail.

She was even kind enough to give me pages of actual presentation, Renwick/Steinbeck Suite/Lobby , which I linked here, with gratitude.


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