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Celebrity a la Рюс

«Алексей Дорожкин (главный редактор ELLE Decoration) с женой Еленой Сотниковой (экс-главный редактор ELLE)»

Дальше, по-моему, можно не читать


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Not often one meets a collection of textbook examples like in this thread.  Including the fact they appear on conservative blog (or should it be – “paleo-conservative“?)

Only two tropes are missing,

the “some of my friends are Jews, but…”and the blood libel.

But the night is young yet, wait and see.


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Smiley children


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Если не самая красивая, не самая умная, ну хоть самая больная!

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Missed me?

I know, I know – me too! Wait, that’s not what i meant – aaanyway! Just returned from a place I’ve been to 8 or maybe 9  11 (!) yrs ago – and have so much to tell you! Yes, I went again to… Mohonk.

In a few. Бо я ж с дороги, жутко устала и спааать хочу

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Post-voting haiku

Election is over
Still, Dem Hóng Wèibīng harass
Riders at subway

[reprinted with edit, from thread @ chicakoboyz]

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Буква Б

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