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Rare historic photo

Hudson Yards, a year ago:


[and now ]

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From Gerard Michel:

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année !



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А далеко на Севере

Hand of the Architect: Mathieu Velt

Paris XIII, fall is coming with heavy rains

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Lunar Friday

…unfortunately, was inconvenient for Moon Watching  (as advised by every outlet on & off the net), for it rained tigers and wolves.

On the way between the subway station and home – normally a 7-min walk, took me 20 – my umbrella was broken, the springs of wet substance flew into the newly open path and drenched one side of my person, so when I finally stepped in, the paddle formed on parquet while I was changing.

All that water reminded me of the Louis the IV.  – ? – you say. That’s why.

My current favorite quote is:

the sun didn’t shine where they cleaned the sun king

Which nicely rounds up the celestial theme of this post

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This was bound to happen, what’s with various Harvey W. in multiple industries. Why would Architecture and Design be an exception? Recent disgrace of Richard Meier – expulsion from his firm that still carries his name manifested the start of the hunt. Or revenge of the harassed. Whatever is your point of view.

As a young woman in the architecture field, I became acutely aware that my gender and my youth and my looks and charm were instrumental to the development of my career. I became very conscious of flirting in interviews. I remember thinking, I need to let this famous architect hug me. I don’t want him to hug me, but I’m a young woman, and I don’t want to alienate this powerful man. Everything is done by network. So if you get a reputation for being difficult, maybe this powerful man won’t introduce you to another powerful man, and he won’t introduce you to another powerful man, and there goes your career.

But then there is this:

When I graduated from architecture school more than a decade ago, it was understood that we were all going to suffer for the next 15 to 20 years, we’d never sleep, we’d be underpaid, we’d work until midnight … Our professors modeled this for us, and architecture firms reinforced it.

There’s this idea that architecture is a magical, important contribution to the world that is undervalued. We’re trained to view suffering as deeply related to the work. So something like harassment is easy to dismiss as part of the sacrifice. And even when it’s absolutely wrenching and not easy to dismiss, the culture of genius in architecture remains. Many firms are structured around a “Great Man” with a singular vision, which lowly employees are tasked with carrying out. It’s very top-down. This can create power imbalances that make junior employees vulnerable to exploitation, whether it’s harassment, pay inequality, or something else.

Then, if someone gets to the point where they are moderately high up at a firm, and they’re harassed, I can completely understand why they wouldn’t want to say anything, because if they go up against someone that powerful, they could risk everything. I wouldn’t want to take that risk.


By Anonymous as told to Fast Co Design

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Ужасно, когда в старости язвительный пародист, саркастический насмешник, сноб и денди превращается в пародию на себя. Исполненую талантливо, всеобъемлюще, так что после – выжженная земля и репутация в клочьях.

Вот читаю высокопарные некрологи Тому Вульфу – а в памяти только его последняя книга, и как я веселилась, читая.

Уходя – уходи молча.

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Buckingham Palace during the start of Queen Victoria’s reign, was one.

Listen to this, especially 29:50 – and further


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Surprisingly, pictures of the celebrated interiors, sensation of the year, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is not so easy to find -at least, not on the INC A&D site – the arrow,  just аfter second image, loops in to the first.


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случается найти чудесные весёлые картинки.

и отступает на время.

“О Консуэло, ты Утешение!”



Никто не знает, как присобачить ЛЖ-сообщество к ленте в Dreamwidth?

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Worst plan evah

I’ve seen a few.

[via InteriorDesign magazine newsletter]

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у этого дизайнера не так давно случился крик души на тему: я работаю, творю безупречно выверенное пространство, приходит пользователь, расставляет свой мелкий хлам, и вся эстетика идет лесом

А я вот очень даже понимаю и сочуствую.
Вот вам быль.


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Wyspianski pavilion [2007]- Krakow, Poland

Photo: Laurent Ruamps
“Wyspianski pavilion [2007]- Architect: Krzysztof Ingarden [1957-] Krakow, Poland”

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IMG_0116You might ask: “you, an atheist – and “temple” of any sort? why, or why?” And I’ll tell you, flashing my lashes over curvy shoulder: Art Deco, baby!


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IMG_0100Open to the public last time before big renovation, TWA terminal in John.F.Kennedy airport was THE destination this past OpenHouse weekend.

The OHNY site description reads:

Architect: Eero Saarinen, 1962; Restoration, Beyer Blinder Belle, 2015

One of the most famous icons of mid-century modernism, the TWA Flight Center, beautifully restored over the last six years, is on the National Register of Historic Places. MCR Development, the firm selected by the Port Authority to celebrate Saarinen’s masterpiece and reopen it to the public, is advancing a privately-funded $265 million plan to rehabilitate the national landmark to its original splendor and deliver the first on-site, world-class airport hotel at JFK International Airport. Through a $65 million investment, MCR Development will preserve the iconic terminal for the public to enjoy. Expected to be complete in 2018, the redevelopment plan will include a museum focusing on New York City as the birthplace of the Jet Age, the storied history of TWA Airlines, and the Midcentury Modern design movement.

Sounds tempting? You bet, for you and me and, apparently, 10,000 more people! (or more – I just ballparked the #)


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Globalized Emptiness

Упал в почту email из LinkedIn-группы Design&Construction, я от них получаю новости в профессии. Мельком глянула – и глаза протёрла: сплю ли я, грежу ли?

Член группы, уважаемый человек с множеством солидных аббревиатур после имени и блестящим резюме (“worked with a New York City Top 5 Design firm (Perkins Eastman Architects PC) and ENR-Top 100 CM-for-Fee firm”) – постит линк на статью в – опять же, солидном – архитектурном журнале.
И там мелькают слова, которые не могут, никак не могут, не должны быть связаны:
Гейдар Алиев, Заха Хадид, Культурный Центр, “nimble two-layer space frame”, “supportive bridesmaid to double envelope”, “Nureyev moment”, “planned subway line”, Патрик Шумахер (ко-партнер под вывеской Захи) – и некий project architect Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu, “series of terraces interlaced with reflecting pools and waterfalls”…
И среди них – единственно понятные:
-Cost: Withheld
-“the client, DIA Holding, also served as the design/build contractor”

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Китай, деревня Zili (Цзы-Ли) под Кайпином, Гуанчжоу


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Продолжая ступенчатую тему,
вот вам НЙкий пример лестничного идиотизмаGerard!

Видите какие длинные, изматывающе-длинные лестничные пролёты наружу из нашего сабвея? Теперь представьте мам с колясками и малышами в охапку, преодолевающих эти скачки с барьерами. Какого чёрта надо НА ПОВЕРХНОСТИ добвлять ещё пару ступенек?
Специалисты-социалисты. И вот всё у них так.

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Ильф&Петров, Светлая Личность (спасибо rdp4v)

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Yesterday at a cocktail party I met an architect A.R. We immediately found mutual acquaintance: my last boss was working for his company before starting out on her own.

A.R. was born in a small town in South-Eastern England, got an art education and went to US. “I was seeking a better life”, – he said, – “but in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined myself capable to achieve the position I am in now: Principal Partner of a firm with world recognition status. Two years ago me and the wife went back, to visit my home town. A childhood friend became a successful business owner, but he never left the street he was born and grew up in, he never left UK! I can’t understand it. I traveled over half of the world!

What’s that going on in your country, Ukraine?” – [I said- my country is USA, I am an American citizen of 20 years. No, I never returned and I will never go back there] -” OK, but we had a $multi-million project in that capital city ” [Kyiv, – I said] – “No, Do-ni-etz? Do-ni-bass? Well, it’s got cancelled right in the middle of work. What’s the matter with your compatriots? Don’t they know that it is better to build than to shoot? My home town remains the same, all the same, except maybe one or two buildings are now “towering” 6-stories. Ha! Even London is mostly horizontal, never mind few relatively tall buildings of the last 10 years. And even those are much maligned in the press. I wouldn’t outright call them provincial, but it was wonderful to come back home. That vacation was wonderful, too – but coming back to New York afterwards was better. Great city, New York. Fountain-of-youth city.

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Gray Matters

October is Architecture month in NY, it’s even called Archtober. And within Archtober there is an Architecture and Design Film Festival.

And within the festival is documentary film about the life of Eileen Gray – one of very few design personalities I can say are my models – or as close to models as anybody I can think, with my contempt of authority. Her biography was first book I bought here in US.

It is running tonight in Tribeca Theaters – and if you’d come you have  a chance to meet me there, at 9pm.

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The Deco Architect

Quick, turn on Public TV – they have a Treasures of NY episode about Ralph Walker, the ultimate American Architect of the Deco era.

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OHNY-14: Parks. Part II

Inconvenience of spending 5hrs of my Sunday time on a round trip to/from Inwood (“How tarsome”! – would say a certain E.F. Benson’s personage) was totally compensated by the park itself.
Fort Tryon is the stage of historical events of Revolutionary War, a gorgeous estate bought from original owner (Billing) and developed into park by Rockefeller – and one more example of Olmsted landscape design.

Sunday was my day of volunteering for Open House; I expected very little attendance due to distance. I was pleasantly surprised. My tally-sheet was filling up with visitors, and I had no difficulty to collect people for the tours.

It was a gorgeous day, unexpectedly sunny and warm, and I saw so many happy faces, human and canine, entering the park! One of pleasant experiences of volunteering is how visitors interact with you in your semi-official capacity; it never cease to amuse.


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On Saturday I went to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, to see new much acclaimed skating rink and public “Center” at the Lakeside.
It was a perfect Fall weather and the park looked majestic. Polychrome foliage, carefully maintained difference in height between layers (very old tall trees and low lawns and shrubs; almost no middle height plants), deliberate, strategically placed follies, benches, statues and promenades – everything is so very grand and classical.
The Park has characteristic Olmsted& Vaux signature – the lawns, artificial lakes, hills and several “drives”, filled with joggers and bikers.
And then I came to my destination

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