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a space of constant insecurity.

John Self wrote an insightful review to a new Pushkin Press book of essays (two of them) about L’vov.

Must be a good companion to Lem. Adding it to my “to buy” list.




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Simon Brett

Читаю уже третью книжку  – и нравится всё больше.


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внезапно (ага) оформилось – что мне смутно напоминали жж-юзерицы mbla и mrka? –  да сестричек же Эльзу и Лиличку. география с идеологией, ну и ещё множество более тонких сходств

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esl…and Brits, once again, showed themselves to be condescending xenophobic snobs.
I’ve encountered this imperial-patronizing-a-colonial attitude when came on a 1-week visit 8 years ago. And here they go again. Just listen to this:

“Based on participations [sic! Dude, how about your English grammar? -ETat]- so far, we’ve already got some decent statistics. Most native English adult speakers who have taken the test fall in the range 20,000–35,000 words. Click here for a full breakdown by age (opens in new tab/window).

And for foreign learners of English, we’ve found that the most common vocabulary size is from 2,500–9,000 words.”

Just look at the choices they offer to a question “Which option best describe your English learning?”

-I am taking an English class now

-I’ve taken English before but stopped

-All my school classes are/were in English

-I’ve learned without taking a course


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Rainy Sunday

Too lazy today to go through my weekend checklist; there are some days you just give in to sloth.
Сырники  and my plum jam for breakfast (and then again for brunch…), finishing the long-winded French novel, for once competently translated (y Hoyt Rogers)- all those strange turns of phrase and endless sentimental passages  reasonable enough for the premise and the story to be believable, to relay the fragrance and tone of time.


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Who do you think I am?

My account page at local library site has a “books recommended for you” feature.
Here’s what they offer me today (titles):

  • The Star-Spangled Buddhist
  • I Use the Potty!
  • Power Play
  • Adventures in Edible Plant Foraging


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Two notes


Clicked on “comments” icon at upper right, to see if I missed any legitimates fallen into spam folder and was puzzled for a moment: whaaa?…Then saw the date of the epistle: 2010. Oh, then. That was a time I still cared enough to engage. And now someone – Steve? are you for real, man? – was incensed enough to give his well-thought through (for 6yrs…) reply to my challenge. Enjoy. Personally, after “you’re a fool” I  stopped reading.

PS. Skipped through the comments there: apparently, Stevie-no-wonder has been commenting on that dead thread intermittently during all these 6 yrs!


Finished thick-as-a-brick biography of William Somerset Maugham. And have to say: I am very, very disappointed in Winston Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS, RA. To be a friend of Willie, that incredibly disgusting “malignant crab”!


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