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Saturday was rather annoying. I’ve procrastinated long enough, then was sick, then had to buy a rug (another, not less irritating, story – maybe later) – and suddenly, the February is almost over! So I had to man up, brace up and face the Taxes.

¡Mira, panowie! Turbotax  is beyond belief. Because of one measly 1099-MISC I was forced to file as “self-employed”, and in addition to normal income taxes pay another half-a-thou as “self-employment tax”! Is it something new IRS invented this year?  Since when supplemental freelance gigs, accompanying a solid W2 is considered full-blown “business”? And did you know that Medicare and SS “wages and tips”as basis for namesakes taxes are calculated before your voluntary deductions, unlike your Gross? And the not-insignificant Medicare/SS taxes are not counted into your Federal tax paid – so even though your every paycheck is diminished by 1/4 of it’s worth by taxes, your annual federal obligation demonstrates underpayment? That’s what I call Creative Accounting!

So, not surprisingly, I went to bed in a foul mood, had nightmares all night (sinuses being choked up is no help either) and woke up at 5am. What to do, what to do? Opened my Kindle with latest download of Murder: British Library Classic:  a story by Gerald Findler, titled House of Screams. And I read:


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Are you watching? So far I like Bob Jindal most of all. You?
Nope, I take it back. Fiorina is better – and Tramp is a misogynistic, Putin- buddy,self-aggrandizing inarticulate asshole.

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Russia is not isolated. It is a fully paid member of the Drowning Men’s Club

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lefty liberal statists [некоторые – в овечьей шкуре] сокрушаются об упущенных налоговых возможностях, катят на рейгана и нынешних республиканцев и пытаются отбелить (ха) “обаму” из “obamacare”.

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Fresh [post] Soviet joke

Soviet jokes (анекдоты) have excellent reputation, as recommended by likes of R. Reagan; here’s an apt one (translated from original Russian):

-One oligarch talks to another: “The best way to keep money is in rubles. In my closet there is huge pile of rubles, I’ve hidden all my money inside – nobody will search there”.

Один олигарх говорит другому олигарху — “Деньги лучше всего хранить в рублях. У меня вон в кладовке куча рублей валяется, я в нее спрятал все свои деньги — там точно никто искать не будет”

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Тем из вас, для кого рублёвые скАчки (и скачкИ) жизненно важен, предлагаю сегодняшний пост Профессора. Умнее большинства ваших экономистов, это точно.

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Certainly the Russians can heavily damage the Ukraine; but this is all pointless in the longer term. They are trading their wealth, soldiers and energies for essentially nothing of value in return. Their professional army can destroy but they cannot occupy the Ukraine, although their bandits probably can create some sort of brutal strong-arm “government” in the blasted areas they control with whatever population cannot escape (likely the old and alcoholics) similar to what has been deployed in Chechnya and other “frozen” conflict areas.

The Russian economy is heavily damaged; the fall in oil prices is (mostly) beyond their control but it is happening at a most un-opportune time. Sanctions will punish those few Russian companies that attempt to sell to the West, and state control of the Internet is also hurting one of their most competitive industries (high tech). The ruble is also falling and soon the Russians will be able to buy what is produced locally and this will not be the cornucopia of choice that they have today.

Read the whole thing, as they say: sound logic and many apt observations. Don’t miss the China-related prognosis at the end.

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