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Узнавши на ЛинкдИн-е о закрытии Century21 , всполошилась и  побежала смотреть на их сайт – а ну чего скажут? Сайт молчит, о банкротстве ни гугу*, о том когда магазины закрывают – тоже.

Что же это, бабоньки, завыл внутренний шопоголик. После безвременной смерти Daffy’s Century21 был последней оставававшейся сетью относительно приличной, в т.ч., европейской одежды и ассесуаров по вменяемым ценам.

*Уже поправили: см. заставку на главной стр.


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Был у меня престарелый родственник, предварявший важные сообщения© фразой: «Ну что, гусятки?»


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Burn It

[…] The consensus now is that the economic collapse will exceed that of the Great Depression: the only question is whether the collapse will endure as long–which, since the collapse was created by policy, will be the result of policy (which does not make me optimistic). (The Great Depression in the US was “Great” not so much because of the severity of the initial decline–1920/1921 was as severe–but for its duration. Monetary and other policy errors caused the extended misery. Will we repeat them?[…]

What we need are policies that target the most vulnerable (especially the elderly), and vary with local conditions. Instead, we have indiscriminate approaches that have created immense harm to our livelihoods and liberties, with little demonstrable public health benefit in return.

It’s time to rise up and speak out against the petty tyrants who wreak havoc and and add insult to injury by insisting that they are doing it for our own good.



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I return to my earlier dark suspicions about Trump’s direction. Stubbornly pushing tariffs, the way he disposed of his economic adviser Kohn – the one who was behind the famous tax cuts last December and is the advocate for free trade – despite being a Dem. The way he undermines his own administration – just as Mnuchin says “we are not getting into trade wars” ->Trump contradicts him with “trade war is not a bad thing”. The way he caved in to gun-control campaigners. The way the stocks fall and jump on his every tweet doesn’t inspire much confidence either.

Actually, I realize my unease about Trump’s steadfastness (or lack of ) never left me and is hovering in the back of my mind all the time.

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Nation of shopkeepers

Believing in national stereotypes has its downside: risk of falling in deep doo-doo. Like that bon mot by Napoleon in this post’ title. What kind of business genius will repeat the same mistake – that cost him dearly, practically ruining the golden goose – twice? English, apparently.

The Boston Tea Party: 1773

Salt Tax in India: 1835

Could it be possible that British East India Co continuously employed MBA graduates starting 1770’s?


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This is how it looks in credit card bills:

Scary, huh?


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Saturday was rather annoying. I’ve procrastinated long enough, then was sick, then had to buy a rug (another, not less irritating, story – maybe later) – and suddenly, the February is almost over! So I had to man up, brace up and face the Taxes.

¡Mira, panowie! Turbotax  is beyond belief. Because of one measly 1099-MISC I was forced to file as “self-employed”, and in addition to normal income taxes pay another half-a-thou as “self-employment tax”! Is it something new IRS invented this year?  Since when supplemental freelance gigs, accompanying a solid W2 is considered full-blown “business”? And did you know that Medicare and SS “wages and tips”as basis for namesakes taxes are calculated before your voluntary deductions, unlike your Gross? And the not-insignificant Medicare/SS taxes are not counted into your Federal tax paid – so even though your every paycheck is diminished by 1/4 of it’s worth by taxes, your annual federal obligation demonstrates underpayment? That’s what I call Creative Accounting!

So, not surprisingly, I went to bed in a foul mood, had nightmares all night (sinuses being choked up is no help either) and woke up at 5am. What to do, what to do? Opened my Kindle with latest download of Murder: British Library Classic:  a story by Gerald Findler, titled House of Screams. And I read:


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Are you watching? So far I like Bob Jindal most of all. You?
Nope, I take it back. Fiorina is better – and Tramp is a misogynistic, Putin- buddy,self-aggrandizing inarticulate asshole.

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Russia is not isolated. It is a fully paid member of the Drowning Men’s Club

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lefty liberal statists [некоторые – в овечьей шкуре] сокрушаются об упущенных налоговых возможностях, катят на рейгана и нынешних республиканцев и пытаются отбелить (ха) “обаму” из “obamacare”.

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Fresh [post] Soviet joke

Soviet jokes (анекдоты) have excellent reputation, as recommended by likes of R. Reagan; here’s an apt one (translated from original Russian):

-One oligarch talks to another: “The best way to keep money is in rubles. In my closet there is huge pile of rubles, I’ve hidden all my money inside – nobody will search there”.

Один олигарх говорит другому олигарху — “Деньги лучше всего хранить в рублях. У меня вон в кладовке куча рублей валяется, я в нее спрятал все свои деньги — там точно никто искать не будет”

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Тем из вас, для кого рублёвые скАчки (и скачкИ) жизненно важен, предлагаю сегодняшний пост Профессора. Умнее большинства ваших экономистов, это точно.

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Certainly the Russians can heavily damage the Ukraine; but this is all pointless in the longer term. They are trading their wealth, soldiers and energies for essentially nothing of value in return. Their professional army can destroy but they cannot occupy the Ukraine, although their bandits probably can create some sort of brutal strong-arm “government” in the blasted areas they control with whatever population cannot escape (likely the old and alcoholics) similar to what has been deployed in Chechnya and other “frozen” conflict areas.

The Russian economy is heavily damaged; the fall in oil prices is (mostly) beyond their control but it is happening at a most un-opportune time. Sanctions will punish those few Russian companies that attempt to sell to the West, and state control of the Internet is also hurting one of their most competitive industries (high tech). The ruble is also falling and soon the Russians will be able to buy what is produced locally and this will not be the cornucopia of choice that they have today.

Read the whole thing, as they say: sound logic and many apt observations. Don’t miss the China-related prognosis at the end.

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The Apostles of Big Government are the best evangelists for libertarianism – hell, anarchocapitalism – one could possibly imagine.

Read why @Professor

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My hero

Someone, finally, is brave enough to tell it like it is:

tyranny of TSA, which will never go away because it has become yet another quasi-unionized make-work occupation reserved for favored ethnic minorities who aren’t really workers, but de facto welfare recipients at a level far more lucrative than what is available to them via direct transfer payments.

Gospel truth! All those newly-minted quasi-government “healthcare” agencies, like Fidelis and Emblem Health, all those tumorous IRS departments – they are exactly as described above, with bonus: sense of power over us, the lowly taxpayers.
[via Dustbury]

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Ugh. That’s not what I thought it was…and I almost decided to apply!

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в пользу бедных

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Reality check

In the course of commenting on someone’s post came across my own old one, from 5.5 yrs ago. So, in how many instances was my uneasy feeling proved right (or wrong)? Let’s count.

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Am looking forward to De Blasio taking NYC in a more progressive direction, by raising taxes on well-to-do citizens starting at household income levels 1% higher than our own

Stubbornly- lib-in-the-face-of-reality Doug, one of the [still] luminous Bandarlogs

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[via *relyef]

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Not quite a cow

In the course of various online conversations I returned to political joke re: 2 cows.

One of the variations online featured this entry:

You have two cows.  Your neighbor has none.  You feel guilty for being successful.  You vote people into office who tax your cows, forcing you to sell one to raise money to pay the tax.  The people you voted for then take the tax money and buy a cow and give it to your neighbor. You feel righteous.

Oh, no, not really. The correct sequence will be:


You have two cows.  Your neighbor has none.  You feel guilty for being successful.  You vote people into office who tax your cows, forcing you to sell one to raise money to pay the tax.  The people you voted for then take the tax money, pay themselves, their relatives and lovers, then buy a cat and give it to your neighbor. You feel righteous. You neighbor riots. The cycle repeats.

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The last, golden third

They say their plans for the future of the United States are “better?” Okay, take them at their word. Only faster. Let’s see how this stuff plays out in real life. As soon as possible. If they’re right, all will be well. If they’re not, let’s have the disaster now and in double portions. It seems to be already hitting the “youth” and the low-information voters of Obama’s base with 20+% unemployment. Let’s do what we can to spread the no-wealth redistribution.

Go read the whole thing @G. Vanderleun,

which I did thanks to Scott Chaffin @TFG

[Scott, wish you best of health! Hope the next month tests scans will show zero change]

Btw, allow me small “I told you so” moment and let’s self-quote a post from 4 years ago:

“Don’t follow the logic of all that talk about “loyal opposition”, myself.

Let them fail (as they inevitably will), and the sooner the better. Less rubble to clean up.”

Unfortunately, my hopes of enduring only 4 years of accumulated rubble didn’t work out.

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From time to time in my mailbox falls correspondence addressed to  previous owner of my apartment; seeing how she is now deceased for 2 years I usually just dispose of it. Yesterday the item was a copy of publication called Teamster. It is fascinating!


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That’s taxing

As an update to my earlier cry re: IRS refund-tracking site shutdown:*jsallison informs us that it was planned due to sequestration! And here I was thinking Chaz’s TopTen are hilarious jokes.
So this is how life imitates art! They got “sequestered” exactly at the time at least half of the country awaits their tax refunds? They couldn’t schedule their 5 days shutdown sometime later, when they’ve performed their main function, the excuse for their existence? And another question, also rhetorical: if we can live without them for 5 days during the busiest tax time of the year – couldn’t we shut them down indefinitely?
I googled the topic and found that the announcement had come a month ago, right after Tax Day; an official explanation given at the time was that they don’t want to delay issuance of tax refunds. But that’s exactly what has happened!

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IRS games

Since mailing my tax forms on March 27 I have been waiting for refund, so far in vain.
Today when I checked on IRS site, created for tracking down the status of refunds, it says -I quote:

This service will be unavailable beginning approximately 7:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 23, 2013 until approximately 5:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, due to several factors, including scheduled maintenance.


5 days! What are those “several” factors besides maintenance?

Considering the publicity with widening up IRS scandal – are they doubling down and trying to intimidate us? To show us who’s the boss?

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