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Blogroll update

Brian Micklethwait moved to a new platform – apparently, in May. [Yep, that’s how often I read my own blogroll…]

Gerard doesn’t write his immigration blog anymore.

Buttercup still did not return, same as other people listed as absent.

And I am… talking to myself, most of the time.



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Blogroll addition: Coyote

Yes, believe it: in these times of blogs scarcity I have a new addition* to my roll: Coyote Blog (coming via Dustbury).  In recent post the author express the vision: to present a salon for policy discussion. Channeling Mr.Ford: I don’t mind all colors, as long as we continue to lean black libertarian…

*It is “new” only on my blogroll (and way overdue!); Coyote has been in existence since 2004 – and I decided to add them exactly when the author has doubts re: continuing the blog. Maybe by increasing its audience I’ll influence the author to reconsider, in my small way .

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ЖЖ ottikubo:

Научный атеизм Лева сдал попущением божьим.

Ха! складываем в кармашек, т.е. в ленту.

Минутку, да тут у них гнездо! ЖЖ luukphi_penz

Конечно, не все птички щебечущие в комментариях нам интересны (ники по отдельному запросу), а кое-кто и решительно противен – ну так можно же тредов не читать, а читать только тексты. А тексты прекрасные. Хотела бы я через 10 лет быть хотя бы в половине такой формы! Вот, буду учиться правильно стареть.


Нет, и в комментах попадается чУдное. Некий vovaminkin (есть у меня чувство, что Вове давно за 60): “Будучи профессиональным занудой, рад встрече с коллегой”.

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Disabling my RSS feed to LJ

Update:NOPE. Didn’t work, apparently

Продолжая запланированную зачистку следов в жуже, сейчас попробую убрать синдикат блога в ЖЖ.
Мне посоветовали внести лж IP в число блокированных на “моём сервере”. Не знаю, нету у меня отдельного сервера, и заблокировать в WordPress, кажется, можно только комментарии с выбранных IP.
Ну, попробую.

Так что: внимание
4ortovakykla, _s_a_v_v_a_, ak_47, anusha_rose, avrorakreyser, cali4nickation, cema, drmor, dvulis, feofanovich1966, fr_alek_sandr, glukuprikon, guho95, i_shmael, irinamozgunova, irka_hole, kuzulka, lolaley, mamazonka, martens, medses3chka, moi_drug_daun, mona0108, progulshik, sami_s_ushami, spacet, Stan Podolski, tenorgroupie, vaca_vaca, worshipandfall!
Если у вас пропадёт мой синдикат из жж-ленты, вы знаете, где меня искать.

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Thank you, my dear readers and followers – I’m pleasantly surprised and grateful for your interest in my blog.

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For your reading convenience

Spring-cleaned my blogroll:

-those no longer active, at least for 3 years, were deleted

-those with sporadic, if very infrequent, posts, were kept in – with encouragement to blog more

-those silent but too dear to my heart to dismiss entirely were put in “Private” folder, which becomes more of a martirologio.

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I find trump and obama to be very similar, with the primary difference being that trump is vulgar, whereas obama is polished. Both made asinine promises and were/are beloved by those that don’t bother thinking about whether the promises work.

[…]our guy [50+ low-middle-class majority voter-ETat] isn’t a fool. He’s been watching for 40 years as slick, eloquent people promise him whatever it is they can convince him he wants. He was there when lbj promised “guns and butter”, and a “great society”, and delivered dependency and crime instead. He was there when carter promised to curb unemployment and inflation, and delivered stagflation. He was there when nixon said “trust me”, when bush said “read my lips”, when W talked about “wmds”, and when obama talked about “change”. He has seen too many slick smooth talkers promising unicorn farts to him to trust another, and he’s under attack right out loud by people that say, in plain language that his day is over. … except that he never had a day, he worked hard for everything he ever got.

Read the whole thread.

Ford_prefect42 is a new addition to my blogroll. Welcome!

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