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Join in!

In these dangerous and dreary times, when darkness envelopes us and future is uncertain [insert a very sincere and highly motivational spiel appeal that will guarantee to pull at your personal heart-strings] – what could be better than instant gratification of a perfect cup of coffee?

I present to you Dreamwidth club we call Morning Coffee House. 

Membership crosses international boundaries and stretches across races, backgrounds, political outlooks and unites People Who Know Better [than drink tea. At least in the morning.]

Here’s my contribution for today


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[…]27 марта. Сочинила стишок:

…А им вослед старуха: “Нет!
Мой кашель не сухой!”
Ей из угла старик в ответ:
“Старуха, рот закрой!”

29 марта. Собака – не роскошь, а средство передвижения. Вот до чего мы дожили.[]

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Concise, as always

In any sufficiently advanced civilization, the Top will use the Bottom to bludgeon the Middle.

A. Haspel

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Et tu, Brute?

Marcel links to article Texas State assignment asks future teachers to argue ‘whiteness is a construct of privilege’ 

And I’ve been thinking of moving over down South! Madness is spreading.
Or maybe not yet…love the comments there. A breath of sanity in the lefty-occupied world I live in.

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Blogroll update

Brian Micklethwait moved to a new platform – apparently, in May. [Yep, that’s how often I read my own blogroll…]

Gerard doesn’t write his immigration blog anymore.

Buttercup still did not return, same as other people listed as absent.

And I am… talking to myself, most of the time.


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Blogroll addition: Coyote

Yes, believe it: in these times of blogs scarcity I have a new addition* to my roll: Coyote Blog (coming via Dustbury).  In recent post the author express the vision: to present a salon for policy discussion. Channeling Mr.Ford: I don’t mind all colors, as long as we continue to lean black libertarian…

*It is “new” only on my blogroll (and way overdue!); Coyote has been in existence since 2004 – and I decided to add them exactly when the author has doubts re: continuing the blog. Maybe by increasing its audience I’ll influence the author to reconsider, in my small way .

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ЖЖ ottikubo:

Научный атеизм Лева сдал попущением божьим.

Ха! складываем в кармашек, т.е. в ленту.

Минутку, да тут у них гнездо! ЖЖ luukphi_penz

Конечно, не все птички щебечущие в комментариях нам интересны (ники по отдельному запросу), а кое-кто и решительно противен – ну так можно же тредов не читать, а читать только тексты. А тексты прекрасные. Хотела бы я через 10 лет быть хотя бы в половине такой формы! Вот, буду учиться правильно стареть.


Нет, и в комментах попадается чУдное. Некий vovaminkin (есть у меня чувство, что Вове давно за 60): “Будучи профессиональным занудой, рад встрече с коллегой”.

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