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I just learned the horrible news: Lord & Taylor is no more!

With all those professional (equal to personal, for me) turbulences I had no time nor interest in shopping –  and voila! I’m not just behind the times, I’m behind in “closing this store” bargains.

On the other hand, I’ve avoided the [semi-sweet] sorrow I experienced when shopping at Daffy’s during their last breathing days.

What a sad, sad world!

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Can you advise me on headphones?
Хочу передвигаться по невидимому желобу!

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Where else could I brag if not in my own tiny corner of the ‘sphere?
Especially if the occasion is so rare, with my usual gadget idiocy.
I researched! And bought ! And installed (all by myself)! A brand new printer!


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Пара слов

…к отголоску нынешней глобальной битвы в ЛЖ (кто там недавно жаловался, что жужа померла, никто ни о чём больше не спорит, и даже флешмобы пропали? зайдите к Асёне). Битва – на определяющую тему дискурса всего просвещённого человечества: поднаторевший в софистике религиозный лектор Ариэльского университета, сторонник иудейской версии intelligent design против молодой научно-журналистки, биолога, приехавшей из Москвы поучиться в университете, и вынужденной (по требованиям программы) его лекции посещать и даже сдавать экзамен.
Так вот – чем хороши такие 9ти-вальные битвы: открываешь много интересных для чтения ников. Через 3ю ссылку я добралась до поста и комментария, напомнившего мне забавный эпизод на прошлой неделе.


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Today was the last day of NY Now, and being an experienced show visitor, I knew this is the day to get nice stuff.
See, usually at the end of the show of this size many exhibitors, especially mid- and small-range want to sell their floor samples for “cash and carry”, so as not to ship them home, especially if home is overseas. The bigger firms may pack and go to another exhibition and need all their samples (like today, f.i., many of the reps told me they go next to North Carolina or to Germany or to Milan). Keep in mind, the prices are wholesale and sometimes lower, and some are willing to negotiate.

What is also nice when I get the invite to a fair at Javits, I know they sponsor fleet of free Academy buses, to move visitors and exhibitors from their hotels to the J.-Center. And I can get on one of them right next to one of my midtown subway stops and ride in luxury through throngs (what a mouthful!) to extreme West side, right to the Javits’ doors. See how hectic the streets are around us? Yes, that’s museum @Intrepid directly on course…


Finally, we arrived (15 measly blocks took us half an hour !) , I flashed my badge and walked to the isles. Started taking photos…here’s a nice girl at the Peruvian stand and her beautiful alpaca furnishings, here’s a booth with leather goods from South Africa…oh, shoot, I totally forgot – today the show closes at 2pm, I have no time for leisurely walks and snapping pics, I gotta run !


2.5 hrs later, I left Javits burdened with 3 huge bags full of wonderful things – you want to know what was there?


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Just came in after walking endless miles at NY NOW show. So many beautiful, beautiful things – many more exhibitors than at ICFF. They took over 4 floors plus Pier 94 (where I haven’t been yet).
I was only able to see about 1/2 of the main booths. Got my supper calories from sampling: chocolate bonbons (pumpkin+white chocolate, mmmm!), pretzels+austrian beer, 15yr Kentucky whiskey (straight), brazilian Caipirinha+cheese bread, various fruit picks and 4 kinds of tea!
Saw gorgeous Japanese tea service (every line sings…), Swedish wool bed throws, sycamore cutting boards from PA, art glass vases I made an effort to disengage myself from, various french soaps, bohemian glass and an incredibly well-designed resin kitchen utensils, don’t remember by whoJoseph Joseph !

Will get you the links later, OK?

Tomorrow – to 94th Pier artisan resource show, on Wed – back to Javits for cash&carry samples sale. Yay!

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Trader Joe’s musings

Guys, is it me or you, too, noticed their prices imperceptibly went up?
I usually buy more or less the same things – coffee, frozen meatballs, various nuts, almond butter, wild rice, some dry fruit snacks, fruit butter, can of crab legs and several cheeses – and I used to pay about $75 for two full paper bags of this stuff. Today it was $90…what gives?
Another question: what do you buy there? They always introduce some new things -maybe you tried something I didn’t and it’s good? Tell me.

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