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Процитирую отрывки из прочитанных недавно книг,  в качестве представления, рекомендаций (и наоборот).


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у меня бабок на такихЪ баб нету и не будет


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…and its woke-bees.

Incomparable Roger Kimball:

Joe Sobran called this locationless body “the Hive.” Just as in a beehive, Sobran observed, members of the coven feel they are free, yet their attitudes and behavior are utterly predictable. “Liberals laugh at conspiracy theories that assume that because there is a pattern there must be some central control; but the fact that there is no central control doesn’t mean that there is no pattern.”

Sobran is especially good on the honey that coats the Hive’s often unspoken program. “By using pragmatic language for its agenda,” he notes, “the Hive misleads the general public about its ultimate goals.”

Read the whole thing, naturally

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Так он [Трамп] и Путину послал Томагавки. Прямо на авиабазу. Своим ходом. И как-то после этого тема газовых атак исчезла из новостей.

Вместо того, чтобы бороться с русским языком и закрывать глаза на распилы оборонного бюджета, нынешнее украинское правительство тоже могло бы сделать наоборот.

Но народ же любит, чтобы припечатали словом. Как Бидон. Которого потом его же офис поправляет.

Этот и др. комменты в треде у ваньки-лакея-с ТДС. Хорошо поддали.

И в клипе Т. таки прав. Мне абсолютно всё равно, как там страдает З. Правда иногда колом в горле встаёт, ну что поделаешь.

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A few quotes, roughly in chronological order


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  • “People have always been divided into two groups, Constable, and the sooner you get that into your head the better.” At school he had learned about patricians and plebeians, as a young man about proletarians and … proletarians and … Sloan couldn’t think now who the others had been, but he could still remember getting very excited about it at the time. It had seemed so important. Now that he was older he knew the grouping was simpler than that. Oneself versus The Rest.
  • Sarcasm was a real boomerang of a weapon.
  • Like most policemen he believed in retributive justice. Punishment should follow crime. People expected it. And punishment did follow crime in all the ordered societies he’d ever heard about. Those that were still going strong, anyway. Presumably those where it didn’t had been sunk without trace.
  • He had, however, long ago reached that stage of controlled despair when he regarded each fresh burden with a certain masochistic satisfaction as providing further evidence of a malign fate’s continued unkindness to him
  • In his experience people’s better natures were only ever appealed to for causes that didn’t respond to logic or common sense.
  • by the time some sixty winters had besieged a person’s brow their lifestyle was ordinarily a settled thing.
  • Someone had once explained to him about the British commander who had reported the victory at Sind in India with the single word Peccavi – Latin for ‘I have sinned’
  • [He] held his peace. It was no part of a detective’s duty to inform.

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Вчера ракетному обстрелу подвергся Львов. По заявлению львовских властей ракеты попали в склад горючего и какой-то завод. Жилые дома, к счастью не пострадали, не считая вылетевших в окрестностях взрывов оконных стёкол. Убитых, вроде, тоже нет – сообщают только о пяти пострадавших.


*Lwow. Lviv.



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…особая русская духовность ещё долго будет удивлять всех тех, кто полагал, что русская культура — это толстой и достоевский, а не блатной шансон.

Epistemic Trespasser

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This morning, easing myself into the shifted “daytime saving” hour, I lazily browsed my LinkedIn Home screen.

One of the posts was by a notable international architectural firm who declared they exited from all their Russian projects as a political gesture of solidarity with Ukraine. From more than 2 thousand comments at the time half were from members with muslim names, writing in indignation of purported double standard of the West, since “nobody cut their projects in Israel in solidarity with the oppressed and genocided palestinian people! or with the US for being a colonialist power and aggressor in wars in iraq, afghanistan and bangladesh(?)!” The other half were either “good job!”s, or appreciative notes by Ukrainians all over the word, or more sober comments, asking if the terms of the firm’s contracts with their Russian clients allow that and how much money the firm is willing to loose by unilaterally ending their obligations.

The night before I was reading a book about the Rothschild clan, stopping at this precise quote

…After spending some intensive months nursing the wounded (in WWI-ETat) in a hospital carrying her name, Baroness Maurice de Rothschild took a few days’ leave. She called one of her favorite hotels, the Palace at St. Moritz, to ask if there were any Germans there. The manager swore that nothing Teutonic would offend her eyes. Yet the first sight that greeted the Baroness was a well-known German champagne manufacturer. Mme. la Baronne turned on her heel. When the Rothschilds are disappointed with a resort, they do not simply patronize another; they create their own. Baroness Maurice embraced a cause with a determination recalling her father-in-law, Edmond, in Palestine. Single-handedly she developed the village of Megève into the most chic French winter playground. (Today her son, Edmond de Rothschild, is the principal owner and controlling power in the resort; it admits very rich champagne manufacturers of any nationality.)

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Frank Tallis, Death and the Maiden (somewhere about 39% of the book):

“I have long subscribed to the view that those who achieve high office cannot enjoy perfect mental health. Such self-belief must be delusional.”

And further, from Mephisto Waltz:


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Howard Stern is a bunch of ugly sticks glued together with dried semen from one of his old wet dreams

Jon Rappoport

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I have seen the world now, Mr. Winge. Humans are lying vermin, a pack of bloodthirsty wolves who want nothing more than to tear each other to pieces in their struggle for power. The enslaved are no better than their masters, only weaker. The innocent only retain their blamelessness due to their lack of ability. Before Paris became a bloodbath, everyone spoke of equality, liberty, and brotherhood, of human rights, and now those same voices are heard here. I saw the Declaration of Human Rights bound in the tanned hides of men who had been flayed once the guillotine had separated their heads from their bodies. Here, the burghers and farmers also stand ready to rise up against the nobility, their ancient oppressors. […] The blade of the guillotine has to be sharpened several times a day in order to manage its load. I wish the same for Stockholm. The gutters will run red. The fewer of us who survive, the better. Let the City-between-the-Bridges choke on corpses. Let the graveyards be flooded. Let only the ravens remain.”

Niklas Natt och Dag, The Wolf and the Watchman, 2017

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…Also the 2022 trend of rich gents’ new habit of renting — NOT marrying — their young females. Like if Amazon’s delivery slows and the boss’ delivery also slows — the guarantee is her future’s taken care of. No prenup, no lawyers, no hassles over who grabs which painting. This way each gets what they need. The only ass to marry his ass is the former HRH Harry. Why? Because he’s an ass.

HA! read the whole thing

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*-Вот ты не хочешь прививаться, а Трамп привился!

-Ну и что? При чём тут Трамп?

-Ну ты же за Трампа! А он привился! А ты нет!

* -Вот ты сказала, что вакцина экспериментальная, и в ней непонятно что намешали

-Сказала. Так и есть.

-А вот сейчас специально для таких как ты, кто боится уколов, Файзер таблетку выпустил. Уже можешь купить и защититься!

-Нет, спасибо

-Что, скажешь, таблетка тоже экспериментальная?!

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Does it finally look like Dr. Anthony Fauci is trying to carry out an assisted suicide of the United States?

J. Kunstler

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I do not like your COVID jab. I will not take your COVID jab. I will not take it in my house. I will not be your little mouse. I will not take it because you’re nice. I know what happened to those mice. Do not demand to have my arm. Your persistence causes great alarm. Do not make me a scornful topic. Graphene oxide is a toxin. You need not mandate I partake. In VAERS I’ve seen the lives it takes. Fauci says the disease is deadly. Then why did he fund it with our money? Now he profits in the millions. While people die in the billions.

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That we live in a simulation no one doubts. The only point at issue is whose.

Haspel , twitting

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“Милая Мария Сергеевна, я узнал, что Вы собирались уже явиться в свою резиденцию, но снова слегли. Это не дело. Лето стоит хорошее: в Спб. поют среди бульваров и садов такие редкие гости, как щеглы, соловьи, малиновки и скворцы. Один человек разделался с тяжелой болезнью так: выпив бутылку коньяка, искупался в ледяной воде; к утру вспотел и встал здоровым. Разумеется, такое средство убило бы Вас вернее пистолетного выстрела, но, все же, должны Вы знать, что болезнь требует сурового обращения. Прогоните ее. Вставайте. Будьте здоровы. Прыгайте и живите…
Желаю скоро поправиться.
А.С. Грин”.


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  1. 2021

“Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country after the Taliban seized the capital Sunday, took four cars and a helicopter full of cash with him:“Four cars were full of money, they tried to stuff another part of the money into a helicopter, but not all of it fit. And some of the money was left lying on the tarmac,” Nikita Ishchenko, a spokesperson for the Russian embassy in Kabul, told RIA.

Ischenko’s comments were confirmed by Reuters and the spokesperson cited “witnesses” as the source of the information.”

  1. 1989:

The Soviets have left Afghanistan, making the collapse of the besieged puppet regime in kabul just a matter of time. By Ashraf Ghani, LA Times.

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Reading xepts

Jenny Erpenbeck, New Directions:

*Embodying the act of staying put is his profession. Creating an interior. Digging deeper and deeper in a place where there is nothing

*now,six years after the end of the war, the Communists were making a grab for his business after all, this had only now occurred to them, suddenly, in the middle of peacetime—Mannesmann Air Raid Defense, always keep your eye on your opponent. Like children with an animal whose nature they are unable to comprehend, they were now ripping the head off this toy and would be surprised to see the thing stop twitching soon thereafter

Broadsheet Ballad by A.E. Coppard:

*She goes about dressed in stained-glass futurist muslins, and contrives provocative effects out of a tilted nose, and sulky eyes, and sallowness set off by a black velvet band on the forehead, and a black scarf of hair dragged tight from a raking backward peak

V.E. Schwab The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

*His own cup sits on the counter, charcoal gray, the inside coated in something that looks like liquid silver. A storm cloud and its lining.

Kathleen Winsor Forever Amber:

*’ll warrant you at least half of ‘em died of the plague!” She began to read from the fresh-printed bill, for they were scarcely off the press before Nan had one. “Griping of the guts—3! Worms—5! Fits—2! How do we know those weren’t all the plague too and not reported by the searcher because somebody greased ’em in the fist to give another cause of the death

*She protected herself against the plague by refusing to think about it. It was all that any of them could do, who were forced to stay in the town, to keep their sanity

*though they exchanged mutual greetings and news, people were still distrustful of one another. Those who had avoided the sickness this long had no wish to risk it now.

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Quote of the Day

Anything announced as voluntary is mandatory.

Haspel, who else


The shorter you write, the less you lie.

[Lack of posts here lately may or may not be relative]

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Quote #1

Like many countries in the […redacted…], its people do not respect time. The culture of mendicancy is also pervasive.

Quote #2

Is there something in the climate and soil of the […redacted…] which envelopes the inhabitants with a miasma of lethargy and timelessness?

Which country, you say, and which people?


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From Catherine de Medici, by H.de Balsac

*”Flatter none but your enemies,” [was] the famous saying of Catherine de’ Medici

*[In the early] editions of Perrault’s famous tale, Cinderella’s slipper, which was no doubt of vair (the fur), is said to have been made of verre (glass).

*Paris was so closely watched that the archers compelled all passers along the street to pray before the shrines of the Madonna so as to discover heretics by their unwillingness or even refusal to do an act contrary to their beliefs.

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It’s a transvestite, Lady Gagme.


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Read the whole thing

At Mencius:

Isn’t it amazing, by the way, that the great temple of our democracy which that foul mob of lawless and irresponsible hooligans defiled—dumping someone else’s tea into the harbor is not who we are—is… about as democratic as the Supreme Soviet?

Specifically: it has the incumbency rate of the late Bourbons, a seniority system that would get Chernenko hard, and the popularity of Idi Amin Dada. And standing behind it is the whole legislative branch, miscalled the “executive branch,” with its permanent civil service—as permanent as anything in the USSR.

I grew up in the Cold War. I took it seriously, especially the nuclear holocaust thing. But in the end, did East and West turn out to be all that different?

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