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is available. For now.

Don’t know why the name of the author is not the same as he refers to in the video – maybe it’s FB thing, no internal linking – but the content is worth considering.

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…He understood most idiocies, but could not, even in his most pessimistic moods, believe that a small group of Roman senators would actually prefer to precipitate civil war rather than face the inevitable and permit Caesar what was, after all, no more than his due. Legally consul for the second time, free of prosecution, the First Man in Rome and the first name in history books. These things he owed to his family, to his dignitas, to posterity.

Colleen McCullough

Masters of Rome. Caesar.

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…Lord, what a rapturous speech the American President could base on the following sentence, which I say with caution – and even trepidation. The facts show that the past ten years were the most successful decade in the past one hundred years of Hungarian history.

Victor Orban’s speech 02.16.2020

On the hand, I do understand why some call the speech fascist.

Accent on perceived  territorial grievances, calls for unification of former-Hungarian lands (without acknowledgement the reasons Hungary was stripped off territory) remind (especially to Europeans) of another country who used the same rhetoric justification of the next step –  aggression and annexations. In his recital of history since Trianon treaty he managed to forget mentioning the years Hungary was the most grateful and diligent ally of Germany under Hitler. Speaking of current democratic and egalitarian policy his Government extends towards minorities like Roma, he totally skipped the issue of Jewish holocoast  and how Hungarians participated in the “deportations” and looting of Jewish property.

I also didn’t like the accusatory and outraged tone against lawyers (in general), bankers and WMF in particular. He spoke of Hungarian debt as if it was an unjust punishment imposed for no crime committed – and not the consequences of signed contracts and unpaid loans.

Some other things raised my eyebrow – like diatribes against free markets and whole paragraph re: climate change, etc.

But altogether – a very optimistic speech of a leader who can show real achievements the country made under his government. I can well imagine the admiration he inspires.

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Et tu, Brute?

Marcel links to article Texas State assignment asks future teachers to argue ‘whiteness is a construct of privilege’ 

And I’ve been thinking of moving over down South! Madness is spreading.
Or maybe not yet…love the comments there. A breath of sanity in the lefty-occupied world I live in.

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Two faces of Indian medal

One – Kamala Harris, one of two daughters of an Tamil-Indian expat, a woman who came to Berkley at 19 and participated in student revolt of the 60’s. She married another protestor, a Jamaican-American student of economics; but left him later and raised her kids surrounded by her side of extended Indian family. She became a breast cancer researcher, but – in the words of her obituary in San Francisco Chronicle  –  “Her passion for science was augmented by a fervent commitment to social justice … leading to a lifelong fight against injustice, racial discrimination and intolerance. She instilled these values in her daughters, who in turn have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of justice and equality.” In other words, she was a SJW and  used the race card for advancement.

That’s a legacy Kamala has taken from her mother and carries as a flag in her Presidential campaign. SHe’s trying to out-populist the Great Populist himself, by resurrecting the stinking ghost of reparations to descendants of negro slaves. That positively enraged her father, who reminded Kamala of the family history – namely, that they are coming from the other side of plantation:

My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town) and to my maternal grandmother Miss Iris (née Iris Finegan, farmer and educator, from Aenon Town and Inverness, ancestry unknown to me). The Harris name comes from my paternal grandfather Joseph Alexander Harris, land-owner and agricultural ‘produce’ exporter (mostly pimento or all-spice), who died in 1939 one year after I was born.

Two: Nikki Haley

“Haley’s parents Ajit and Raj Randhawa moved to Bamberg in 1969 after living in India. Her father, Ajit Randhawa, had taken a biology professor post at nearby Voorhees College, an historically black college. Her mother worked as a school teacher before opening a clothing store “Exotica” in 1976. They replaced some of the ceiling tiles to create rows of red and blue tiles in the design of the American flag. They stapled 50 white glittery stars to the blue tiles. [..]

While in elementary school, Haley wanted to be a Pilgrim in a school play, but instead was tapped to play Pocahontas.“We weren’t dark enough to be black or pale enough to be white,” she wrote. She was bullied in third grade to the point where her dad talked with her teacher and her mom brought Indian snacks to school and answered her classmates’ questions about India. “I still feel like that kid in survival mode who has to focus on bringing people together … and how we’re more similar than different,” Haley said.”

“Bringing people together” – vs. stereotypical SJW. Same life experience, opposite conclusions, opposite results.

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Doc said it:

As bad as this has been for Kavanaugh personally(SHE started this, no sympathy), for the republic – it has been far worse. We have seen our Senatus Majora in all its splendor. The institution REEKS of bias, emotion, partisanship, favor, and duplicity. There is NO integrity, including from my senator who was represented on the committee. All of them, to a single individual showed the worst that is a representative republican nation of laws. The Dems were worse, but only by fractional degree. Do they think we cannot see them playing to the audience/camera? Do they think we endorse this in our representatives? Do they imagine for one second that even the most partisan of us want this kind of personal Antigone played out on MSNBC? Complete with liberal interpretation of Creon and Oedipus? Oh the horror of it all.

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I return to my earlier dark suspicions about Trump’s direction. Stubbornly pushing tariffs, the way he disposed of his economic adviser Kohn – the one who was behind the famous tax cuts last December and is the advocate for free trade – despite being a Dem. The way he undermines his own administration – just as Mnuchin says “we are not getting into trade wars” ->Trump contradicts him with “trade war is not a bad thing”. The way he caved in to gun-control campaigners. The way the stocks fall and jump on his every tweet doesn’t inspire much confidence either.

Actually, I realize my unease about Trump’s steadfastness (or lack of ) never left me and is hovering in the back of my mind all the time.

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Reading “Dictator”

For a week I’ve been immersed into my beloved Rome, with her oratory, unstable alliances, betrayals, dirt, blood, glory, gold, grееd, gluttony, pride, hypocrisy, superstition, glamour, iniquity, humiliation, her architectural and engineering genius,  military order and plebeian chaos – and  her foundations of law,  divisions of state power, ideological ideals. Into life of Cicero – and his struggle to uphold the Republic. Of Caesar and his Rubicon.

It has been a suitable background tone for current political events – tectonic shifts, rather.

The Nunes Memo was the Rubicon, and everything from here on out is battlespace preparation.

[Trent Telenko via ChicagoBoyz].

Wait and see, citizens. Life is interesting again.

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Nation of shopkeepers

Believing in national stereotypes has its downside: risk of falling in deep doo-doo. Like that bon mot by Napoleon in this post’ title. What kind of business genius will repeat the same mistake – that cost him dearly, practically ruining the golden goose – twice? English, apparently.

The Boston Tea Party: 1773

Salt Tax in India: 1835

Could it be possible that British East India Co continuously employed MBA graduates starting 1770’s?


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Every name is a Wiki article


In 2013, Amanat [ Huma Abedin’s cousin] partnered with Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin to purchase a high-end resort* for over $350 million. Doronin moved from Russia to Switzerland to work for Marc Rich, who escaped the United States after he was indicted for fraud and illegal trading with Iran. Rich was pardoned by former President Bill Clinton on his last day in the White House. USA Today reports:

Clinton’s motive for pardoning Rich on his last day in office was questioned because Rich’s ex-wife, Denise Rich, was a wealthy Democratic donor who made a $450,000 donation to Clinton’s presidential library foundation and more than $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign.


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Jane’s Law

The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane.

[Megan McArdle, 2003 – at biblical times of Asymmetrical Information, when Megan was on the Right]

Happened by chance to this quote, the post and thread – and nostalgia washed over. Not for being young [relatively] and smart [that, too] – but sharing in their company. Ah, the wit, the civility (compared to contemporary discourse), the intellectual sparkle – how I miss them. Another thought: that nobody learns the lesson. Read the post @the link and you’ll know it.

Interesting, how many 20 to 30-somethings now, hearing the name Megan McArdle, will confuse her with despicable Meghan Markle?


Megan is still churning out aphorisms – regrettably, now on Twitter:

My working theory of bitcoin arguments: there’s a small cadre of experts with sophisticated theories about what bitcoin’s good for, surrounded by lots of speculators, anarchists, & goldbugs. The conversation is driven by the experts. But the price of bitcoin is driven by the rest

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First They Came For Lee…

[read the whole thing!]

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In a nutshell

The entire reason for the conflict in Donbas and the seizure of Crimea (conflicts that Merkel is allegedly attempting to mediate) were Ukraine’s attempt to move closer to Europe.

That is: (1) Ukraine takes “more Europe” seriously, and enters into an agreement with the EU that would open up trade with an eye on Ukraine joining the union in the future, (2) Putin takes exception to this, and initiates a series of actions that culminate with the ouster of Yanukovych followed by the seizure of Crimea, and a hot war in Donbas, (3) the US Senate attempts to penalize Russian actions by sanctions, and (4) the Europeans scream bloody murder at US intrusion into their policy domain.

In other words, when forced to put their money (and their gas) where their mouths are, the Europeans jettison “more Europe”. And then turn around and slag the US for taking them at their word.

Streetwise Professor

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Вот и разница

O причинах охлаждения британской публики к тори и к Мэй, в частности:

Трудно было, однако, предположить, что не только три теракта с жертвами произойдут (а значит, настроение людей, как минимум, перестанет быть благодушным, и кого же обвинять в проблемах с безопасностью как не действующую власть)

Как кого? Тех, кто устроили террор, а не стрелочника. И в качестве защиты логичнее найти того, кто не боится террориста и будет с ним драться, нет? Нет, решает Соединённое Королевство: отечество в опасности, британцы закусывают презрительно губу и стойкими рядами идут…сдаваться предателям-лейбористам, лижущим мусульманский зад. Обиделись, зайки, и топнули ножкой.


Вот ещё. Батюшки, ну что за недоумки. Отнять и поделить, да! и найти крайнего!

Настроение жестоко испортил пожар в Лондоне. Он не сходит к экрана. И если вначале упор в репортажах делали, как после всех наших несчастий этого года, на доброте, милосердии, взаимопомощи людей, то теперь тональность меняется. Главное теперь – ярость народная, которая вздыбливается волной. Мэй и тори счастливчики, что выборы прошли, иначе не видать им в них победы ни за какие коврижки. Но и так неясно, чем все закончится. Может, и слетит Тереса, она и так на волоске висела. Но тут тема бесконечная, как бесконечный ужас думать о стучащих в окна погибающих детях. До верхних этажей пожарные не доберутся, может, неделю еще. Туда они никак не доставали, до последних 4 этажей, так что там могут найти еще с сотню тел, может быть, не дай-то бог. Большинство там цветные, небогатые люди, так что ярость направлена на всех богатых тоже.

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hc591sc3b6k-vc3a9tc3b3ja-drc3b3n-fekvc591Shit. What the hell am I getting myself into?

Going on vacation to Budapest exactly when Soros-funded hords of Hungarian “Occupy” parasites are defacing the imperial avenues. Note the absence of anything concrete among the ritualistic chanting of “freedom” and “change” – except demand for “minimum wage for public workers” (government employees, I guess) and idea of fracturing the Parliament by eliminating party alliances: by filling it with parties per amount of votes they received.  So, 100 parties of 1-3-6 votes? Great! The louder the bazaar, the better for these useful idiots.

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Остается только объяснить самой себе, почему Ваши коллеги не имеют проблем, афишируя свои политические предпочтения, а Вы – нет. Вероятно, если называть вещи своими именами, коллеги уверены, что Вы их не будут [sic!] дискриминировать; у Вас же уверенность, что они – в какой-то форме – могут.

Я не хочу жить с оглядкой на партком, читать между строчками газет, ни одному слову которых невозможно верить, гадать, что происходит в головах сумасбродных вождей и ходить на комсомольские собрания. Я адаптирован к этому куда лучше среднего американца, но мое пребывание тут становится бессмысленным.



2 сегодняшних разговора.


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Это о гр. Кальмейере, ака art of arts. Согласна, с оговоркой: он и раньше был таким. Либерал советского разлива с домостроевскими замашками. Отсутствие уважения к женщинам как принцип (похвалы тем из нас, кто поддакивает его мнению – не в счёт) я отметила давно и выкинула его из круга чтения. А теперь он скатился в абсолютно левую яму: сравнял беженство евреев с “беженцами” арабами и мексиканцами. Ну, сгнило у старичка в башке, могу только вздохнуть и пожелать: да минет меня.

А вот демагогия, бессознательный расизм и  диковатая клановая арифметика (прискорбно левые черты) некоторых из его комментаторов меня очень огорчили. Всегда расстраиваюсь, когда дорогие мне люди несут чушь – не раз и не два, и приходится убедиться, что неслучайно, и что наоборот, предыдущее чувство близости было случайным и касательным.

Сижу теперь, ряжу: вычёркивать человека из списка? Жаль, талантливый человек

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Цитата #1:
…А по поводу марша – не знаю как в Вашингтоне, но у нас в Чикаго было столпотворение, я такого давно не видела. Изначально заявлено было 22 тысячи участников, за день до марша организаторы подняли заявленное количество до 50, а пришло примерно 250 тысяч. Полцентра города было перекрыто, марш как таковой пришлось отменить, так так такой толпе просто некуда было маршировать. Поэтому все просто тусовались и бродили по городу с мини-маршами. Но все было очень спокойно и дружелюбно, многие пришли с детьми.

[My translation: ..and regarding the March – don’t know about DC, but here in Chicago there were crowds and crowds, haven’t seen so many people for a long time. At first the announced number was 22K participants, the day before organizers raised it to 50K,  at the actual event came approximately 250K. Half of downtown was closed off, march as such was cancelled since a crowd of this size was unable to march anywhere. So everybody ended up just shuffling around in mini-marches. But it was all peaceful, friendly and quiet, many parents brought kids.]


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Смотрела запись интервью на Свободе. Отметила что -необычно для России – Екатерина Шульман совершенно не накрашена. Подумала: что мне напоминает её лицо и выражение?

Так северо-европейские портреты 18века же! Типа вот такого:

J-E. Liotard, Geneva. Portrait of a Young Lady

J-E. Liotard, Geneva. Portrait of a Young Lady

Что думаете?

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…at Forward, of all places.

-Classic Christian Anti-Semite against Left Conservative Jew. [Complete with accusation that Jews have been “bloodsucking” Christian countries from the time immemorial. And not allowing Christians to practice their faith openly in contemporary Israel]

-Christian Bigot Matriarch against Gay Man

-Everyone present against anyone with remotely Russian-sounding moniker.

– Catholic Grammar Nazi against Protestant Heathen Who Does Not Use Proper Grammar

Enjoy the 963 comments!

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You Democrats don’t just need to reform your gun policy, you need to reform your attitude towards the voters to a place from which your present policy looks as vicious and absurd as it does to them.

You Democrats don’t just need to reform your rhetoric about racism and sexism, you need to reform your attitude towards the voters to a place from which your present rhetoric looks as vicious and absurd as it does to them.

It’s all of a piece. You’ve forgotten how to be the party of the people. Trump was the price of that forgetfulness. Now, you need to relearn it, for all our sakes.

The alternative is that something like the Republicans, or possibly worse, dominates American politics for the foreseeable future. I don’t want that, and you should fear it more than I do.

So get your act together now.

Read the whole thing.

[H/t to stas]

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So, do you think it started?

-Mr.T ‘s team removes from his website, then puts back again his pre-election promise to ban muslim immigration

-Mr.T is wavering on repealing Obamacare

-Mr. T. said – in his first speech on victorious night – “we owe Hillary Clinton major debt of gratitude for service to this country”. And stressed: “I say it sincerely”.

Your thoughts?

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New York 5th Avenue around 31st street, about 7:30pm


Just noticed the red flag…ahahaha!

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We dodged That bullet. Now is time for “checks and balances”. Wait…Reps won the House! and the Senate!

Basket of deplorables is spilling over!


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