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Сказано о другой  стране и в другое время – но как же пророчески правда.

что делать с сумасшедшими, которые считают себя нормальными?
что делать с сумасшедшими, которые годами получают положительную обратную связь от окружающего мира?
что делать с сумасшедшими, которые искажают реальность так, что понятие нормы смещается или вообще теряет смысл.
а их же сотни тысяч, если не миллионы.

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Predictably, my short comment and intent incensed some woke warriors in the thread @ SmittenKitchen. Before the exchange with one of them gets deleted, I’ll copy it here:

  • kim brakeley

Deb is a Mother of young children. In NYC. She has extremely good reasons for her words, and this is HER BLOG. Free Speech and all that, ya know? 27 school shootings this year so far. 19 children, 16 injured, and 2 devoted teachers dead 4 days ago. The worst since Sandy Hook. In addition to 10 black people in Buffalo. Slightest of pretexts? I would say, for the best of reasons, Deb is not just a brilliant cook, innovator, and communicator, she is also well positioned and entirely qualified to state her opinions on things. Just like anyone else with a popular much beloved blog. I bet there is a cooking blog made just for you. I’ll be buying extra copies of her books as gifts to all my friends who have or love children, or both. This is about CHILDREN. And the teachers who already sacrifice so much to care for them.

  • ETat

Why is it that lefties always presume something completely false about their opponents? How do you know I am NOT a mother and NOT live in NYC, and thus NOT qualified as much as Debra? I am all these things, and much more: I am better positioned to judge political situation in the country, and particularly in New York.
As to free speech: that’s exactly what I and Kelly and others opposing such as you and Debra are exercising. Funny, how you, lefty scam, immediately scream : this is HER BLOG! – as if anybody prohibits Debra her opinions. She has a right to express anything – and so are we. But there are consequences to every action. She wants to turn to politics instead of writing a culinary blog – fine, then she should be prepared that part of her audience will leave. And not silently.
The worst possible thing you and others like you can do for the CHILDREN is to leave their safety at the hands of the police – as we already seen, it took the cops a whole hour before they entered the school, and even after that they only rushed to save their own kids and those they knew personally. While a real hero is a parent, a Customs guy who disregarded a direct order and acted out of common sense. Luckily, he was armed. Unluckily for the 21 killed and numerous wounded, the school was a “gun-free zone” – otherwise the intruder would be incapacitated before he even entered the school.

Why did you see fit to inform me you’ll be buying Deb’s books? Why would I care? Or you think this is somehow a daring action, a “bravery in the face of adversity”? I say – you’re a miser : why only few “extra copies”? Why not all of them – that would’ve for sure showed me!

Other irrelevancies: why would you bring up Buffalo shooting – if, according to you,”this is about CHILDREN”! – and what’s more, why would you bring up race (“black people”)? Following an agenda, huh?

Oh my, what a foolish and transparent people you lefties are.

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Copying my comment to the latest post @ Smitten Kitchen (and to the swarm of lefty sheeple in the comments)

Deb, I’ve been reading your blog and trying [some] of your recipes for years. If you would only stay within your metier…But no, you decided to weer towards politics on a slightest of pretexts – and to lefty politics at that.
Thank you, Kelly, for one voice of Reason in this ridiculous thread of REgressives.

And she’s posting this stupid parroting of NYT points – right after vacationing in Florida! Florida, one of the states with the best attitude to personal guns – that is, respect and adherence to 2nd Amendment. Where the streets (and poolsides) are emphatically NOT gun-free zones: regular people are packing and can use their weapons for self-and innocents- defense at any time. And criminals know that. Which is the reason Deb’s family on that vacation was safe.*

Deb Perelman is out of my blogroll.


This is how Florida responds to a school mass-shooter threat (Polk County Sheriff Judd):

“If you come to a school in this county, armed, we’re going to do our best through either our guardians, our school resource officers, or our school resource deputy sheriffs to eliminate the threat outside of the school before they ever get to the children. We’re trained to do that,” Sheriff Judd said.

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“…Sen.Paul’s amendment, but he insisted it be added to the underlying bill.

The change Paul is seeking would create a special inspector general to oversee how the Ukraine military aid is spent.”
I – and 331 mln of others – am the one paying taxes and funding this drunken party.  Show me the bills.
Arbat here speaks for me

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The go-to lever of concerted mind-fuckery has been the term-of-art misinformation, applied especially to things and propositions that are truthful — thereby confounding the public’s ability to discern truth in anything, or to discover how they are being misled in matters of life and death.


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This is a rather disgusting article. I know Ukraine has been in cahoots with B-family. The corruption, inability to use the freedom they had, pettiness and greed are widely known. Personally, my experience of face-to-face interactions with average ukranians after 8 yrs of living there was the reason for emigration. So nobody can suspect me of hot-n-heavy affection for them.

Russian aggression, however, is a totally different topic. No matter how unpleasant a neighboring country might be, it’s still a sovereign country. Look at the map and read Wiki, to understand the proportion: you’ll see who is a the David and who – Goliath in this fight.

I’ll not attempt to argue line by line with l. Johnson and J. Dreizin; but I’ll tell you: if the Right takes this sort of tone, siting with Kremlin rat, I’ll have to reconsider my support.


I now understand why. Those confused idiots believe their own propaganda “trump is hitler->biden a hero”, declaring “we fight for New World Order”,  never mind that in 4 yrs of Trump they had peace and quiet and the opposite – triggered by the current admin. Especially when their benefactor soros sr. issues statements like this.

The reaction is predictable.

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all of the above



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Pat neologism


[search for “Christopher Sign”]

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Grassroot speak

She’d had enough.

Ironically, comments @ youtube are turned off, as the placeholder link claims, by one of possible reasons is “to protect the minors”.

(via aka_human)

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Behind the dem pol facade

This is my district and I met some of the mentioned individuals when they “canvassed door to door” (uninvited) or harassed working bees at the subway station during morning rush, or annoyed voters near school crossing on election day.

An astounding article.

Even more astounding court excerpt (pdf).

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And about that…

Let me repeat myself: Land of Contention

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Товарищ Сталин,

произошла ужасная ошибка!

“She is a former member of the military, voted for President Obama, and believes in the sanctity of the government and the importance of law and order,” her attorney said.

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He’s wearing a t-shirt!

What more proof do you want?!

J. Hoft did yourself (and us) no favors with this crap…shouldn’t post hastily on matters he has no understanding. Or maybe it’s what his audience want: simplistic finger-pointing, no matter how wrong. Who has the time to get themselves acquainted with intricacies of foreign politics and events, for more than 5 min anyway?

“Russians were called by Dems to be behind Tramp? Then they are our friends. Ukranians are Russian enemies? Yay, let’s call them neo-nazi, then! And use Lugandon dats-tzi-bao as proof!  Even better – there is a distinctive Jewish theme – yep, these peeps are wearing the same “Zhidobanderites”  t-shirt. It’s a gang!”



No surprise – the threads are full of expected antisemitic (“jews equal communists”) comments. Well done, JH. I think  I know whom I am NOT supporting anymore.

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In technical terms

The COVID situation was political from start to finish; the Chinese leveraged their contacts and agents within the US government to erase Trump from American politics, and the disease was the tool.

Fauci went against declared US government policy to finance what is termed “gain of function” research at the Wuhan facility. That was either released on purpose, or it got out due to the usual crappy Chinese attention to detail and care. Could also be due to the employees selling infected test animals, or sloppy work resulting in infected employees. Either way, the Chinese and their purchased agents within the US government leveraged the opportunity they created, and here we are.

Looking at it objectively, from the outside? The response was always completely political. The CDC didn’t believe it was a big deal, as evidenced in how they responded with untrained personnel to deal with that Japanese cruise ship situation, didn’t deploy with necessary contamination gear, and then brought back the exposed while refusing to test any asymptomatic people for the disease. They also shut down that doctor in Seattle who was doing mass screenings, which would likely have shown that whatever the hell was going on, we had COVID here in the US long before January 2020.

The whole thing was political from start to finish, and you could tell from the way they handled it. None of the CDC functionaries took this seriously, and there was no real sense of urgency to their actions. We only have a vaccine because Trump pushed through changes to the usual vaccine approval process–Normally, they’d still be in testing. Remains to be seen whether or not this was a good idea, but we’ll see.

My money is on this whole deal being an opportunistic political deal from start to finish. The flu epidemic of 2009 is going to turn out to have killed more people, by the end of this all. I’d lay money on that… And, because it wasn’t highlighted and spun up in the news, nobody will ever know.

Face the facts… The Republic is lost, and has been since the seventies. The bureaucrats and unelected staff run the show, while the congressional scum make money selling off America to its enemies. Biden just reopened the US power grid to Chinese companies again, and gee, won’t that work out wonderfully?

To put it in technical terms, we are fucked.


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Worth sharing

For those who didn’t see it  at Stas: an excerpt:

I will give a quick translation below)


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To whom it concerns:

Open an alternate account on Dreamwidth. And it wouldn’t hurt to start learning Russian: it seems, we are the last American Patriots of anti-commie persuasion here.

Read this, for instance. 

Even w/o knowing the language of the commentary, you’ll appreciate the links: they are in English.


You can find me on Gab and Parler under Besed_ka and Besedka, accordingly.

Tell me how to find you there (I will not publish your comment, if you so wish)


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Ledger Look

I would have uploaded the video, but WP just surprised me with a note that it is no longer possible with free account.  Apparently, I have to upgrade for a paid one to be allowed such luxury.

You’ll have to click on the link first. Apologies.

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…, to look at the times past, and the post with quotes I collected after another election.

The seeds of the disaster we are living thru now were all there, then.

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, that we thought were left behind in the country of inept treacherous intelligentsia have caught up with us here:

Whom to blame? and What is to be done? [Кто виноват? и Что делать?]

The former is obvious. The latter is where all kinds of problems start.

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One thing  for sure:

I should not has accepted the job at the place I am working now.

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Кто б сомневался

Прошла тест



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AH @ twitter, on 11/27:

It is possible, indeed necessary, to be both disgusted and amused.

I’m not advanced enough to achieve the latter. Disgusted is all I am, for the last month.

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Ledger rumbles

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It is with a heavy heart I’m reading this digest from yrs ago. Some authors were prophetic, some near-sighted, and one turned coats, but all understood: ahead lies a difficult road – and the intervening years proved it beyond all doubt – but severely underestimated.

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Anomaly, they say

Have been waiting patiently for our electoral muezzins to count in-person and absentee votes in local election (we all know what happened in the general) – and finally the results are in officially.

My locals – all seats – returned firmly to the R!!!

See 11 congressional district: : Nicole Malliotakis (R) took over from Rose (D) with 57.9% over his 42.1%;

22 State Senate district: Vito Bruno (R) beaten Gounardes (D) with 54% over 46%;

46 State Assembly district: Mark Szuszkiewicz (R) won the seat from Frontus (D) with 54.3% vs. 45.7%

One Brooklyn paper (“Gotham”) called us an “anomaly pocket”…indeed.

The problem I’m mulling over now: should I trust this state of affairs to last longterm or disregard it and contemplate transition to milder climes, anyway. Or, worse yet, am I already too late.

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