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over my house. It hangs in the sky, its white and red lights almost on top of the building’s roof, and is so loud, it dampened the TV even through closed double-paned windows.

Lights sprang on at the neighbors’ backyards, windows cracked open. My phone’s camera failed to capture him properly.

While I was writing, it slowly went away.

I was reminded of our first night in America, almost 26 years ago: there were 3 copters above the street of our first rental apartment, following some police action.

What is going on now?


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Yes, I’m a hater.


I hate unprofessionalism. Hate make-believe, all-for-show, piece-of-crap-lacquered-to-resemble-chocolate-bonbon’ fakery.


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Пост в жуже; автор представился Гошей.
В тексте поста присутствует соседка, обращается к автору “Виталик!”
Под постом – коммент: Серёга, а чего она тебя Виталиком-то кличет?!

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Не я первая отметила

Ну так вот ещё один плагиат имиджа длиной в жизнь.


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“Но вот вчера я узнала что меня где-то страшно обругала Эта-та и почему-то очень этому обрадовалась, хотя вообще-то не люблю когда меня ругают и очень от этого переживаю. Долго не могла понять чего мне так радостно, а потом вспомнила строчки Визбора: слава Богу есть у нас враги, значит есть наверно и друзья.”



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Roman mysteries

Once I got immersed into Romans and their goings-on I note parallel Roman-connected events appear around [serendipity! I got to put it in a sentence]
Right when I studied Dionysian rites painted on the walls of Room #5 in Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, a loud commercial for an upcoming movie came to my TV screen…it’s called, of course, Pompeii.
Yesterday the blog waves were abuzz with some news story of giraffe, which I didn’t bother to investigate, just remembered the subject – and today in the course forums someone mentioned an article published a month ago about ongoing excavation in Pompeii where recently was discovered a drain with remnants of various foods:
“A drain from a central property revealed a richer variety of foods as well as imports from outside Italy, such as shellfish, sea urchin and even delicacies including the butchered leg joint of a giraffe. “That the bone represents the height of exotic food is underscored by the fact that this is thought to be the only giraffe bone ever recorded from an archaeological excavation in Roman Italy”

Now I fully expect to witness procession of legionaries pushing their way into subway train tomorrow morning…

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  • brush teeth while windows opens home page on laptop. sometimes it takes + making the bed
  • while omelet solidifies in the pan, grind coffee and make espresso
  • charge kindle through laptop while checking mail and drinking the first divine cup of day
  • evaluate every seating passenger on the train – will they leave at next station? – and stand in front of most likely prospect to snatch a seat; then close your eyes and make mental checklist for today – while counting stations till transfer.
  • work on two. no, three. no, four projects at a time plus occasional irrelevant vendor phone call. be able immediately recall where your boss put samples she took from your desk a week ago and have ready explanation why her printer doesn’t work .  expect her to ask you in 5 minutes “what is your progress on projects ##1,2 &3?”
  • while lunch is reheating in microwave call your super re: small maintenance matter. while eating lunch, read chapter 4 on kindle, chat with coworkers and detect your boss whispering in next room
  • read 2 more chapters riding the subway back while being aware of: that stinky bum, that girl with gigantic backpack in your face or conductor mumbling announcements through overhead speaker. don’t skip your station!
  • make dinner using all 4 burners
  • watch Castle while ironing Sunday’s laundry, then turn off the tub faucet in the bathroom.
  • look up blogs while writing a homework assignment for Roman Architecture course on Courcera (week 3). discuss chemical composition differences of Roman concrete vs contemporary. flirt with the most intelligent guy on a forum. turn off teapot, it whistles.
  • post to blog while hair dries
  • fall into bed and sleep thinking of nothing in particular

Did I miss anything?

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