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В уездном городе N было так много парикмахерских заведений и бюро похоронных процессий, что, казалось, жители города рождаются лишь затем, чтобы побриться, остричься, освежить голову вежеталем и сразу же умереть.


Витрина бизнеса по декорации банкетов

Общий вид на этот город



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Надпись на доске-меню открытого ресторана:

“What is “flax converter”?!

А может, и не конвертер. На бегу прочла.

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Lunch walk

Strolling around the office in May sunshine

[see the rest here, or @ the lower right margin Flikr window]

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Just saw a rather unusual cat walking thru backyards of three rowhouses. Fat, compact, with squarish head and bushy striped tail. Very relaxed, not like normal urban cats – as if it knows no danger. Ran to take my cell from the charger for a snapshot, but the cat disappeared thru a crooked plank in a white picket fence…Am I still dreaming?


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$37.50 admittance+22-minute roundtrip on MetroNorth [from Grand Central], $3 discount for buying City Ticket: $34.50
One small Arundina with 2 stalks: $28, because they only sell plants in (ugly and useless) terracotta pots, that’s about 40% of the price. Wanted to buy terrific coral-colored Cymbidium, was prepared to shell out $40 for it – but for $85 with the huge heavy terracotta pot? Noway. As my ex used to say: “that’s how Greed breeds Poverty”. Now they are left w/o my $40, but with unmovable merchandise.
One long line for general entrance, for all programs and orchid care classes. One long-winding, slow-moving crowd thru 5 turns within Conservatory – even though at every turn there is an exterior door, that could be opened to get people with purpose (to get on time for 2:30 class!) for a shortcut. 2 lines at gift shop cash register literally moving in opposite directions (chaos!) in over-crowded room, while there are 2 more open and empty in the next one. Not enough cashiers, greeters, info, environmental signage.

Orchids themselves: gorgeous.

Show’s design: big marketing campaign 2 months ahead, lots of self-congratulation (by the Garden). Result: not even close to spectacular scenography and designs of the past shows in the Winter Garden at Financial Center.

[More pictures, as usual, at the lower right margin and on Flickr]

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This is a first: I’ll just give you a link to this year-old post at Curbed, and withhold my own commentary. Feel free to add yours – as the authors said, “we know you have it”.

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What’s not there?

Site of Museum of Natural History ->Permanent Exhibitions-> Human Origins and Cultural Halls:

Aren’t we missing something? Someone.

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