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Tick-tack lunch

I’ll tell you  how to enjoy NY Restaurant Week: choose places with min of (4) $-signs to their name. The price is set (although it grew from $25 to $29 for lunch this year), but a good Chef will be a good Chef even on unaccustomely small allowance – and you’ll get a chance to see the insides of a restaurant that is normally out of your league.

That’s how, years ago, I enjoyed my birthday dinner at Jean-George (yep, at one of Trump NY buildings). And that’s how me and a colleague went to a Clocktower at – you guessed! – Metro Life building with its enormous clock atop the tower, the one that gives Madison Park on 23rd St its Deco energy and charm. Personal anecdote – every architect/designer have similar after few years of working in this city: ~15yrs ago the new owners of the building considered converting the top 20-25 floors of the Tower into hi-end apartments, and gave our office some seed money to develop preliminary space planning. We went to survey, then shared with engineers the original base building drawings. I still remember the floor plans, especially of the 25-27, where the clock takes about a quarter of the floor plate. Naturally, when we were in the middle of design process, the owners changed their mind and sold the place to someone else – too bad. Another project that “might have been”.

But I digress.


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This production uses explosive noises and fire and smoke effects

[ремарка в программке MET]

13 января, пятница. [вы уже насторожились -и не зря]

Офис в даунтаун. Диалог с электриком*: с 9утра до 6 веч., звонком, текстом и email.

-Samuel,  so you’ll be available for work tomorrow? You know how to take down industrial ceiling fans? Can you load the fans and deliver them afterwards to an address on LES? Great. Please note you need to bring your own ladder, the ceiling is 12’h. Please give me your quote.

-ET, I will call you in an hour, because I need to talk to my helper, make sure he’ll be available tomorrow.

-Samuel, I’ve been waiting for 2 hrs. Did your helper confirm?

-ET, Oh yes, he’ll do what I say. I don’t need to ask him. I have to find 8′ ladder. I’ll call back

-Samuel, did you find the ladder

-ET, I don’t have a ladder. My quote is $50/per fan, plus “expenses”. Total of $400

-Samuel, the price seems fair [heavy sigh aside]. I’ll bring a checkbook. Were you able to find a ladder?

-ET, don’t worry, if I said yes, I mean yes.

-Samuel, here’s the address:”…”, please confirm you’ll be there at 11am.

-Samuel? Please confirm appointment

-ET, do they have power on premises? If not, I will bring portable lights on batteries. I borrowed the ladder. My total with transportation is $600 [!]. See you tomorrow at 11am.

7:30-9:30 веч., Метрополитан Опера в Линкольн Центре, Севильский Цирюльник. Райские голоса, смешной коротышка-мексиканец Альмавива, по пояс Розине-южноафриканке в кокетливых рюшах. Петренко в качестве Дона Базилио трубит басом и сшибает шляпой-доской честную компанию. Фигаро возвышается над всеми нескладной шведской каланчой, но подбоченивается и поёт вполне аутентично. Кибитка удалая#15 ведомая смирным милым осликом, раскладывается откидными коробами, полными пилюль, париков и ленточек: чудеса сценографии. Девицы, изображающие подружек Фигаро, милуются на крыше сами, без его участия. К концу действия все распелись, публика разогрета, в зале счастье и даже, кажется, запахло воздухом Mediterranean.

9:35pm. Aнтракт. Русские дамы с недоотбеленными хвостами из партера справа гордо несут в фойе меха и бриллианты. На пустые места слева пересаживается пожилая пара, мы вступаем в любезную болтовню. Сзади увлечённо беседуют два биржевика. Гул, смех, шарканье старичков, беготня девиц по проходам.

Начинается 2 отделение. Восторг в зале, веселье на сцене. Фиоритуры, хлопки выстрелов, крещендо к концу – знаменитая сцена с лестницей**. Конец, поклоны, аплодисменты.

Включаю телефон, выключенный по просьбе капельдинеров. Текст за 9:16pm:

Samuel: ET, I will not work tomorrow. Can’t fit ladder on the roof on my van.

img_0978 img_0977 img_0975


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I was going down from 14 fl; a guy stepped in from the 7th. Hastily buttoning his fur-collar coat, he said Hello, I nodded Hi, howR’ya.

To my surprise, he replied with a list of grievances: his kids, his flu, his headache at work, and most importantly, he is in very low spirits awaiting the upcoming doom on the 20th.

-What’s happening on the 20th?

-Why, that clown of a traitor of a tyrant is coming to the Oval Office!

-Oh, that’s OK, I don’t think it’s going to be such a disaster the press is making it out to be. Don’t lose sleep over that.

[picture his face. ritzy downtown building, every apartment cost $few mil, a stronghold of bleeding heart nomenklatura parasites – and suddenly …a Trump apologist! at his threshold! why, one can’t feel safe anywhere anymore!]

-You think? Obviously, we don’t see eye to eye on that.

Silence fell while  elevator went from 3rd to 2nd. Then he suddenly asked:

You have an accent – is it Russian?

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… stopped following tradition of hurriedly finishing up before 12/31 deadline all that was started before. no, I didn’t mop the floors and didn’t bake, and didn’t wrapped up several projects. but I did end several relationships with people who are very important to my wellbeing. it hurts, but had to be done.

anyway – here’re some pics that appeared to be legible on my phone after yesterday’s party.


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I have broken with tradition to celebrate  the newborn year at home, under Christmas tree, surrounded by bowls of salad Olivier. I am joining Jesse’s party at Gander. Planning to take pictures until defeated by open bar.

Where will you be partying at midnight? I wish you all, rare readers(c), fun evening and a prosperous new year ahead!

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Neige, neige

Покраденая у жж-левконои картинка Хирощиге – для привлечения внимания.

Вон та бедолага в мокроступах по слякоти – это я и есть. Но без зонтика. Взамен –  с 2 обьёмными баулами для сдачи в Salvation Army: L с 2 подушками, R с зимней курткой и крупповской эспрессоваркой. Все предметы в приличном состоянии, просто надоели за много лет отношений.

Ну и наряд у меня был немного другой: после благотворительного долга намеревалась попотеть в gym-е; соответствуще обулась в кроссовки. И как вышла, добрела до 2го перекрёстка, покрытого снежной жижей на фут, так и повернула обратно. Не героиня, нет. Вместо культурного тягания гирь займусь домашней накачкой мускулов: стирка-уборка-готовка, вот это всё. Благотворительный долг отдам через неделю, не прокиснет.

А так-то да, за окошком с утра было красиво. Первый снег. Зимняя сказка.img_0070

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