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Decision to ride up to the library was spontaneous – I never know how stressful my workday will be, and don’t plan any outings for my evenings – so I didn’t’ have a camera.

The pictures are grossly inadequate – they were made in haste, by cellphone, and are not much improved by Picasa editing.

You will be better served by going to library collection’s website and looking at professional photos (and listening to professionals’ guidance), here.

Still, I’ll show you some that I am particularly fond of – even if they are just pale hint to the real ones.



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In poor taste

Today, of all days.

Was very busy at the office, ate my lunch in front of the comp and didn’t go for the usual brisk walk on the bike path. My office is 3 blocks away from 345 Chambers St, where cops finally stopped the bastard.

Today was a gorgeous sunny, chilly day, perfect for a jog or a stroll -just like another Fall 16 yrs ago. That bridge to Stuy HS is in my memory, too. It was popular with photo-journalists, taking shots towards the deadly white cloud, the hole in the sky, with bridge in the foreground. The school entrance is still makes me pause when I walk past. On 9/11 is where my son was, looking up from the lobby at desperate people falling from the skies -and paper, paper, all those tons of flying paper.

Suddenly interrupted by sirens behind the windows – piercingly loud even up on 14Fl – I fell thru time. Here it is, again. Coworkers followed on the channels: 5..no, 6..no – 8 dead. Cab driver. No…road rage? no. School bus. Truck. Suspect caught. Up to 15 injured. Helicopters are wailing above, fire trucks rushing.

On the train home people’s faces are in mismatch with their Halloween costumes: an old man in joker’s hat with flashing lights, a ring in his nose and tears. in his eyes Three pokemons, lanky Chinese-American version, whispering.  A Dr Seuss green hat over sad made-up face, like in Cabaret.

Parade, they say in the ether, will go on tonight. “Or terrorists win”.

Tone-deaf, and frightened. Just like then.

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over my house. It hangs in the sky, its white and red lights almost on top of the building’s roof, and is so loud, it dampened the TV even through closed double-paned windows.

Lights sprang on at the neighbors’ backyards, windows cracked open. My phone’s camera failed to capture him properly.

While I was writing, it slowly went away.

I was reminded of our first night in America, almost 26 years ago: there were 3 copters above the street of our first rental apartment, following some police action.

What is going on now?

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Вот так, на рысях с West на East side, проходя тротуарами тёмными, тихой улицей, тающей мглой …а вот и нет! улицы громыхающие, тьма здесь никогда не бывает полной, а тротуары – гладкими

вдруг узнаёшь свою давнюю радость, дежавю изнутри: по тому же быстрому счастью быть здесь, сейчас, переходя 5ю по 33й, среди смеси прохожих парфюмов и амбрэ от год немытого бомжа на заплёваном бордюре. пробежавши за час с 15го по 1й этаж 200Lex, насмотревшись прекрасных вещей, продуманно одетых людей, напробовавшись просекко и белого с роны, встретив давних приятелей, покормив сыром чью-то собачку – и никаких грёз и тем более нескромных рук –

выплёскиваешься в безвоздушный город и непонятный сезон: и не осень и не лето, не жара, а вневременная духота

двадцать лет откатились назад


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Good morning


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Rooftop cinema,

last in season


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В этот день Ахуан-Скап мог по праву гордиться тем, что на него обращены глаза всего мира. Отношения между солнцем и луной достигли противоречия, называемого обыкновенно “затмением”. Задолго перед тем компетентные люди установили и объявили повсюду, что на этот раз затмение можно отлично наблюдать именно из Ахуан-Скапа, в силу чего затерянный полудикий город, преподнесший астрономам такое редкое лакомство, должен был отпраздновать свою пчелиную свадьбу, погрузясь затем снова в так громко потревоженное забвение. […]


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