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Smiley children


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[from some corner-of-the-eye TV snippet] – that sometime around 1960 Whites comprised 88% of US population. In 1990 the figure was 80%. In 2010 – 72%.

Projected for 2060 – 47%.

The woman who came up with that last figure, delivered her piece with visible delight. I thought: “how do you call a White counterpart to an Uncle Tom?”

And “if I wanted to live in a Third World country, I might have saved myself all that trouble and just stayed in miserable Russia”.

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Just saw a rather unusual cat walking thru backyards of three rowhouses. Fat, compact, with squarish head and bushy striped tail. Very relaxed, not like normal urban cats – as if it knows no danger. Ran to take my cell from the charger for a snapshot, but the cat disappeared thru a crooked plank in a white picket fence…Am I still dreaming?


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where are YOU going?!

Me, I’ll be in Florida, visiting friends for a week [of 4/16]. You?

Кто куда, а я во Флориду.

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O, Canada!

Going to Vancouver for Thanksgiving week. Tips and meetups welcome!

Еду в Ванкувер на праздничную неделю. Советы и пожелания встретиться приветствуются!

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Perfect beach day

The idea was to get to the 7:15 ferry from Bay Ridge to Wall st, and in 7 min to hop on the Seastreak to Sandy Hook – it’d be their first trip of the day, and round trip ticket cost $30 (later ones jump to $46). Naturally, I’ve overslept and then took too long brewing espresso and packing my beach bag. I ran the last blocks to the Pier 6 and still missed the ferry boat by 5 min!

The new ferry service from Bay Ridge to Wall st started in June, I took it once before (pics forthcoming, if you so desire), as a trial ride. The boats are all new, sparkling clean, and very fast, although 5 intermediate stops add to 50 min ride. It takes me 20 min of brisk walk to get to the pier (which is good for my daily 10K steps goal). Despite the over an hour commute I’d gladly take it to/from work if only MTA included the cost into their monthly card.  A ride cost $2.75, just like the subway’s, and it is now additional $2.75.  As I’m already paying ~$120 for the Unlimited metrocard, including buses, it’d be too dear to double the monthly price if I’m to add the ferry.

However, I love being on the water and welcome the option of taking ferry to the beach on summer weekend.

As it happened, my being late for the Seastreak and thus missing the Sandy Hook ride was a blessing in disguise for my wallet. As it turns out, the NYC ferry service now runs all the way to Rockaways! What’s more, the Rockaways’ line stops at Sunset Park pier (which is 1 stop from Bay Ridge, see map at the Ferry’s link above), and the transfer is free!


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