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O, Canada!

Going to Vancouver for Thanksgiving week. Tips and meetups welcome!

Еду в Ванкувер на праздничную неделю. Советы и пожелания встретиться приветствуются!


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Perfect beach day

The idea was to get to the 7:15 ferry from Bay Ridge to Wall st, and in 7 min to hop on the Seastreak to Sandy Hook – it’d be their first trip of the day, and round trip ticket cost $30 (later ones jump to $46). Naturally, I’ve overslept and then took too long brewing espresso and packing my beach bag. I ran the last blocks to the Pier 6 and still missed the ferry boat by 5 min!

The new ferry service from Bay Ridge to Wall st started in June, I took it once before (pics forthcoming, if you so desire), as a trial ride. The boats are all new, sparkling clean, and very fast, although 5 intermediate stops add to 50 min ride. It takes me 20 min of brisk walk to get to the pier (which is good for my daily 10K steps goal). Despite the over an hour commute I’d gladly take it to/from work if only MTA included the cost into their monthly card.  A ride cost $2.75, just like the subway’s, and it is now additional $2.75.  As I’m already paying ~$120 for the Unlimited metrocard, including buses, it’d be too dear to double the monthly price if I’m to add the ferry.

However, I love being on the water and welcome the option of taking ferry to the beach on summer weekend.

As it happened, my being late for the Seastreak and thus missing the Sandy Hook ride was a blessing in disguise for my wallet. As it turns out, the NYC ferry service now runs all the way to Rockaways! What’s more, the Rockaways’ line stops at Sunset Park pier (which is 1 stop from Bay Ridge, see map at the Ferry’s link above), and the transfer is free!


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This is how it looks in credit card bills:

Scary, huh?


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ohny1-054Не поехать ли мне куда в гости, размять кости? Хочется разговоров за чашкой, прогулки по бодрящему морозцу, разделённых мнений, хлеба и зрелищ.

А вам? Мой диван, борщ и уши к вашим услугам!

‘Tis the season to be hospitable – and to visit. I’d like to take a train somewhere mid-continent, meet friends (known on or off line), take comfort in shared opinions, food and long walks.

Even better – to see you here, in my humble abode, to introduce you to my borsch and my festive city. My guest sofa’s at your service!

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Where to…?

The project I’m wrapping up now (planning and supervising renovation, fitout and internal move of ~300 people in a major Broadcast company within their NY headquarters) will be over at the beginning of October.

I’ve been working at my top speed and endurance for about 6 months. I love what I do – but 50hrs workweeks of insane intensity; sleepless nights -you know the kind, when one’s mind is too strained to relax,  kaleidoscope of corporate rat race – took a toll.

I need a vacation.

Something to give me a jolt.To take me out of my comfort zone (spa…beach…lazy reading of mystery novels under canopy of leaves…knitting another sweater I don’t need)

So, what do you think – Peru (machu picchu, colonial architecture of Cusco and Lima, Spring at high altitude) or Vancouver (a ferry from Seattle; Fall in a rainforest, Pacific seaside I’ve never seen)? Maybe even in your company? I have about two weeks and I want to return in time for Election.

Advice and ideas are welcome!

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Away at Rockaway

It was a nice day…but too short for me to properly relax. I need at least 7 of those, uninterrupted…

See more @my Flikr.

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Has anybody been to? Do you have an advice for me? I will have 2-3 free hrs during a day and same after 9pm every day from Sunday to Thursday. What to see, where to go?

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