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Speaking of old soviet strawberry joke*, here’s today’s loot from my local KeyFood:


-Star fruit

-Bunch of rhubarb

-Blood orange

-Nameless cross between lemon and plum.

I say: Hurray for global trade!

Even if the taste is not as good as when they all are in season.






*-When does first strawberry appear in Soviet “gastronom”?

-In June

-When does first strawberry appear in American supermarket?

-At 7am


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В картинке, найденной на просторах, нету важной строчки: муравьи замучили.
2 недели тому, во время первой в этом году духоты, открыла окошко в спальне. Через часок-другой обнаружила муравьиную цепочку – с подоконника под кровать, где она распылилась на составляющие неуловимые боевые единицы.


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Let’s pick up where we left and resume talking about the Star of Ukrainian Cooking, borsch.

It is one of my favorite soups, not because I invented it or have particular attachment to Ukrainian kitchen, but because every time I make it it feels like a tribute to my beloved grandma: she taught me how. After years of practice I can finally say without false modesty that I cook it well -although not as well as her, in my memory. I’m not ashamed of it: she was a champion.


As with any great classic dish you will find endless variations on a theme: “the meat for stock should only be out of a pork shoulder” – “no, a 1/3 of each of beef, pork and ham” – “no, only based on bone with marrow” – “no meet at all!”-, etc etc etc.

It’s all fine and good – within reason. What’s reasonable? What products are likely for Ukrainian countryside. Pork is reasonable, mutton – no. Purely vegetarian is reasonable, as long as vegetables are cabbage, potatoes and beets – and not avocados or yams.

A disclaimer: I’m giving you the recipe as it evolved in my Jewish family; which means: no pork and no “salo” (fatty bacon), and we don’t add vinegar or lemon juice.

Yield: 10 bowls.


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Borcsh: announcement

Before the first heat wave starts and time to eat heavy, concentrated “wintery” foods pass, I bought all the ingredients for BORSCH. Made step-by step photos. Cooked. Even ate it (yes, the whole pot. Not in one go!)

But I can’t find time to write a post. The recipe only seems simple; when I start formulate it, it appears I have to go on tangents to explain details that to some of the readers might not be familiar.

So, Dan: a bit of patience, please. There is still time for your beets to grow, right?

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Нынче ветрено и волны с перехлестом.
Скоро ЛЕТО, все изменится в округе!!!

Нет, правда, ветер ужасный, 23 мили/ч; облака бегут поверху как скажены, деревья скандалят ветками, а я иду в Salvation Army, сдавать сумищу с барахлом вычищеным из шкафов. Весна, свежо, и накатывает минутами Катеринино чувство: так и обхватила бы себя под коленками и взлетела б.

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I thought I fell into a parallel Universe: drums, bagpipes and shouts behind my window, coming from a block away. Went out to do my weekly shopping: empty avenue patrolled by NY Finest, gawkers strolling along with their doggies, all dressed in green. What the…we’ve just been thru that!

Irish parade all over again. How many St. Patricks are there?

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