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[from some corner-of-the-eye TV snippet] – that sometime around 1960 Whites comprised 88% of US population. In 1990 the figure was 80%. In 2010 – 72%.

Projected for 2060 – 47%.

The woman who came up with that last figure, delivered her piece with visible delight. I thought: “how do you call a White counterpart to an Uncle Tom?”

And “if I wanted to live in a Third World country, I might have saved myself all that trouble and just stayed in miserable Russia”.


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Quote from Wiki:

Occidental’s coal interests were represented for many years by attorney and former U.S. Senator Albert Arnold Gore, Sr., among others. Gore, who had a longtime close friendship with Hammer, became the head of the subsidiary Island Creek Coal Company, upon his election loss in the Senate. Much of Occidental’s coal and phosphate production was in Tennessee, the state Gore represented in the Senate, and Gore owned shares in the company. Former Vice President Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. received much criticism from environmentalists, when the shares passed to the estate after the death of Albert Gore, Sr., and Albert Gore, Jr. was a son and the executor of the estate.[41][42] Albert Gore Jr. did not exercise control over the shares, which were eventually sold when the estate closed.[43][44]

Hammer was very fond of Albert Gore, Jr., and in 1984 under Hammer’s guidance Gore, Jr. sought Tennessee’s senate office previously held by Howard Baker. Hammer supposedly promised Gore, Sr. that he could make his son the president of the United States. It was under Hammer’s encouragement and support that Gore Jr. sought the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 1988.


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Со стороны кажется – ну не могут же они не понимать, как выглядят? Что их претензии читаются людьми извне как «да, мы охуели, и что?». Но не понимают. Живут в какой-то своей замкнутой логической системе, где им – положено, где другие расценки, где норма – брать не давая, да ещё считают себя выше, моральнее, порядочнее тех у кого они воруют.

Такое не только в политике. Вернее, в том и тоска, что политика – частный случай, крохотное подмножество огромного множества аморальности. И две эти ментальности – как разделённые стеклянной стеной: всё вроде видно, но непонятно – как человек позволяет себе такое?


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How damaging can it be for the African-American minority, that the black urban culture is everything that the most virulent 19th century racists accused Negroes of being: hyper-violent, sex-obsessed, ignorant, brutal, and incapable of being civilized. And here the same elements of violence, sex-obsession, willful ignorance, and brute force, are all glorified in contemporary black urban culture, in the name of ‘keeping it real.’ The KKK, or what is left of them, hardly have to bother with burning crosses or organizing lynch mobs any more, not when the urban black population has taken over donning their own chains.

Sgt Mom

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инь с янь, и вместе им не бывать.


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In poor taste

Today, of all days.

Was very busy at the office, ate my lunch in front of the comp and didn’t go for the usual brisk walk on the bike path. My office is 3 blocks away from 345 Chambers St, where cops finally stopped the bastard.

Today was a gorgeous sunny, chilly day, perfect for a jog or a stroll -just like another Fall 16 yrs ago. That bridge to Stuy HS is in my memory, too. It was popular with photo-journalists, taking shots towards the deadly white cloud, the hole in the sky, with bridge in the foreground. The school entrance is still makes me pause when I walk past. On 9/11 is where my son was, looking up from the lobby at desperate people falling from the skies -and paper, paper, all those tons of flying paper.

Suddenly interrupted by sirens behind the windows – piercingly loud even up on 14Fl – I fell thru time. Here it is, again. Coworkers followed on the channels: 5..no, 6..no – 8 dead. Cab driver. No…road rage? no. School bus. Truck. Suspect caught. Up to 15 injured. Helicopters are wailing above, fire trucks rushing.

On the train home people’s faces are in mismatch with their Halloween costumes: an old man in joker’s hat with flashing lights, a ring in his nose and tears. in his eyes Three pokemons, lanky Chinese-American version, whispering.  A Dr Seuss green hat over sad made-up face, like in Cabaret.

Parade, they say in the ether, will go on tonight. “Or terrorists win”.

Tone-deaf, and frightened. Just like then.

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(part 1)

Дискуссия о том, какой нехороший этот закон о бизнес-владельцах /женщинах и/или из меньшинств (вот уж коряво так коряво по-русски-то!). Нет, вы не так поняли: нехорош, потому что есть разница между законом штата и соотв-но, города НЙ.

Потомушта – внимание – штат постановил, что поблажки женскому бизнесу идут только до определённой цифры дохода в год (revenue), а когда уже заработала много – иди на общих основаниях. “Но ведь я не перестала быть женщиной! Мне должно быть предпочтение невзирая на доход!”

А также: “Вы подумайте, они египтян! египтян! не считают minority. Как это так! Какая нелепость, несправедливость, непоследовательность!” И это еврейка говорит.

Не, рехнусь я тут с ними, точно.

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