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Sergio Berni, Argentine “security secretary”, should read few choice detective stories on the classic problem of “a corpse in the room that appears to be locked from inside“.

Updated with visual aid:

Vince Foster? Alberto Nisman? The guy is a joke!

I wonder who will have the last laugh.

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Me vs Islamists

Following in footsteps of my friend A.A. Bashmachkin, I will recall two old blogposts from Fall of 2006,  record of my personal collision with islamic propagandists. That occasion taught me a lot, not just all kinds of observaitons about the enemy – but who my friends are, by what reasons, and what to expect from our valorous police, judiciary and members of the military.

Original postings were written for my old blog on LJ platform; when in 2008 I imported archived materials here, WP didn’t forward the comments section; I’ll give the links to the original so you can see the reactions in the threads.

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lefty liberal statists [некоторые – в овечьей шкуре] сокрушаются об упущенных налоговых возможностях, катят на рейгана и нынешних республиканцев и пытаются отбелить (ха) “обаму” из “obamacare”.

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Just watched the press-conference of the police commissioner. In response to a question by reporter in the audience the mayor said: this is not the time to talk about politics, now we have to think about the families of the officers killed.

I bet it’s not, for him! And it’ll never be, the shameless cowardly pinko. Why didn’t he think about the families of police officers when he provoked the targeting of the cops, with his blaming the police in Garner case? The blood of these two cops is on his hands and the hands of other agitators encouraging the dissolution of the law and order – of those so called “activists”, like Sharpton and such – who never get in the harm’s way themselves but inflame the riotous criminal crowds.

I was afraid something like this will happen when I talked about liberals sawing the branch they are sitting on.

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Correct and concise:

There once was a thug named Brown,
Who bum-rushed a cop with a frown,
Six bullets later,
He met his creator,
Then his homies burnt down the town.

Author is threatened with rape and murder by “righteous” Social Justice Warriors. I wish them to get themselves what they are wishing on her – that would be real justice.

[via Jordan]

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State marionettes

The police and the national guard aren’t there to protect the townspeople. They’re there to protect the rioters from people who would defend their property with lethal force.

Today’s quote of the day is from Henry Dampier, found via Isegoria:

America has ceded what used to be the prerogative of militia to professional standing armies and police forces. The result is that public defense gets left to parties who have a limited direct stake in the town itself. The soldiers don’t care because they are not from the town, are not culturally linked to the town, and could arguably care less about whether everyone there lived or died. This is the same for the democratically elected civilian governors who are in and out of office in a matter of years rather than lifetimes.[…]

Republican government is a joke-concept if there is no militia made up of citizens, if the rights of citizenry aren’t directly connected with the people who actually need to enforce the law directly. To the extent that citizens cede law enforcement to standing armies, they cede their governing ability. To say that citizens ‘govern’ and are ‘sovereign’ when outside parties actually implement governance without any authority higher than they are is to say something false, or at the very least to water down the word ‘citizen’ to the point to which it is meaningless.

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