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Of all the “news” sources describing train incident in France, only American Jacksonville TV station’ headline said:2 U.S. service members, civilian stop attacker on train in Europe.

The rest call all three brave Americans – “soldiers”, including our own CNN.

They clearly don’t understand the concept of National Guard, personal responsibility and, wider, citizen’s duty. Europeans used to delegate defense (personal and public) to State, so they automatically call defenders – government employees.

That’s the difference between countries surrendered to statism – and US, with our lingering mentality of freedom, inherent libertarianism of our people.


Courage of free people is contagious:

Norman said that when he first saw the gunman, his initial instinct was to duck down in his seat, NBC Los Angeles reported. But then he heard Skarlatos telling the other men to “get him.” Stone jumped up and ran forward, tackling the gunman. Skarlatos and Sadler followed. Norman quickly joined them, helping wrestle the gunman to the ground and get him under control so he couldn’t hurt anyone else.

Ah, CNN. Speaking from their posterior.  As usual.

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Всё так.

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Comrade Don Camillo, although still first published as a series of magazine stories, is the one book which reads like a continuous novel. It is the amusing, if unlikely, story of how Peppone,who has become a senator (!), wins the national soccer sweepstakes, and leads a party of ten, including Don Camillo disguised as Comrade Camillo Tarocci, on a visit to Russia, during which Camillo gets elected as leader of a new party cell and causes the maximum upheaval for everyone. As he had told Peppone before they set out, “As far as I’m concerned, I’m hoping it (Russia) isn’t as bad as our papers paint it.”
“Very fine feelings!” exclaimed Peppone sarcastically. “How objective and disinterested you are!”
“I’m not disinterested at all,” Don Camillo retorted. “It’s to my interest that the Russians should be happy. That way they’ll stay quietly at home and not go bothering other people.”
In fact, of course, it is Camillo who is soon bothering them. As he tells Peppone, who has just bought a mismatching but expensive pair of Russian socks: ” Beauties! We couldn’t make anything half so good. The idea of having one longer than another is particularly clever. No man’s feet are exactly the same.”
It all ends with Camillo’s bishop being so impressed by what he has achieved that he tells him, “I’ll simply have to raise you to the rank of monsignore.” Not that it ever happens.

Biographical outline describing life and writings of Giovannino Guareschi, author of series of satirical stories about priest Don Camillo in 50’s and 60’s of last century’ Italy.

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I took the pictures below on Rector Street subway station platform. This outrageous poster lasted a week before enraged citizens started to tear it apart (me included). I wonder how MTA justifies giving permission to plaster it on publicly-funded walls in the first place. In my 22 yrs of riding subways I don’t recall any other political poster being given space normally sold to commercial advertisers. I don’t remember American election campaign posters – in 5 election cycles i lived in this city, nor any foreign political organization. This is the first time MTA chose to engage in politics. And look whom they are given their preference. (more…)

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Sergio Berni, Argentine “security secretary”, should read few choice detective stories on the classic problem of “a corpse in the room that appears to be locked from inside“.

Updated with visual aid:

Vince Foster? Alberto Nisman? The guy is a joke!

I wonder who will have the last laugh.

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Me vs Islamists

Following in footsteps of my friend A.A. Bashmachkin, I will recall two old blogposts from Fall of 2006,  record of my personal collision with islamic propagandists. That occasion taught me a lot, not just all kinds of observaitons about the enemy – but who my friends are, by what reasons, and what to expect from our valorous police, judiciary and members of the military.

Original postings were written for my old blog on LJ platform; when in 2008 I imported archived materials here, WP didn’t forward the comments section; I’ll give the links to the original so you can see the reactions in the threads.

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