Точно такие бровя были сегодня на моей иснтрукторше в gyme-e. Как я на ногах устояла?

Ну или вот, из сегодняшнего эфира фотка. Британские певичка, говорят:

Ну чисто королева!


А нафига?

Представила себя в качестве адресата вопросиков.

Сразу возникли встречные (ну да, я из тех, кто вопросом на вопрос):

*Who cares?

*Should I know that?

*Is that in my job description?


Интересная тема и отличная ветка в треде: горлопан из публики потребитель продукта и богатей из фарма-фирмы производитель его же.

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Best comment evah

не понимаю, зачем люди вызывают дизайнеров – у любого дурака вроде меня мозги работают лучше, чем у любого дизайнера

Jane’s Law

The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane.

[Megan McArdle, 2003 – at biblical times of Asymmetrical Information, when Megan was on the Right]

Happened by chance to this quote, the post and thread – and nostalgia washed over. Not for being young [relatively] and smart [that, too] – but sharing in their company. Ah, the wit, the civility (compared to contemporary discourse), the intellectual sparkle – how I miss them. Another thought: that nobody learns the lesson. Read the post @the link and you’ll know it.

Interesting, how many 20 to 30-somethings now, hearing the name Megan McArdle, will confuse her with despicable Meghan Markle?


Megan is still churning out aphorisms – regrettably, now on Twitter:

My working theory of bitcoin arguments: there’s a small cadre of experts with sophisticated theories about what bitcoin’s good for, surrounded by lots of speculators, anarchists, & goldbugs. The conversation is driven by the experts. But the price of bitcoin is driven by the rest

A.B. spins in his grave

I used to love Breitbart News – when Andrew was alive and well, and the agency was the young turk to the aging Fox monopoly.

I was present at the “wake” gathering in Manhattan bar, when he suddenly died – Pamela Geller gave the best speech in Andrew’s memory. Karol was there, and other right-wing Jews.

Breitbart have been my news source of choice for years – and I welcomed the news of S. Bannon invitation to the White House. How miopic of me.

Now, I clicked on their site this morning and read one of their mainstream articles: S. Rogen backs off of SXM interviews [turns out not because he was “triggered” by S. Bannon, as the headline says – after learning Bannon will become the host of program on the radio. It’s not the same!]

No, the article, written by one Daniel Nassbaum,  doesn’t mention Rogen’s Jewishness or his parents politics. But the commenters unmask the enemy. O, they do.

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On the other hand – you gotta forgive me, my brain doing its best, under the circs – which is: I am sick. Banal cold, first in season, and at the worst possible time (naturally).

Last week I returned home after trip to Vancouver. 6hrs on the plane (Manila-Vanc.-NY)->1/2hr Customs->1/2hr baggage->1/2hr Airtrain->1/2hr wait-1/2hr LIRR train->1/2hr subway. You know, conveniences of modern travel. Got home close to midnight, dropped bags and fell into bed. Woke up feeling funny; by Sunday morning had obstructed throat, blown sinuses and teary eyes.

And it lasted whole week. Right when I got back to 59 emails just from one client, +some from another, no crisis thanksgod, just normal end-of-year madness. And here I am: heavy lead behind my eyebrows, not a single constructive thought, just working down a box of Kleenex.

Astonished that with all this stupidity on display I actually got a year bonus in my paycheck! Although have no energy to spend it: today have been eating and sleeping non-stop. No gym: feel beaten up as if I already went, as it is. So – sorry for lack of interest here lately. I’m now going for second box of tissues, and a load of Swedish crime books…