This is how it looks in credit card bills:

Scary, huh?

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продолжается: листаю ленту друзей вместо полезной [мне и общественности надо надеяться] деятельности.

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Вам, auto-lovers

Временно отставив в сторонку кучу-малу фоток и [very probably, if I’ll win over my laziness,] текст к ним, помещаю интересную ссылку на обсуждение советской Лады – и почему ей светит (или нет) будущее на нашем рынке. Именно сейчас и именно в Америке. Thoughts, comments?


, называется. С АйПедика в АйТучку сгружается 877 картинок.

Не пугайтесь, вырежу половину за повторы, потом четверть –  за отсутствие эстетической ценности, останется процентов 40 на корректировку в Пикасе, потом порубаю на альбомы… всё равно жуть! Но ведь не удержишься, такая красота…


I am back.

Home! My own bed! My own chestnut blossoms in the window!

I really do need a vacation. Exhausted, slept all Saturday – and the week wasn’t anything special, just a regular step-forward-two-steps-back annoyance. So I have to tick off  all chores on the list in one instead of two days.

Weather in Hungary and Slovenia is unseasonably cold, I now have to be very selective and pack carefully. My layover in Helsinki is only 40 min, so I am not taking a big case, only carry-on.

My itinerary is complicated: starting by 5 days in Budapest (Pest side), then on the 29th taking an overnight train to Ljubljana (transfer in  Saltzburg), then at 6:30am taking a ride-share van by company called GoOpti to the Adriatic coast, to resort town Portoroz, where I booked 4 nights at spa hotel. Between salt scrub massages and sea mud body wraps I hope to take a ferry across the waves to Venice – no ticket yet. Then on the 4th at 4am – GoOpti van will pick me up and return to Ljubljana train station, this time for a day-long ride back to Budapest, this time to Buda side, where all the famous baths are spread around the Castle and couple of museums. Morning of May 6th should find me at the hotel’s lobby waiting for a shuttle ride to airport, then British Airlines will fly me home.

Frankly, I feel a bit uneasy re: whole enterprise. Logistics have been difficult, and the chain can break at any link, ruining the whole sequence. Doesn’t make for relaxing mood. But…too late to cancel, and all I can do is to wait and see if my nervousness justified or, hopefully, not.

I’ll say good bye now  – and you tell me what do you want me to bring from my travels.


Faulty timing

hc591sc3b6k-vc3a9tc3b3ja-drc3b3n-fekvc591Shit. What the hell am I getting myself into?

Going on vacation to Budapest exactly when Soros-funded hords of Hungarian “Occupy” parasites are defacing the imperial avenues. Note the absence of anything concrete among the ritualistic chanting of “freedom” and “change” – except demand for “minimum wage for public workers” (government employees, I guess) and idea of fracturing the Parliament by eliminating party alliances: by filling it with parties per amount of votes they received.  So, 100 parties of 1-3-6 votes? Great! The louder the bazaar, the better for these useful idiots.