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You can give up smug superiority or cigarettes, but not both

He couldn’t give up superiority no matter how much he’d tried…it’s inherent. What’s infuriating – it is earned. Totally.

*Buttercup haven’t written a post for 1.5months. Is everything ‘lright? me worries.

* Dear A.A.B. calls them a calf’s liver. Fair enough…I prefer that liver chopped.

*Chaz G.Hill muses about IQ distribution and its influence on socializing – among other things.

*Karol, formerly a silent deserter to Twitter, has been posting series of articles in online MSM. Another change of career?

*Dan: I remember my promise. Need to buy a good chunk of beef with “sugar” bone for stock; until then…

* Jeffro, dear friend, the thought of you is still in the back of my mind. I remember you often. In a few days it will be a year since you died. RIP.

OK, I can’t read anymore. Time to get my hands busy, not my head.

Boss: continued

Вот уж никак не думала, что этой давней истории будет продолжение!
Не то чтобы я сознательно избегала мест, где могу встретить Бывш. Босса (далее – ББ), но всё же в НЙ ~ 8.5 млн жителей…шансов маловато.

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On the way to work

I want to share with you few pics I took while returning to office from jobsite. I was documenting punch list items for a project, that’s how I managed not to forget home my camera. Note the signs…and have fun.

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I took the pictures below on Rector Street subway station platform. This outrageous poster lasted a week before enraged citizens started to tear it apart (me included).

I wonder how MTA justifies giving permission to plaster it on publicly-funded walls in the first place. In my 22 yrs of riding subways I don’t recall any other political poster being given space normally sold to commercial advertisers. I don’t remember American election campaign posters – in 5 election cycles i lived in this city, nor any foreign political organization. This is the first time MTA chose to engage in politics. And look whom they are given their preference.

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…from Travelgate to Emailgate


Battery madness continues!

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