Сколько людей – а мнения похожи.

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Architect of disaster

The is what the profession had come to. Wet dream of all architectural bosses all around the country. Career pinnacle for social-engineers-thru-architecture: candidate to Mayor of NYC. Although, looking at the other 34…

Shaun Donovan

Photo: Bebeto Matthews/AP/Shutterstock

Age: 54
Latest job: Senior strategist to the president of Harvard University
Résumé high points: Donovan was secretary of Housing and Urban Development and director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Obama and was the administration’s point man for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. In New York, he was commissioner of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration.
Pet issues: Donovan has already put climate change at the core of his bid for mayor, issuing a lengthy policy plan that seeks to double down on the city’s environmental policies. As the city’s biggest contributors of greenhouse-gas emissions, new construction and how buildings are operated would see a spate of environmentally friendly changes under that plan.
Design cred: He did a stint as an architect in Italy and has an M.A. in architecture from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard.

And this potz “spent time in Italy as an architect!”  All the talk re: noble influence of art…

From anonymous source

When you are living in a totalitarian state, and make no mistake, we are living in a totalitarian state, you have three choices; Submit, nullify by refusing to participate or kill them. There is no grey area and you dont get to refuse to play.


Most people seem to have decided that better red than dead.
Most Jews remained in Germany, Poland, etc, in the 1930s and 40s and decided that better gassed than fight them.
The normalcy bias is a great comforter, isn’t it?
What’s the worst that can happen?

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Worth sharing

For those who didn’t see it  at Stas: an excerpt:

I will give a quick translation below)

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Сводки с полей

As of this morning:

Parler is dead.
Mozilla declared war on conservatives. FBI arrest congressmen for doing their job. Free Americans exercising their right of association/protest/petitioning of government are put on no-fly list and denied freedom of movement. Dems – in total, as a party – declare they will treat republicans as domestic terrorists. Pelosi is prepping to released articles of impeachment against lawful president on false, fabricated charges – out of fear he will declassify information exposing dems’ treason.


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Read the whole thing

At Mencius:

Isn’t it amazing, by the way, that the great temple of our democracy which that foul mob of lawless and irresponsible hooligans defiled—dumping someone else’s tea into the harbor is not who we are—is… about as democratic as the Supreme Soviet?

Specifically: it has the incumbency rate of the late Bourbons, a seniority system that would get Chernenko hard, and the popularity of Idi Amin Dada. And standing behind it is the whole legislative branch, miscalled the “executive branch,” with its permanent civil service—as permanent as anything in the USSR.

I grew up in the Cold War. I took it seriously, especially the nuclear holocaust thing. But in the end, did East and West turn out to be all that different?

To whom it concerns:

Open an alternate account on Dreamwidth. And it wouldn’t hurt to start learning Russian: it seems, we are the last American Patriots of anti-commie persuasion here.

Read this, for instance. 

Even w/o knowing the language of the commentary, you’ll appreciate the links: they are in English.


You can find me on Gab and Parler under Besed_ka and Besedka, accordingly.

Tell me how to find you there (I will not publish your comment, if you so wish)


(перепост коммента в вязальной избушке)

Личные отношения с клубками и спицами...

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The joke for the initiated

A state religion that maintains that the people are sovereign, that government officials serve by their leave as agents of their will, and can be removed when they fail to do so, by violence if necessary, is apt to be taken seriously by benighted souls who aren’t in on the joke.

A. Haspel, twittering

Ledger Look

I would have uploaded the video, but WP just surprised me with a note that it is no longer possible with free account.  Apparently, I have to upgrade for a paid one to be allowed such luxury.

You’ll have to click on the link first. Apologies.


…, to look at the times past, and the post with quotes I collected after another election.

The seeds of the disaster we are living thru now were all there, then.

Age-old questions

, that we thought were left behind in the country of inept treacherous intelligentsia have caught up with us here:

Whom to blame? and What is to be done? [Кто виноват? и Что делать?]

The former is obvious. The latter is where all kinds of problems start.


One thing  for sure:

I should not has accepted the job at the place I am working now.

Уха из горбушьей головы: отцеженная, заправлена укропом, зелёным лучком и картошкой. Горбуша из бульона смешана с пореем, варёным яйцом, творогом и каперсами, и отправлена начинкой в пирожки.


Потом ещё утку покажу..если силы останутся

Last post of 2020

Go away. Hit the road, Jack. Скатертью дорожка.

That’s what I want to say to the rapidly-diminishing 2020.

I have seen enough inertia, ostrich-like indifference, inept mumbling, downright treason and duplicity from people I considered friends and political allies to last me another 5yrs – and very little, but by rarity even more shining examples of support, open-heart generosity,  kindness. I will always remember your help – Adam, Cat, Stuart, Jessie, Tony (actually, three Tonies), “Fiona”, Lucie and Julien. Thank you. You made that awful year a bit more bearable.

Here’s to a new and improved 2021! Don’t want to place too much hope in things getting better – in fact, I’ve seen commenters wonder: were people at New Year Eve of 1914 believed, aloud, in a better 1915? They might be right. Still, the future is uncertain, and there is still a small probability of a better tomorrow.

Happy New Year, everyone!


С дрожжевым тестом мне в жизни не везёт. Вернее, не везло.

Смотреть, как делала бабушка или мама – смотрела, прилежно за ними записывала, сама как не возьмусь – вечно не выходило. А вчера вдруг решилась – и даже отсутствие традиционной начинки меня не остановило – и сделала! И как здорово вышло! Спасибо милой-дорогой Люсе за поддержку и ЦУ. Вкусно, как у бабушки!

Начинка в пирогах:

№1: творог, взбитый белок 1 яйца, баночка итальянского грибного мусса с белым трюфелем

№2: пол-пачки замороженого овощного ассорти (перцы и pearl onions), четверть фунта тёртого швейцарского сыра, моццарелла, пюре из одной картофелины для загустения

Приходите спасать, мне одной это ни вжисть не съесть!

December orchid


december orchid

Кто б сомневался

Прошла тест


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Safe and secure

Found in pop-up ad:


Gunther series: chronology

  1. Metropolis, set in 1928.
  2. If The Dead Rise Not, set in 1934.
  3. March Violets, set in 1936.
  4. The Pale Criminal, set in 1938.
  5. Prussian Blue, set in 1939.
  6. Prague Fatale, set in 1941.
  7. The Lady From Zagreb, set in 1942-3.
  8. A Man Without Breath, set in 1943.
  9. A German Requiem, set in 1947–48.
  10. The One From the Other, set in 1949.
  11. A Quiet Flame, set in 1950.
  12. Field Gray, set in 1954.
  13. The Other Side of Silence, set in 1956.
  14. Greeks Bearing Gifts, set in 1957.

Catching up with one of my drafts, i thought to post a proper chronology of Bernie Gunther’ books by Philip Kerr. They appeared in different order within the series, but it makes much more sense to read them following the inherent chronology – especially if you, like me, are unable to find and start the next book at your leisure immediately after finishing the previous one, and there might be a time gap in between.

Let me know if it helps!

Sparkle, sparkle

From the walk on Friday night: my irrepressible neighbors and their shining hope for a new year


С вечера, после того как изменила в линкдине место работы, пачками получаю поздравления. Проснулись даже люди, с которыми я не общалась годами, и отметился некий Алан,  совсем его не помню – кто таков?

Поздравила близкая подруга, и в постскриптуме – “а мы тут все выпали в ковид, с прошлой среды. дочка легче всех, а мне и мужу плохо. но ты не волнуйся, мы пьём витамины!” Господи, неужели в Бронксе не найдётся лУчшего лекарства, чем витамины? это всё, чем до сих пор лечат?

Mess: Updated!

Just discovered that RSS buttons are not working. When pressed, they do not link to a feed but ask what program to open them with, and when a browser is selected (FF or Chrome, no matter) – display a gibberish of code instead.

Ever since WP transitioned to a new template (read: no template at all, just a mishmash of “blocks”) , various problems have multiplied. (Can’t see my tags, can’t adjust images inserted into a text, can’t make them thumbnails, &&&)

I’ve no idea how to fix it…asked at the forums, so far no solution offered.


Helpdesk replied with the following:

Readers wishing to subscribe need to copy the address of the feed to the RSS reader of their choice (e.g. https://creakypavillion.wordpress.com/feed/). If they have an RSS reader installed on their computer clicking on that link will add your site’s feed to their reading app.
Just to clarify too, WP users who have an RSS feed reader installed could see an option to subscribe there if they clicked your RSS link.

For those who don’t have that, there are other subscription options available:

Let me know if you still have a problem!


AH @ twitter, on 11/27:

It is possible, indeed necessary, to be both disgusted and amused.

I’m not advanced enough to achieve the latter. Disgusted is all I am, for the last month.

Вязаная штучка

Между первой и второй перерывчик…достаточный. Потому что крутила-вертела, передумывала и перевязывала в процессе.

Этому свитеру в оригинале было ровно 30 лет (ужОс!). Ворот с рукавами поизносились, длина и общий объём с годами стал неадекватен (увы!). Но шерсть прекрасная, состав я уже конечно точно не помню, думаю – меринос с альпакой и мохеровой ниткой, потому что пушится.

Ну, распустила всё до круглой кокетки. Её я хотела сохранить – сидит хорошо; колоски вывязаны так, что я сейчас вряд ли повторю. После стирки-перемотки- выброса испорченых отрезков поняла, что для плотности вязать надо в 2 нити и комбинировать с другим цветом, исходной шерсти не хватит. Continue Reading »

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