Note on pain and suffering

High-compression hose is an instrument of torture.

Melange du jour

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They write from Haifa

[Arsonists] were cruising the city and throwing explosive packages from the car windows – at people, gas stations, neighborhood electrical transformer stations and natural gas lines...”

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They write from Miami

[from Babalu blog’s Carlos Eire]

Alas, there is often little or no justice in this world. Stalin and Mao never came anywhere near paying for crimes of such magnitude that they cannot really be fathomed except as statistics. But then, even if those monsters had been called to account, how could they possibly have paid? What punishment, what suffering, no matter how horrible, could they have been put through that would have made up for the suffering and destruction of millions? Castro’s victims are numerically less, since he had far fewer subjects in his domain, but proportionately their amount is as great or greater. And yet, to the appalled and bitter astonishment of the Cuban people, most of the world blithely condoned and effectively enabled Castro’s deeds, not just at the romantic and delirious beginning but all along, down to the present day.[..]

So Fidel is dead, but only because of a biological imperative–there is no victory in it. He lasted plenty and caused incalculable harm, much more than will ever be fully known or documented, let alone duly acknowledged (especially by those directly or indirectly complicit in it). He got his way, after all. Many of his victims or their descendants may feast and toast over his demise, which no one is entitled to begrudge them, but I do not feel like celebrating. It is much too little, far too late. The awful damage is done, and much of it cannot be undone. However, while the tyrant cheated human justice, he cannot escape God’s. May Cuba manage, in time, to exorcise the evil personified, fostered and propagated by this abominable man, surely the worst and most destructive one in Cuba’s history.



Хочу в Израиль, на месяц в Париж, что-нибудь красивое, чтобы маникюр и педикюр появлялись сами собой, пройти уже этот экзамен и стать успешным иллюстратором, бросить работу, чаю и кекс. про собаку даже не пишу.


Giving thanks

While whole country is hurriedly basting turkeys in preparation for a family feast one department of Federal Government occupies themselves with bearing gifts to struggling population – rain or shine, holiday or not, they are serving as messengers of giving back to community.

10min ago I received a call from 206 area code. The woman, calling herself Flora, had a soft-consonant accent, possibly Romanian – but I’m not entirely sure – and announced that she calls on behalf of Federal Grants Department.

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…searching my own comments in blogosphere, as a reminder to myself [“oh, where did I said something like this before?!”], I found this amusing exchange.

A biscuit to first reader who’ll spot the name of [unimaginable-then] our President Elect.