From Japan came email, titled: Big News”. In it was a picture, featuring sign “this way to Mt.Fuji”, huge rock shining from spread fingers, smiley faces of two puppies, as well as 300 smiley face-emoticons.

Now I find myself researching such puzzling affairs as “rehearsal dinner”. Anyone has any pointers?


Today’s newsletter’ installment brought a welcome surprise: Epiphany hotel in Palo Alto.

I gotta say: it is rather pleasant, to see drawings and pictures living in one’s mind – being implemented into reality. Of course, I also see “value engineering” at work: several rather nice features that we conceived few yrs ago got vanished (angled wood accent wall at Reception, f.ex, the tray-over-settee in the guestrooms, or the spiral stair treatment – that I spent so much time over!) On the other hand, other items got developed into a nicer, cleaner statements – like forged steel screen at the restaurant’ entrance, and a cute “round bar section”/button in seating group upholstery.

You can find more pictures here. I do, of course, have my own drawings in portfolio – which I show only to potential employers and clients, and only for the purpose of illustrating my skills.

But, oh, how these pics brought in the memories of that difficult year!

…комментарии не появляются даже в Спаме. Кстати, сама папка Спам отчего-то пустая уже 2й день. Проверила settings, всё в порядке, ничего не слетело. Чёртишто.


Nope, Spam опять заполняется, и опять все комменты мне гугля туда складывает. А ведь я скока раз уже ему сказала: неа, посылай в inbox

Long Beach

Все ходят-бродят-бегают-рассекают на разнообразных устройствах по деревянному бордвоку. Туда-сюда, полный круг, половину, но главное – серьёзно, шутки неуместны. Это такая работа, что у населения, что у приезжих; ну и я тоже поучаствовала, да раза по 3 в день.

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I’m back

…and more lightheaded as before.

Wasn’t  quite like that yesterday on the boardwalk at Long Beach…maybe I should have stayed there forever.

In their hearts…

Tomorrow is the day I am supposed to take the train to my LI mini-vacation. Hotel is booked, train schedule consulted, gym with classes and a day spa found in the vicinity.


I woke up at 7 with a strange feeling – which I had last when pregnant with my 29yo son – that I can’t judge distance to obstacles. Got up and fell on to bed again. Disorientation, loss of balance. Went to bathroom, took a shower – and in a process felt so nauseous, had to step out, dripping and shaking.

Stayed home and search the net for my symptoms (brain still works…or does it? Uncertain)

WebMed says it might be problem with inner ear, result of infection, and it starts suddenly with no warning signs or pain. No prognosis until I see a doctor. Can’t see a doctor, I’m afraid to leave my apartment: walk like an extremely drunk loonie. Doctors (at least, doctors employed by my insurance) do not make house calls. My son is in Japan. I am sitting very straight at my desk and avoid sudden movements.

Want to make gods laugh, tell them of your plans…






Перевод терпеливо-фаталистичного украинского “ну, то таке” как Well, there is that.

Как думаете, adequate? или упустила нюанс?