Bargain hunt

For some time I’ve been made fun of for refusing to part with  my decidedly-not “smart” LG Remarq and for sticking to no-data phone plan. “You are overpaying for regular service, when data plans fell in price and now are in the same range as regular!” OK, I succumbed to inevitability of switching; it’s Sunday and I devoted whole morning to reconnaissance of options.

First, to Verizon: I am already a customer (Fios), so maybe they’ll get me a better deal for adding phone to my “bundle”. Right…+$75 extra a month for using one of old Droid models and 2GB!

OK, let’s look at my current Sprint. After all, I’ve been a loyal customer for 5 yrs; maybe they really do appreciate us, as they claim…

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Угадайте, откуда я сейчас пришла?

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A wedding general


In 2005, Caring flew 480 people, including Elizabeth Hurley and Sting, to St Petersburg for an outrageously decadent champagne-and-caviar fancy dress party at Catherine the Great’s Winter Palace. That event, which elevated him to the A-list of London socialites, raised more than £10 million for charity, including a reported £660,000 that Caring paid to the Bill Clinton Foundation in return for the former U.S. President agreeing to attend.”

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Light of Odeon

Transfixed by magnetic radiance of European culture, I took an after-work train from the Rockefeller Center to Harvey Theater of BAM. Phaedre

Who could’ve resisted this shining Pleiades of words: Greek tragedy*Queen Phaedra*Euripides & Seneca*Odeon-Theatre de l’Europe*Isabelle Huppert* !

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ЭлитА & ЛимитА

Из случайной статьи на Jewish.Ru

Дружили крепко, по-советски, связей не теряли, даже когда разошлись по разным институтам”

Тут вам и столичная уютненькая элитка, и феномен 57й* – все эти оскорблённые крики через 30 лет  – и основа левизны, основа советскости: коммунальная кухня, сбившийся в кучку клан; черта осёдлости, проведённая теми, кто изнутри – наружу.  Такая – опошленная и примитивизированная – Ivy League по-советски.

*В разных городах были другие номера; номер конкретной школы неважен. Скажем, во Львове школа была, кажется, 52я. Помню, поражалась как бывш. муж, на 8 лет меня старше, ярко-выраженный экстраверт с широким кругом знакомств, держал принадлежность к 52й за безупречный знак качества – через 20 лет после окончания! Неважны были, на самом деле, личные бзики – как только узнавалось, что субьект учился хотя бы пару лет в 52й, ему прощалось всё, чем гнушались в других на общих основаниях.

15 after

Wasn’t going to write, less of all – to write a commemoration-of-tragedy post.

Then an hour ago a note from LiveJournal fell into my inbox: “someone with an alias igparis has added you as a friend”. Who is that, I wondered.


Turns out, it’s a truther. Igor Vladislavovich Voskressenski, 62yo, located in Paris, France, is obsessed with conspiracy theories about 9/11 attacks. God knows what made him think I’ll be appreciative of his oeuvre. Or why did he decide to add my name to his “friends band” – he “friended “4 times more people than reciprocated – precisely on the eve of the 15 years’ anniversary of our grief. I’ve no inclination to read his elaborate fantasies, nor am I interested in mental disorders of Russians with “orthodox-priestly” last names, living in France.

All I will say: take your dirty paws off our pain, you worm.

Hole in the sky..You know how I feel

Simon Brett

Читаю уже третью книжку  – и нравится всё больше.

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