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Дурное занятие – искать совпадения собственной жизни с мультиком.


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We dodged That bullet. Now is time for “checks and balances”. Wait…Reps won the House! and the Senate!

Basket of deplorables is spilling over!


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Я про 57ю, очевидно.

В силу особенностей собственной биографии мне всегда была странна болезненная (по-моему) привязанность взрослых людей к начально-средней школе, законченной 20 a то и 40 лет назад.


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[Scene: I, M, E are sitting around dinner table, eating rhubarb+strawberries pie baked by E. The filling is not particularly sweet, as E halved the amount of sugar due to M’s dietary requirements]

I: “Oh! Ah! Urgh!”[makes deprecatory noises and grimaces, while continuing consume a sizable portion of pie]

E: “If it’s too sour for you, just don’t eat it”

M: ” How can you say that! How can you deny a piece of pie to a person in their own home! How your tongue even turns! After everything that have been done for you! Ungrateful! Despicable! I don’t want to know you anymore”

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Of course, the bang-for-the-buck ratio is rather low: browsing for 4hrs (with various breaks) and finding just two noteworthy stories is inefficient. But the loot is worth it.


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Разговор в жужейном треде:

ГБукин: разыгрывались бы канадские грин-карты…
Остров: Чем Канада лучше США?
ГБукин: больше работы и социалка.
Остров: Какой работы больше?
ГБукин: хорошо оплачиваемой и не требующей квалификации и опыта.
Я: лесорубом, значит, работаете?
2 недели назад вернулась с конференции в Квебеке (оплаченой квебекским правительством, кстати). Они там пытаются выпихнуть свои бизнесы на наш рынок. 70% продукции сделаны из дерева. это всё, что у них за душой есть.
ну и зависть к нам, конечно.
ГБукин: лесничество и егерская служба

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Within 4 morning hours things went bizarre:

  •  Progress construction meeting @Client in Jamaica: one of two elevators fell from 3rd floor to the basement. With passengers: a pregnant woman; a volunteer to my Client’s organization -it was his 1st day at work; a guy who tried to jump out of the shaking elevator at 3rd floor and broke his leg.
  •  LIRR, going back to Manhattan: a poster advertising winter vacations to…Jamaica. The real one. Across the poster, in hand-written graffiti: “In 2016 Elect Hillary To Prison!”
  • Wall St station @ #2 train, exit to the Atrium of Deutsche Bank : dropped in to buy lunch at one of perimeter restaurants. It happened to be a Chinese-Spanish-Italian mix. Side choices include: rice-n-beans, red potatoes, green beans and…Russian buckwheat!

Never boring, this city

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