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We dodged That bullet. Now is time for “checks and balances”. Wait…Reps won the House! and the Senate!

Basket of deplorables is spilling over!


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Я про 57ю, очевидно.

В силу особенностей собственной биографии мне всегда была странна болезненная (по-моему) привязанность взрослых людей к начально-средней школе, законченной 20 a то и 40 лет назад.


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[Scene: I, M, E are sitting around dinner table, eating rhubarb+strawberries pie baked by E. The filling is not particularly sweet, as E halved the amount of sugar due to M’s dietary requirements]

I: “Oh! Ah! Urgh!”[makes deprecatory noises and grimaces, while continuing consume a sizable portion of pie]

E: “If it’s too sour for you, just don’t eat it”

M: ” How can you say that! How can you deny a piece of pie to a person in their own home! How your tongue even turns! After everything that have been done for you! Ungrateful! Despicable! I don’t want to know you anymore”

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Of course, the bang-for-the-buck ratio is rather low: browsing for 4hrs (with various breaks) and finding just two noteworthy stories is inefficient. But the loot is worth it.


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Разговор в жужейном треде:

ГБукин: разыгрывались бы канадские грин-карты…
Остров: Чем Канада лучше США?
ГБукин: больше работы и социалка.
Остров: Какой работы больше?
ГБукин: хорошо оплачиваемой и не требующей квалификации и опыта.
Я: лесорубом, значит, работаете?
2 недели назад вернулась с конференции в Квебеке (оплаченой квебекским правительством, кстати). Они там пытаются выпихнуть свои бизнесы на наш рынок. 70% продукции сделаны из дерева. это всё, что у них за душой есть.
ну и зависть к нам, конечно.
ГБукин: лесничество и егерская служба

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Within 4 morning hours things went bizarre:

  •  Progress construction meeting @Client in Jamaica: one of two elevators fell from 3rd floor to the basement. With passengers: a pregnant woman; a volunteer to my Client’s organization -it was his 1st day at work; a guy who tried to jump out of the shaking elevator at 3rd floor and broke his leg.
  •  LIRR, going back to Manhattan: a poster advertising winter vacations to…Jamaica. The real one. Across the poster, in hand-written graffiti: “In 2016 Elect Hillary To Prison!”
  • Wall St station @ #2 train, exit to the Atrium of Deutsche Bank : dropped in to buy lunch at one of perimeter restaurants. It happened to be a Chinese-Spanish-Italian mix. Side choices include: rice-n-beans, red potatoes, green beans and…Russian buckwheat!

Never boring, this city

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Интересная сноска к комментатору Duster (“тряпка-метёлка для пыли”) из предыдущего треда о балете Мариинского театра.

Кликнув на его IP Address, получаем замечание в низу странички:

FRAUD/SPAM IP address, is fraud using to place online orders in Toronto Canada with false phone numbers. When called back on two occasions, telephone answered refused that they placed any order. How and why would someone place an online food order in Toronto, Canada, using the geo location from washington DC, USA. Think about it. The IP address has been blocked and reported. – 2016-01-28

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