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Went to a much anticipated concert at Pier17 yesterday night.


Sound: Horribly loud, no nuance, “all treble”.


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Doc said it:

As bad as this has been for Kavanaugh personally(SHE started this, no sympathy), for the republic – it has been far worse. We have seen our Senatus Majora in all its splendor. The institution REEKS of bias, emotion, partisanship, favor, and duplicity. There is NO integrity, including from my senator who was represented on the committee. All of them, to a single individual showed the worst that is a representative republican nation of laws. The Dems were worse, but only by fractional degree. Do they think we cannot see them playing to the audience/camera? Do they think we endorse this in our representatives? Do they imagine for one second that even the most partisan of us want this kind of personal Antigone played out on MSNBC? Complete with liberal interpretation of Creon and Oedipus? Oh the horror of it all.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI)Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc
Customers Service Hours / Monday To Saturday
Office Hours Monday To Saturday:


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Every name is a Wiki article


In 2013, Amanat [ Huma Abedin’s cousin] partnered with Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin to purchase a high-end resort* for over $350 million. Doronin moved from Russia to Switzerland to work for Marc Rich, who escaped the United States after he was indicted for fraud and illegal trading with Iran. Rich was pardoned by former President Bill Clinton on his last day in the White House. USA Today reports:

Clinton’s motive for pardoning Rich on his last day in office was questioned because Rich’s ex-wife, Denise Rich, was a wealthy Democratic donor who made a $450,000 donation to Clinton’s presidential library foundation and more than $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign.


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инь с янь, и вместе им не бывать.


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, а голова же в огне! А пепел-то стучит! И у полсотни комментаторов так же сердце рвётся  – за свою страну, за Америку! Только страна не ваша, г-да леваки, и недвусмысленно показывает вам кукиш вот уже полгода.

Одного не пойму – как при таком накале горя и отчаянья они ещё не лопнули изнутри? Возникает сомненье в искренности вопящих… Занялись бы уже человеческими делами – шли бы разбирать чемоданы, да поиграть с собственными детьми (отпустив нянек), и – да, если так душа горит, волонтирить по самое немогу.

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Остается только объяснить самой себе, почему Ваши коллеги не имеют проблем, афишируя свои политические предпочтения, а Вы – нет. Вероятно, если называть вещи своими именами, коллеги уверены, что Вы их не будут [sic!] дискриминировать; у Вас же уверенность, что они – в какой-то форме – могут.

Я не хочу жить с оглядкой на партком, читать между строчками газет, ни одному слову которых невозможно верить, гадать, что происходит в головах сумасбродных вождей и ходить на комсомольские собрания. Я адаптирован к этому куда лучше среднего американца, но мое пребывание тут становится бессмысленным.



2 сегодняшних разговора.


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Saturday was rather annoying. I’ve procrastinated long enough, then was sick, then had to buy a rug (another, not less irritating, story – maybe later) – and suddenly, the February is almost over! So I had to man up, brace up and face the Taxes.

¡Mira, panowie! Turbotax  is beyond belief. Because of one measly 1099-MISC I was forced to file as “self-employed”, and in addition to normal income taxes pay another half-a-thou as “self-employment tax”! Is it something new IRS invented this year?  Since when supplemental freelance gigs, accompanying a solid W2 is considered full-blown “business”? And did you know that Medicare and SS “wages and tips”as basis for namesakes taxes are calculated before your voluntary deductions, unlike your Gross? And the not-insignificant Medicare/SS taxes are not counted into your Federal tax paid – so even though your every paycheck is diminished by 1/4 of it’s worth by taxes, your annual federal obligation demonstrates underpayment? That’s what I call Creative Accounting!

So, not surprisingly, I went to bed in a foul mood, had nightmares all night (sinuses being choked up is no help either) and woke up at 5am. What to do, what to do? Opened my Kindle with latest download of Murder: British Library Classic:  a story by Gerald Findler, titled House of Screams. And I read:


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Цитата #1:
…А по поводу марша – не знаю как в Вашингтоне, но у нас в Чикаго было столпотворение, я такого давно не видела. Изначально заявлено было 22 тысячи участников, за день до марша организаторы подняли заявленное количество до 50, а пришло примерно 250 тысяч. Полцентра города было перекрыто, марш как таковой пришлось отменить, так так такой толпе просто некуда было маршировать. Поэтому все просто тусовались и бродили по городу с мини-маршами. Но все было очень спокойно и дружелюбно, многие пришли с детьми.

[My translation: ..and regarding the March – don’t know about DC, but here in Chicago there were crowds and crowds, haven’t seen so many people for a long time. At first the announced number was 22K participants, the day before organizers raised it to 50K,  at the actual event came approximately 250K. Half of downtown was closed off, march as such was cancelled since a crowd of this size was unable to march anywhere. So everybody ended up just shuffling around in mini-marches. But it was all peaceful, friendly and quiet, many parents brought kids.]


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Onion, January 20

Onion, January 20


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…at Forward, of all places.

-Classic Christian Anti-Semite against Left Conservative Jew. [Complete with accusation that Jews have been “bloodsucking” Christian countries from the time immemorial. And not allowing Christians to practice their faith openly in contemporary Israel]

-Christian Bigot Matriarch against Gay Man

-Everyone present against anyone with remotely Russian-sounding moniker.

– Catholic Grammar Nazi against Protestant Heathen Who Does Not Use Proper Grammar

Enjoy the 963 comments!

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You Democrats don’t just need to reform your gun policy, you need to reform your attitude towards the voters to a place from which your present policy looks as vicious and absurd as it does to them.

You Democrats don’t just need to reform your rhetoric about racism and sexism, you need to reform your attitude towards the voters to a place from which your present rhetoric looks as vicious and absurd as it does to them.

It’s all of a piece. You’ve forgotten how to be the party of the people. Trump was the price of that forgetfulness. Now, you need to relearn it, for all our sakes.

The alternative is that something like the Republicans, or possibly worse, dominates American politics for the foreseeable future. I don’t want that, and you should fear it more than I do.

So get your act together now.

Read the whole thing.

[H/t to stas]

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They write from Miami

[from Babalu blog’s Carlos Eire]

Alas, there is often little or no justice in this world. Stalin and Mao never came anywhere near paying for crimes of such magnitude that they cannot really be fathomed except as statistics. But then, even if those monsters had been called to account, how could they possibly have paid? What punishment, what suffering, no matter how horrible, could they have been put through that would have made up for the suffering and destruction of millions? Castro’s victims are numerically less, since he had far fewer subjects in his domain, but proportionately their amount is as great or greater. And yet, to the appalled and bitter astonishment of the Cuban people, most of the world blithely condoned and effectively enabled Castro’s deeds, not just at the romantic and delirious beginning but all along, down to the present day.[..]

So Fidel is dead, but only because of a biological imperative–there is no victory in it. He lasted plenty and caused incalculable harm, much more than will ever be fully known or documented, let alone duly acknowledged (especially by those directly or indirectly complicit in it). He got his way, after all. Many of his victims or their descendants may feast and toast over his demise, which no one is entitled to begrudge them, but I do not feel like celebrating. It is much too little, far too late. The awful damage is done, and much of it cannot be undone. However, while the tyrant cheated human justice, he cannot escape God’s. May Cuba manage, in time, to exorcise the evil personified, fostered and propagated by this abominable man, surely the worst and most destructive one in Cuba’s history.


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…searching my own comments in blogosphere, as a reminder to myself [“oh, where did I said something like this before?!”], I found this amusing exchange.

A biscuit to first reader who’ll spot the name of [unimaginable-then] our President Elect.

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Бродила по весям, и нашла интересное: обамский электорат подводит итоги его правления.  В десятке комментов и центристы высказались, и реалисты, и даже критик слева:

Он пришёл к власти во время финансового кризиса и с самого начала просрал свой огромный политический капитал (у кого память не отшибло, должны помнить беспрецедентный энтузиазм большинства американцев), назначив идеологических ДЕрегуляторов на ключевые финансовые посты, НЕ реформировав биржевую систему и т.д., т.е. делая прямо противоположное своим предвыборным обещаниям. Посмотри конец документального фильма “Inside job” про этот кризис, там всё чётко изложено про его практическое предательство интересов простых американцев. По всей вероятности, его напугали, и он испугался. У него была историческая возможность подняться до уровня Франклина Рузвельта, он в реальности опустился до уровня предшествующего ему Имбецила. Он НЕ лидер. Единственное, на что ему хватило храбрости после 6 лет набирания последней, это договор с Ираном. Тем более, что это в прямых и непосредственных интересах США, а стопорилось исключительно из-за израильского лобби, которое, как и всегда, плевать хотело на прямые интересы Америки. То, что он всё-таки пробил этот договор, что-то абсолютно НЕтипичное для слабака Обамы. Это несомненный плюс. Ну и восстановление связей с Кубой.

Это замечательно, что ни слово, то клад. Вот что нас ждёт если ХиллБилл вернутся в Белый Дом.

Ну и Аннушка-гейша, как всегда, явление альтернативного мышления:

где была экономика, да и вообще положение внутри страны и вне ее 8 лет назад, и где сейчас. По-моему, тут все очевидно. Он вытащил тихой сапой страну из ямы.
Обамакер, при том сопротивлении, которое он вызвал, тоже.
Гуантанамо – было шестьсот заключенных, осталось меньше ста, и обещает закрыть совсем.  Верховные судьи.

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impression after visiting the Capital:
bums and beggars are everywhere. And they are all Blacks. Black lives matter, right, Mr. President?

Главное впечатление визита в столицу: огромные полчища чёрных нищих и бомжей. Закономерный исход 8-летнего правления расиста-социалиста.

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I find trump and obama to be very similar, with the primary difference being that trump is vulgar, whereas obama is polished. Both made asinine promises and were/are beloved by those that don’t bother thinking about whether the promises work.

[…]our guy [50+ low-middle-class majority voter-ETat] isn’t a fool. He’s been watching for 40 years as slick, eloquent people promise him whatever it is they can convince him he wants. He was there when lbj promised “guns and butter”, and a “great society”, and delivered dependency and crime instead. He was there when carter promised to curb unemployment and inflation, and delivered stagflation. He was there when nixon said “trust me”, when bush said “read my lips”, when W talked about “wmds”, and when obama talked about “change”. He has seen too many slick smooth talkers promising unicorn farts to him to trust another, and he’s under attack right out loud by people that say, in plain language that his day is over. … except that he never had a day, he worked hard for everything he ever got.

Read the whole thread.

Ford_prefect42 is a new addition to my blogroll. Welcome!

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…, или Рыба Гниет с Головы.

Professor, as usual, doesn’t mince words in evaluating recent muslim shooting in San-Bernardino and Obamatollah* Administraiton’s reaction on that:

…Along with trashing the Second Amendment, the administration has its sights set on the First. No doubt the 5th can be jettisoned too, if guns or politically incorrect speech are involved.
* Very apt term proposed in the comments’ section.

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The Hypocrite!

Looked down on the Westside H’way from my 14th floor window exactly on time to see the famous black Fiat moving South…followed by his detail:


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for this criminal travesty were standing right in front…

I just learned that US pledged to give $3.126,708 aid to Syrian migrants. And to resettle 16,800 in the US


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After the [TV] debates

…a few choice comments from the viewers at NumbersUsa, via Gerard Perry

What good does it do with the candidates saying they will “put Americans first in the job market,” but saying nothing about the millions – perhaps 20-30 – illegal aliens who are here?  Without jobs, they’ll just go on welfare at the taxpayer’s expense.  I want to hear, from anyone of them, the following: “When I’m elected, I will immediately stop all benefits. This should send many home. Then, I will stop birthright citizenship, chain migration and demand E-Verify in all businesses so there will be no mistake who is being hired. I will crack down on entry-exit visas and make sure they are obeyed. Any infractions of any of these methods will bring jail time. ‘Anchors’ will be free to go home with their illegal parents, and dreamers will have their “passes” rescinded. If you don’t have permission to be in this country, you’re out of here! There is a correct way to come. And, if anyone is caught trying to sneak in, his home country loses any money the US has formerly handed out. For a change, we’re going to live by Mexico’s immigration laws!” Thank you.

  • D of NC:

Illegal aliens are not immigrants. They are thieves. They have stolen the privilege of being able to live in the U.S. Why does everyone keep referring to illegal aliens as immigrants???? If the issue is framedproperly, the question is whether to allow thieves to keep what they have stolen and NOT whether to give legal status to illegal aliens. Put this view out to the American public and we will win. Keep referring to illegal aliens as “immigrants” and the other side will eventually win!

  • David of KS

Don’t forget that Bush also said that he will use immigration as an “economic driver.” This suggests that our economy is growing as a result of illegal immigration! That statement is an absolute disqualifier.(…)


My own $.002, especially after watching after-debate panel on Fox, is amplified by Karol Markowicz (I completely agree with her) who wrote in her article for Time:

The other winner of the night isn’t even running for president. It was moderator Megyn Kelly, whose tough but fair questions exposed weaknesses and holes.(…) Kelly got the ultimate only-for-women insult from Donald Trump: she was not being nice. Trump took to Twitter, at 3am, to berate Kelly, saying she “bombed.” The next day, he went on various shows to say Kelly “behaved very badly.”

Ahaha! As someone on the panel said: “if you want to project a tough-guy, speaking-truth-to-power, outsider persona, you shouldn’t be whining; and Trump was whining.”

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…смеяться над больными людьми, но чес.слово, так и хочется пропеть Isn’t it Ironic? последнему выбросу левачки-Лилички о том, какая ужасная эта медицинская система в Америке. Как у нас к врачу не попасть, лекарства дорогие, страховки заоблачно дорогие, а врачи попадаются идиоты, лечат для галочки – ну прямо как в Канаде! Для справки: живёт Л. Поленова в Массачусетсе (уже смешно?). Голосовала – с жаром и верой в лучшее будущее – естественно, за Обаму и за его “care” – несмотря на возможность ощутить на себе последствия всеобщего здравоохранения авторства Ромни, не говоря уже о советском. В 2013, правда, он ей надоел, именно из-за медицины – но и тут виной всему, оказывается, был недостаток “консенсуса”, а не пороки собственно системы, так что Лиля сменяла Обаму на Хиллари в качестве обекта пламенной надежды.

Вот вам и программист. Неумение определить причины и следствия, просчитать логику событий на шаг вперёд – я уж не говорю о способности признавать свои ошибки…

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Cuban Bummer

You all know what the MSM, our Canadian lukewarm neighbors and European do-goodies are saying re: newly announced diplomatic relations with communist dictatorship of Cuba.

Let’s hear what Cuban -Americans think about it:

During Obama’s remarks – which I confess I could barely stomach – he had the audacity of quoting Jose Marti. Yet with one glaring omission:

Obama stated “Liberty if the right of every man to be honest”

He left out the most important part:

“Liberty is the right of every man to be honest, TO THINK AND SPEAK WITHOUT HYPOCRISY.

Sometimes, what’s not said is what rings loudest.



What: Come out tonight to show solidarity with members of the Cuban opposition visiting Miami!
When: 6:00pm
Where: FIU Law School, 11200 S.W. 8th Street, Miami, FL 33199


Ah, if I could be in Miami now I most definitely would.


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– is something I need to work on.
Over the weekend had a very distressing conversation with E and others. Wanted to discuss how we as a family can develop something of a plan B in case situation with Ebola leads to a crisis. Failed totally: was accused of espousing conspiracy theories, believing political hacks(!), of spreading panic, gullibility and downright idiocy, &&&. No matter what I said, no matter what examples I gave of disasters we personally lived through and how they were downplayed, covered up and misrepresented by the government and the media, and that survivors were people who relied on themselves, not on government – Chernobyl, 9/11, hurricane Sandy – I was laughed at and shouted dawn.

What to do and how to make them listen?

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