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I find trump and obama to be very similar, with the primary difference being that trump is vulgar, whereas obama is polished. Both made asinine promises and were/are beloved by those that don’t bother thinking about whether the promises work.

[…]our guy [50+ low-middle-class majority voter-ETat] isn’t a fool. He’s been watching for 40 years as slick, eloquent people promise him whatever it is they can convince him he wants. He was there when lbj promised “guns and butter”, and a “great society”, and delivered dependency and crime instead. He was there when carter promised to curb unemployment and inflation, and delivered stagflation. He was there when nixon said “trust me”, when bush said “read my lips”, when W talked about “wmds”, and when obama talked about “change”. He has seen too many slick smooth talkers promising unicorn farts to him to trust another, and he’s under attack right out loud by people that say, in plain language that his day is over. … except that he never had a day, he worked hard for everything he ever got.

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…, или Рыба Гниет с Головы.

Professor, as usual, doesn’t mince words in evaluating recent muslim shooting in San-Bernardino and Obamatollah* Administraiton’s reaction on that:

…Along with trashing the Second Amendment, the administration has its sights set on the First. No doubt the 5th can be jettisoned too, if guns or politically incorrect speech are involved.
* Very apt term proposed in the comments’ section.

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The Hypocrite!

Looked down on the Westside H’way from my 14th floor window exactly on time to see the famous black Fiat moving South…followed by his detail:


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for this criminal travesty were standing right in front…

I just learned that US pledged to give $3.126,708 aid to Syrian migrants. And to resettle 16,800 in the US


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After the [TV] debates

…a few choice comments from the viewers at NumbersUsa, via Gerard Perry

What good does it do with the candidates saying they will “put Americans first in the job market,” but saying nothing about the millions – perhaps 20-30 – illegal aliens who are here?  Without jobs, they’ll just go on welfare at the taxpayer’s expense.  I want to hear, from anyone of them, the following: “When I’m elected, I will immediately stop all benefits. This should send many home. Then, I will stop birthright citizenship, chain migration and demand E-Verify in all businesses so there will be no mistake who is being hired. I will crack down on entry-exit visas and make sure they are obeyed. Any infractions of any of these methods will bring jail time. ‘Anchors’ will be free to go home with their illegal parents, and dreamers will have their “passes” rescinded. If you don’t have permission to be in this country, you’re out of here! There is a correct way to come. And, if anyone is caught trying to sneak in, his home country loses any money the US has formerly handed out. For a change, we’re going to live by Mexico’s immigration laws!” Thank you.

  • D of NC:

Illegal aliens are not immigrants. They are thieves. They have stolen the privilege of being able to live in the U.S. Why does everyone keep referring to illegal aliens as immigrants???? If the issue is framedproperly, the question is whether to allow thieves to keep what they have stolen and NOT whether to give legal status to illegal aliens. Put this view out to the American public and we will win. Keep referring to illegal aliens as “immigrants” and the other side will eventually win!

  • David of KS

Don’t forget that Bush also said that he will use immigration as an “economic driver.” This suggests that our economy is growing as a result of illegal immigration! That statement is an absolute disqualifier.(…)


My own $.002, especially after watching after-debate panel on Fox, is amplified by Karol Markowicz (I completely agree with her) who wrote in her article for Time:

The other winner of the night isn’t even running for president. It was moderator Megyn Kelly, whose tough but fair questions exposed weaknesses and holes.(…) Kelly got the ultimate only-for-women insult from Donald Trump: she was not being nice. Trump took to Twitter, at 3am, to berate Kelly, saying she “bombed.” The next day, he went on various shows to say Kelly “behaved very badly.”

Ahaha! As someone on the panel said: “if you want to project a tough-guy, speaking-truth-to-power, outsider persona, you shouldn’t be whining; and Trump was whining.”

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…смеяться над больными людьми, но чес.слово, так и хочется пропеть Isn’t it Ironic? последнему выбросу левачки-Лилички о том, какая ужасная эта медицинская система в Америке. Как у нас к врачу не попасть, лекарства дорогие, страховки заоблачно дорогие, а врачи попадаются идиоты, лечат для галочки – ну прямо как в Канаде! Для справки: живёт Л. Поленова в Массачусетсе (уже смешно?). Голосовала – с жаром и верой в лучшее будущее – естественно, за Обаму и за его “care” – несмотря на возможность ощутить на себе последствия всеобщего здравоохранения авторства Ромни, не говоря уже о советском. В 2013, правда, он ей надоел, именно из-за медицины – но и тут виной всему, оказывается, был недостаток “консенсуса”, а не пороки собственно системы, так что Лиля сменяла Обаму на Хиллари в качестве обекта пламенной надежды.

Вот вам и программист. Неумение определить причины и следствия, просчитать логику событий на шаг вперёд – я уж не говорю о способности признавать свои ошибки…

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Cuban Bummer

You all know what the MSM, our Canadian lukewarm neighbors and European do-goodies are saying re: newly announced diplomatic relations with communist dictatorship of Cuba.

Let’s hear what Cuban -Americans think about it:

During Obama’s remarks – which I confess I could barely stomach – he had the audacity of quoting Jose Marti. Yet with one glaring omission:

Obama stated “Liberty if the right of every man to be honest”

He left out the most important part:

“Liberty is the right of every man to be honest, TO THINK AND SPEAK WITHOUT HYPOCRISY.

Sometimes, what’s not said is what rings loudest.



What: Come out tonight to show solidarity with members of the Cuban opposition visiting Miami!
When: 6:00pm
Where: FIU Law School, 11200 S.W. 8th Street, Miami, FL 33199


Ah, if I could be in Miami now I most definitely would.


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