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Professor Pirrong:

Moreover (after Republican victory – ETat), the major challenges that the nation faces are still primarily an executive responsibility, as they relate mainly to foreign policy. ISIS is still in Iraq and Syria. Ebola is still in Western Africa. The Mullahs are still in Tehran. Putin is still in Ukraine. And Obama is still in the White House. Given that reality, as emotionally satisfying as yesterday’s verdict is, and as much as it represents a verdict on Obama’s foreign policy failures specifically, it will not fundamentally affect the crises that beset us, and given Obama’s personality, any effect may be for the worse.
Jordan Bassior: (make sure to read post AND thread – ETat)
It is not a good thing that we let matters come to such a pass that the survival of the Republic, and of continued representative democracy in America, should hing on the outcome of a single election, or even pair of elections (2014 and 2016).  This is the sort of situation into which, when I was a young man, only Third World banana republics ever got.
Now that we Republicans are in charge again, we need to act during our period in power to make this less likely in the future.
Daniel Horowitz (via American Rattlesnake):
In light of this stunning defeat of the Democrats, Republican leaders must revoke their decision to write an omnibus bill during the lame duck. Instead, they must defund Obama’s lawlessness now and allow the next Congress to hold Obama accountable through the budget process. […]

Sadly, Boehner made no mention of Obamacare and amnesty in his uninspiring response to the election results.

It’s time to listen to We the People. It’s time to grant the American people amnesty from Obama’s radical transformation of our great Republic.

It’s unlikely that Ebola will turn into a full-blown plague. For one thing, we have governors who can take over quarantine and security measures on the local level if that seems necessary (though you wouldn’t know it to look at the recent antics of Christie and Cuomo). It’s bad enough contemplating Ebola becoming endemic, as it is in Africa, popping up by mysterious means at irregular intervals. This is what happened with dengue in Texas, and is almost inevitable for immigrant-borne enteroviruses.

But it acts as a pure metaphor for the Age of Obama: failure, incompetence, willful negligence, dishonesty, the collapse of the elites, and utter indifference toward the public welfare. The Obama administration is now the chief victim of the plagues — prostrate, fevered, bleeding from all orifices, little more than a paralyzed bag of pus. It needs to be isolated and quarantined. God knows what would happen if it spread.

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Ye lost on 46th District voters:

November 4 General election candidates:
Democratic Party Alec Brook-Krasny Green check mark transparent.png
Republican Party Stamatis Lilikakis

Krasny, his last name literally means “Red” in Russian, is the candidate of Democrat and Working Families (a euphemism for Socialist)  parties.

Orwellesque trick of mis-identifying Republicans as “Red” marker in charts (and Dems as “Blue”) should not deflect you from seeing this piquancy: damn leftie IS red, internally and externally!

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So: a Midterm

***Democratic committee of NY can go to hell. For no less than 2 months they are bombarding my mailbox with flow of nonsense about Rep candidates (“he’s going to jail! he doesn’t care about education!”),  printed on poster-size good quality paper with stock background photos of laughing kids (on Dem candidates’ flyers) and stormy skies or scary-looking “torn” quotes from NYTimes (on Rep’s). Where is their famous concern for the environment? I know they hate people – but don’t they love trees?

***This year Dems invented some sort of new sub-party: Women’ Equality Party. I would gladly subscribe – if they would have the sense not to tie themselves to political Left. As it is, they kiss up to Cuomo (Cuomo!) and send around flyers styled after 1970’s red-rrrrrevolutionary campaigns: the hell with them, too. I have had enough discrimination in workplace in the hands of so called Progressives to see thru these shameless lying manipulating hypocrites.

***WordPress promoted a Vote Button with some sort of “electoral tools“. I tried them. Here’s my comment that is awaiting moderation for five days (and there are already published comments after mine – praising WP for their great initiative. But of course, they don’t need moderation.):


This seems like a great idea, especially [see emboldened quote]
“set of resources to help them make a smart, informed decision when it comes who they will vote for. We also want to provide a toolkit so that they can get more information on where to vote, which issues are at stake and of course, after voting occurs, a way to show their pride and encourage others to go get out the vote.”

Unfortunately, none of this can be found at the link I embedded per direction on my Dashboard. It is titled “Voter lookout” and contains trivial information on my polling place (which I have received on a postcard from local Election board 2 months ago) and another menu item called “Voter Resources”, containing (quote): “Information on how to navigate the elections process, including deadlines, Voter ID information, and registration links.”
Again, this is all trivial and could be found on Election board website.

What IS important – the issues at stake, what platforms each candidate stands on and their biographies and record of public voting (if they are already elected officials) – that is non-existent.

Or, maybe, it is simply hidden somewhere and you can give us a direct link for this info?

I tried to explore “Voter Resources” menu; it contains just one sub-title: Voter ID. After standard official info on the subject*, at the bottom of the page there is a link promising “complete voter ID information”. However, when clicked, it links to a pdf Voter Registration Form – which only applies to a first-time voters and is supposed to filled up to 25 days before election (now it’s too late for them, anyway!).

So where is that promised useful tool everyone on this thread are so ecstatic about?

* who must show ID/ forms of ID acceptable/what if a voter can not provide ID

As one other commenter said: “Voting uninformed is no better than not voting at all. Maybe even worse”.

***So, I resolved to make my own research on candidates and issues on the ballot. Looked into 2 candidates for Governor and their administrative colleagues; can’t decide between R and L. Libertarians are better on theoretical values, but lack practical agenda. Reps are to the point, but only on issues they selected – and these are very limited and rather small-scale. Where is Rob Astorino’s position on immigration into the State? Where is his ideas on dealing with Obamacare? At least Libertarian McDermott said clearly – he would work to get it repealed. Besides, as important as the issue seem to Mr. Astorino, promoting “American fatherhood” is not on my list of immediate priorities. On the other hand, purely pragmatically, he has a better chance to defeat appalling Cuomo…I don’t know. Haven’t decided yet; but  I have  10 more hrs to do so.

***And – the issues on ballot; read here. Note the piquant morsel: the Green Party candidate opposes long-overdue switching of congressional communications from paper to electronic form.  Who is the Luddite here?

Plus, there are also, apparently,  several proposed amendments to State constitution. Mmm…I have to study that first, before I cast the vote.

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For those who missed Vinny’s comment, I will repost it here in full. It is a Public Service Announcement, a memento mori, a “whoever has ears…” – or , per Ukrainian proverb “хто довго ходить – той сам собі шкодить” : a warning.

It is still too early in NYC to worry about picking up Ebola from attending a gym or going to a concert. Obviously now, there is some worry after Spencer graced us all with his presence, but I haven’t reached a stage where I am afraid to go shopping at Costco or going to a theater. That will all likely change for the worse in the coming months. You probably have till early Spring to prepare. Vaccine, if it works, may be ready by Fall. By being prepared, I specifically mean planning to avoid crowds and shopping safely over the 6 months, in between Spring and Fall. Water in NYC should remain drinkable because I have not heard of Ebola being spread through contaminated water supplies.


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Reading an amusing book by Kyril Bonfiglioli [thanks for the rec, Michel], All the Sea in China,  I came across unknown to me previously ethnic term. Griqua, according to Wiki, is the name of people of mixed-race originating from Cape Colony, roughly – children of European men (mostly Dutch) and indigenous tribes’women, who called themselves Bastaards. Sanctimonious English hypocrites found the name indecent and changed it to Griqua, by the name of a common ancestor.

This passage caught my attention:

“The high proportion of single Dutch men led to their taking indigenous women as wives and companions, and mixed-race children were born. They grew to be a sizeable population who spoke Dutch and were instrumental in developing the colony.

These children did not attain the social or legal status accorded their fathers, mostly because colonial laws recognised only Christian forms of marriage. This group became known as Basters, or bastards. The colonists, in their paramilitary response to insurgent resistance from Khoi and San people, readily conscripted the Basters into commandos. This ensured the men became skilled in lightly armed, mounted, skirmish tactics. Many recruited to war chose to abandon their paternal society and strike out and live more the way their maternal lines did. The resulting steady stream of disgruntled, Dutch-speaking, trained marksmen leaving the Cape hobbled the Dutch capability to crew their commandos. It also created belligerent, skilled groups of opportunists who harassed the indigenous populations the length of the Orange River. Once free of the colonies, these groups called themselves the Oorlam. In particular, the group led by Klaas Afrikaner became notorious. He attracted enough attention from the Dutch authorities to cause him to be rendered to the colony and banished to Robben Island in 1761.”

Humanity seem to have a very short attention span – and where is that notorious self-correcting evolutionary mechanism when we need it? We raise, train, appease and arm these bastards ourselves. (link via American Rattlesnake)  We do not learn from our predecessors’ mistakes.

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Update 2:20pm

American Thinker minds think [a]like me.

[with live updates, while I browse the news]

Pacifying gestures from our city, state and federal authorities are very short on actual concrete information, let alone common sense.

For instance:

Much was made in regards to what Dr. Spencer should have done when returned to NY after working with Ebola patients in Africa, namely: go into a self-imposed quarantine. In fact, new CDC guidelines order that exact measure to all exposed personnel for minimum of 21 days. My question is, how it should work in practice?

As we are told, contamination occurs through bodily fluids: urine, blood, liquid vomit, liquid diarrhea, sweat, saliva, semen, vaginal/sinus/excrement/breast milk discharge.

Dr. Spencer, as 90% new yorkers, lives in an multistory apartment building. Let’s say, he locked windows and entry door and didn’t exit his unit. Some devoted soul brings him food and leaves on his threshold to pick up when nobody is present. Stuff goes in – what about stuff going out? Plumbing system in the building penetrates and connects all floors, all apartments, and branches via the main to the city underground sewage and water network.

How is potentially infected person supposed to prevent his/her bodily fluids from reaching other tenants in the building, and – wider – users of the same utilities network? Every time (s)he uses a toilet of washes hands or takes a shower or touches door handles in public corridor with his/her sweaty hands –  the disease is spread further.

Another thing. With all those descriptions of Hazmat suits of various categories that emergency personnel should wear it is apparent that average layman is completely unprotected. I just learned this latest know-how in prevention:

However, it is killed by bleach, and you can protect yourself from it through good hand washing practices, which is true of most viruses — Ebola included.

Hey, when was the last time you washed your hands with bleach?!?

And when official prevention recommendation to the public is “wash your hands often” one starts suspecting…if are they actually aiming at wiping off  whole  US population.

Yesterday, as every other day, I went to my gym. I was running late for Pilates class, and I didn’t bring a towel to put on the mat. It was sticky with someone’s sweat, and smelled of it, too.

How am I to know I didn’t contract Ebola already?

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