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Posting my long-winded comment from a thread elsewhere:



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-сказали за дверью на моё “Who’s there?”

Наверное, новые соседи,- думаю.- Кооп недавно продал 2 квартиры, может быть, русским? И они хотят наводить контакты. С улицы же к нам не зайдёшь, там intercom и входная дверь на замке. Тем более забраться на 4й этаж.


Высокий, симпатичный, черноволосый господин;  за ним ещё один – постарше, с картофельным лицом.

-Здравствуйте! Я – Виталий, а это – Александр. Сегодня мы хотим задать вам важный вопрос…Скажите, вы знаете, для чего бог создал человека?!

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Not often one meets a collection of textbook examples like in this thread.  Including the fact they appear on conservative blog (or should it be – “paleo-conservative“?)

Only two tropes are missing,

the “some of my friends are Jews, but…”and the blood libel.

But the night is young yet, wait and see.


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Бизнес-модель ортодоксального иудаизма заключается в симбиозе с частично секуляризовавшейся частью еврейского общества – последние испытывают определенный дискомфорт от разрыва с воображаемой традицией и практикой веры отцов, за какой дискомфорт готовы платить деньги хранителям традиции и практик.
Одной же из рекламных позиций продавцов соблюдения традиции является якобы присущая этой традиции неизменность от самого синайского откровения – поэтому публичные скандалы и экскоммуникации, способные породить в целевой аудитории сомнения насчет неизменности традиции, крайне вредны для бизнеса.

Чем выше духовитость и настоянность традиции, тем аутеничнее и эксклюзивнее такой продукт выглядит для своей целевой аудитории.
Поэтому в среде торговцев традицией проистекает невидимая миру борьба за позицию самого аутеничного хранителя самой духовитой традиции.


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Riding “R” from work, I was absorbed in my kindlik*. All exterior happenings swam on the periphery – change of stations, change of passengers, change of “subway artistes” or simply beggars.

Somewhere around Atlantic Ave I was startled from my engrossment.


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I left this one yesterday @Dustbury:

Merry-Merry, very-very.

On the other hand, one never knows what people will be offended by. I wished merry christmas to a coworker who I was pretty sure is a Christian – she always wears diamond cross for all to see.
apparently, she is an egyptian christian and celebrates xmas on january 6th.
she informed me of that with pinched expression and in affronted tone.

oh-the-non-existent-god! how the…eghm should i discern between all your fantasies, people!

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Today’s loot

*** Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street building (yes, that one in the picture [from www] on the left) under the rain. It looked like someone spilled a giant bucket of slops right on its head: interior corner from top to ground was stained earthy dark on a glistening wet steel background

***A choir in an underground passage at Atlantic Avenue station. An Amish choir. A 50-people Amish choir, in bonnets, cotton frocks and their Sunday best suspenders, performing a capella under energetic direction of the Kapellmeister , with ushers (in same getup) distributing flyers and CDs to passerbies at all entrances and stairs.

*** A jeans-clad woman on a subway platform in deep dark Brooklyn on this gloomy day carrying a bow. A huge medieval bow, twice her size, wrapped in linen, and with a quiver hanging off her back – embroidered in tiny sparkling glass beads.

*** Lunch at Danny’s, downtown: menu prices grilled cheese-turkey-avocado sandwich  with cup of soup at $6.00, but bill comes for ~$10. Because they value their cup of hot water and drugstore-packet of Lipton tea for $2.99.

***Learned about evacuation plan for Burj Khalipha in Dubai: there is none. In case of fire people on all 163 floors are expected to come to “safe refuge room” – fireproof, waterproof, smoke-deterred space with heavy-armored door, one per every 30 floors. Designed to remain this-various-proof for whole 2 hrs. Hmmm.

***A break. One of my classmates, a South-Asian woman with generous figure like coming-to-life tantric sculpture on facade of Indian landmark, speaks passionately:”She invited me to her Buddhist temple, not even asking about my religion, just assuming. What a cheek! I say, I told her – I believe in God!!! In one and only! I don’t worship at heathen temples!

***For dessert, another quote from my CPM instructor:

The goal of Olympic Torch Relay project is to carry torch through as many homes as possible, because? Anyone? Yes? No…Because – listen – It Is A Rare Opportunity!

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