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Пришла с -по нынешним временам – многолюдного сборища. Делала постирушку в подвальной прачечной (не выходя из дома), встретила 2х соседок, и мы радостно обменялись сплетнями мнениями. Соблюдая 6фт дистанции, аякжеж.

Так вот, моя соседка  В считает, что это всё придумал Черчиль осуществлено левыми. Может, не задумано (хотя кто его знает), но использовано и приспособлено для того, чтоб свалить Трампа. Ахвыкурвысукибляди, говорит соседка В (поправляя маску руками в перчатках)- а вот накося выкусите. Теперь мы точно за него проголосуем!

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На улице хмарь и временами дождик, у меня насморк, дома безвылазно неделю у компа, на ночь читаю свежевыпущенное окончание Манделовской трилогии о Кромвеле – всё в сумме жутко давит на психику.


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…пока что я вижу мои мизерные накопления на старость пошли прахом. и то – вот же, решение перед глазами: не на что жить – можно же заразиться чёртовым вирусом и помереть быстро и вовремя, до паперти.

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-Hi! I found your company online and am interested in your product Bio…

-Hold on. Marcy!

-Hello, I’m Marcy. We are very short on staff and have nothing in stock. We’ll have to make it, so waiting time is 2 weeks.

-Well, OK. Actually, I wanted to ask first if your lamp is right for me – that’s what your site says: Call our specialist

-Dear, what do you want to use it for and what model?

-Er…the small one, on a stand

-I have to warn you it is very dangerous, it will burn your eyes and face

-Mmm. I am from Russia (circumstantial simplification) and am used to Quartz lamps. We’ve always had…

-Dear, you’ll have to leave it in the empty room, close the door and plug it from outside somehow. Then wait while it works, unplug and only then open the do – ya’ hear me?


-And I’ll email you consent form, so you’re warned of the harm it may give you if used incorrectly. What’s your email?


-Fine. It’ll be $185.97 plus tax and shipping. You’re very welcome.


A week passed: no email and no consent forms. I guess, Marcy didn’t like me.

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A letter from Vinny

[I was in doubt if I should post this letter. Under a running fever significance and proportion of things might get a bit distorted. But my correspondent is a doctor who works in ER, and not at his first year either. Also, he sent this as a comment to a post – so he wants it to be seen and read.]


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Bergamo. Hospital

“[T]here can be no excuse anymore that nobody knew. Italy did not. Now everyone else does.


The problem facing health services across the world is that when the infection curve goes up it rockets, and all resources, all testing, all supplies are used up instantly. Multiple hospitals all making the same demands at the same time.

It’s crippling – here they call it the apocalypse.

Bergamo wanted us to see this, as I have said, and they want to send a simple message: “Get ready.”


-Sky News-


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Соседский ответ изоляции и китайской заразе: скакалка на бэкярде

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  • yesterday saw a live line to a supermarket – yep, not inside of, but to. the line of gray-clothed, gray-faced people outside Trader Joe’s, turning from the double doors along half-a-block’ sidewalk and around the corner on 21st St, don’t know how long.


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Покидая 2019

имею одно отчётливое желание: оставить весь этот нонсенс в уходящем году.

Неуютные были 3 последних месяца, прямо скажем. Я уже так прониклась, так уверилась и даже несколько смирилась – что когда мне сегодня у доктора сказали – патология в порядке, можно не волноваться – я растерялась и стала радоваться только часа через 3.

Всё ещё страшно поверить. И так странно и прекрасно возвращаться к обыденным мыслям, к рутинным делам, и легкомысленным, безалаберным полу-планам!

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Just in case

…someone stops by here and finds my absence puzzling.

Two months of torturous wait have culminated in a freshly-acquired surgical scar. It hurts. Not a lot (for now), thanks to wonders of Vicodin. Strangely, looking at it in the mirror didn’t upset me as much as I feared – my mood unexpectedly improved. I guess, after all the accumulated anxiety and forced calm, when it is finally over, I feel relieved…and also resigned, in my misery, to what might come next.

Hopefully, this state of chemically-induced serenity holds, and who knows, I might even start writing here again.

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Body image

With every rolling day the possibility – inevitability? – of future infirmity enters my thoughts more often. Against all instinctive resistance the process of adaptation settles in – and adds new understanding of the travails of others:

…the pharmacy tech was downright apologetic when it was disclosed to me that nine of these prescriptions would be $4 apiece, but the tenth was $105. The poor old cripple before her shrugged; it’s not like I hadn’t been taking the stuff for a year already. She presented me with a rather large plastic bag, her face the very picture of “How are you going to get this out of here?” I tied the bag grips to the frame of the walker, did a very slow 180, and worked my way out of the store. I’m sure I was forgotten shortly thereafter, but I vowed to use the drive-thru in the future.



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In their hearts…

Tomorrow is the day I am supposed to take the train to my LI mini-vacation. Hotel is booked, train schedule consulted, gym with classes and a day spa found in the vicinity.


I woke up at 7 with a strange feeling – which I had last when pregnant with my 29yo son – that I can’t judge distance to obstacles. Got up and fell on to bed again. Disorientation, loss of balance. Went to bathroom, took a shower – and in a process felt so nauseous, had to step out, dripping and shaking.

Stayed home and search the net for my symptoms (brain still works…or does it? Uncertain)

WebMed says it might be problem with inner ear, result of infection, and it starts suddenly with no warning signs or pain. No prognosis until I see a doctor. Can’t see a doctor, I’m afraid to leave my apartment: walk like an extremely drunk loonie. Doctors (at least, doctors employed by my insurance) do not make house calls. My son is in Japan. I am sitting very straight at my desk and avoid sudden movements.

Want to make gods laugh, tell them of your plans…





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Последние дни – недели – происходит концентрация каких-то мелких денежных неудач, потерь и просто глупостей.


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…смеяться над больными людьми, но чес.слово, так и хочется пропеть Isn’t it Ironic? последнему выбросу левачки-Лилички о том, какая ужасная эта медицинская система в Америке. Как у нас к врачу не попасть, лекарства дорогие, страховки заоблачно дорогие, а врачи попадаются идиоты, лечат для галочки – ну прямо как в Канаде! Для справки: живёт Л. Поленова в Массачусетсе (уже смешно?). Голосовала – с жаром и верой в лучшее будущее – естественно, за Обаму и за его “care” – несмотря на возможность ощутить на себе последствия всеобщего здравоохранения авторства Ромни, не говоря уже о советском. В 2013, правда, он ей надоел, именно из-за медицины – но и тут виной всему, оказывается, был недостаток “консенсуса”, а не пороки собственно системы, так что Лиля сменяла Обаму на Хиллари в качестве обекта пламенной надежды.

Вот вам и программист. Неумение определить причины и следствия, просчитать логику событий на шаг вперёд – я уж не говорю о способности признавать свои ошибки…

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Примерно 80 млн бактерий передается от человека к человеку при 10-секундном поцелуе. […]у пар, которые целуются 9 раз в день, микрофлора почти одинакова.[…] Формирование общей микрофлоры позволяет людям, живущим вместе, функционировать как единая система в смысле пищевых привычек и устойчивости к инфекциям.

Так вот в чём дело!
У меня была ЖЖ-приятельница, известная интересом к кулинарии: делилась рецептами, постила картинки, обсуждала сложную выпечку, итд. За несколько лет знакомства я была у неё 4-5 раз, 3-4р. – ела в гостях. И каждый раз после этого у меня были проблемы с пищеварением. Пол-недели после её угощения мне приходилось жить на несолёном рисе и несладком чае, чтоб избавиться от отравы. Не оставил последствий только один визит, когда они заказали привозную пиццу из ресторанчика. Но эффект был явно только у меня, потому что вся их семья его не испытывала – ели с аппетитом и без опаски, и никто не травился. Поэтому я помалкивала и не жаловалась.

Теперь я понимаю, в чём была моя ошибка: всего-то и надо было – профилактически расцеловаться с членами семейства 9 раз перед каждым приёмом пищи!

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Кажется, последствия стояния два часа под ледяным дождём всё же наступили.

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– is something I need to work on.
Over the weekend had a very distressing conversation with E and others. Wanted to discuss how we as a family can develop something of a plan B in case situation with Ebola leads to a crisis. Failed totally: was accused of espousing conspiracy theories, believing political hacks(!), of spreading panic, gullibility and downright idiocy, &&&. No matter what I said, no matter what examples I gave of disasters we personally lived through and how they were downplayed, covered up and misrepresented by the government and the media, and that survivors were people who relied on themselves, not on government – Chernobyl, 9/11, hurricane Sandy – I was laughed at and shouted dawn.

What to do and how to make them listen?

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где я когда-то говорила про докторов-медработников, особенно российских (что они имеют тенденцию к самоглушению алкоголем или чем покрепче, особенно хирурги).
Вот очередное свидетельство, из докторских же уст.

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For those who missed Vinny’s comment, I will repost it here in full. It is a Public Service Announcement, a memento mori, a “whoever has ears…” – or , per Ukrainian proverb “хто довго ходить – той сам собі шкодить” : a warning.

It is still too early in NYC to worry about picking up Ebola from attending a gym or going to a concert. Obviously now, there is some worry after Spencer graced us all with his presence, but I haven’t reached a stage where I am afraid to go shopping at Costco or going to a theater. That will all likely change for the worse in the coming months. You probably have till early Spring to prepare. Vaccine, if it works, may be ready by Fall. By being prepared, I specifically mean planning to avoid crowds and shopping safely over the 6 months, in between Spring and Fall. Water in NYC should remain drinkable because I have not heard of Ebola being spread through contaminated water supplies.


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Update 2:20pm

American Thinker minds think [a]like me.

[with live updates, while I browse the news]

Pacifying gestures from our city, state and federal authorities are very short on actual concrete information, let alone common sense.

For instance:

Much was made in regards to what Dr. Spencer should have done when returned to NY after working with Ebola patients in Africa, namely: go into a self-imposed quarantine. In fact, new CDC guidelines order that exact measure to all exposed personnel for minimum of 21 days. My question is, how it should work in practice?

As we are told, contamination occurs through bodily fluids: urine, blood, liquid vomit, liquid diarrhea, sweat, saliva, semen, vaginal/sinus/excrement/breast milk discharge.

Dr. Spencer, as 90% new yorkers, lives in an multistory apartment building. Let’s say, he locked windows and entry door and didn’t exit his unit. Some devoted soul brings him food and leaves on his threshold to pick up when nobody is present. Stuff goes in – what about stuff going out? Plumbing system in the building penetrates and connects all floors, all apartments, and branches via the main to the city underground sewage and water network.

How is potentially infected person supposed to prevent his/her bodily fluids from reaching other tenants in the building, and – wider – users of the same utilities network? Every time (s)he uses a toilet of washes hands or takes a shower or touches door handles in public corridor with his/her sweaty hands –  the disease is spread further.

Another thing. With all those descriptions of Hazmat suits of various categories that emergency personnel should wear it is apparent that average layman is completely unprotected. I just learned this latest know-how in prevention:

However, it is killed by bleach, and you can protect yourself from it through good hand washing practices, which is true of most viruses — Ebola included.

Hey, when was the last time you washed your hands with bleach?!?

And when official prevention recommendation to the public is “wash your hands often” one starts suspecting…if are they actually aiming at wiping off  whole  US population.

Yesterday, as every other day, I went to my gym. I was running late for Pilates class, and I didn’t bring a towel to put on the mat. It was sticky with someone’s sweat, and smelled of it, too.

How am I to know I didn’t contract Ebola already?

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Ebola in NY: two quotes

Gov. Cuomo on yesterday’s press-conference:

unlike in Dallas, where two hospital nurses treating an Ebola patient contracted the disease, New York officials had time to thoroughly prepare and drill for the possibility of a case emerging in the city

A doctor who treats walk-in patients in NYC hospital:

..we are totally unprepared for this illness. I am certain that at this point someone is walking about NYC with this virus [written on Oct.3. Now we know of Dr. Spencer, his girlfriend and friends, people in subway and bowling alley he exposed to infection – ETat] and spreading it to others.  Duncan is not the only jerk in this country with this illness.  Doctors are scared, especially ED docs because there is no proper screening and no place for isolation in the emergency rooms. In the first several days with symptoms, it is impossible to distinguish Ebola from any other virus causing gastroenteritis. If we do suspect someone as having Ebola, how do we isolate him from the rest of the hospital? Sure we have isolation rooms, but we have never dealt with such a deadly virus before. The bio-hazard suits are nice but they need to be put on somewhere safe and removed someplace safe. I don’t know of any hospital in NYC that has a decontamination area set up in a ward. In most circumstances, people will put on protective clothing and remove them in a busy hallway, following which foot traffic will spread whatever was on the floor of the isolation room to the rest of the hospital ward floor.


What we’re all witnessing is a group of morons slowly driving a bus off the cliff, and the passengers mumbling softly to each other about how terrible this all is. Some of my friends tell me, you are a doctor and you must stand up and do something. “This is crazy, you must do something” they tell me…. OK, smarty. What should I do? Protest against city hall, protest against the federal government? How? Should I put on a Hazmat suit, write the government is lying to us, and show up to work dressed this way? Someone did that, and he was laughed at. No, I will not waste time arguing with a crowd that should really be locked up in an insane asylum.

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Недавно завела в ленте доктора-нейрохирурга из России – он у себя в жжурнале пишет такую правду-матку, какой ни в каких гладких отчётах не найдёшь. Личные взгляды странноватые, в частности – не могла разобраться, серьёзно он там радуется, что “крымнаш”, или так язвит – но мне интересны его профессиональные тексты, а за политическими мнениями и всем остальным я пойду к другим.

Так вот: терпела-терпела месяцев 5-6, а сегодня меня как подкинуло, пошла искать в страховочных списках “доктора по коленкам”. Болят гады коленки, особенно после спортзала. Провела ужас сколько времени в поисках, наконец нашла подходящего и назначила приём. Сижу и думаю – чего это я вдруг так резко решилась, сегодня даже и не особо беспокоили…а потом поняла: это я прочла очередной пост Др. Рудича! Про стариков с терминальными болезнями и без ухода. И вот моё подсознание пихнуло, от противного. Иди, мол, лечись не дожидаясь.

Чёрт-те чё в башке делается…

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The Apostles of Big Government are the best evangelists for libertarianism – hell, anarchocapitalism – one could possibly imagine.

Read why @Professor

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I called her 5 times in 4 weeks, trying to get results of my lab tests performed during my last check-up. Yesterday at 8pm she called back ; she spoke in elevated tones, literally, yelling over street traffic in Manhattan.
Sh: Hi, Svetlania. It’s Dr. H-n!
I: er…My name is not Svetlania…Hi, Doctor. You received my messages?
Sh: Yes! I was on vacation! there was no need to leave me so many! You tests are fine, fine. The [blood one] shows elevated level of A, and borderline number of B – but I can’t interpret it, you gotta go to a specialist for that! Otherwise, everything is fine, only there is possibility of cancerous cells in [other substance] C, so I recommend to redo the test in 6 months! OK, I see a fire track coming,  I will not be able to speak, so good bye!


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My hero

Someone, finally, is brave enough to tell it like it is:

tyranny of TSA, which will never go away because it has become yet another quasi-unionized make-work occupation reserved for favored ethnic minorities who aren’t really workers, but de facto welfare recipients at a level far more lucrative than what is available to them via direct transfer payments.

Gospel truth! All those newly-minted quasi-government “healthcare” agencies, like Fidelis and Emblem Health, all those tumorous IRS departments – they are exactly as described above, with bonus: sense of power over us, the lowly taxpayers.
[via Dustbury]

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