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Дурное занятие – искать совпадения собственной жизни с мультиком.

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Что было сегодня хорошего:

-несколько человек в офисе Клиента прислали хвалебные emails по поводу расставания (закончился мой контракт), в т.ч. те, от которых не ожидала.


I think I can say on behalf of all of us Thank you‎! Thank you for your professionalism, your insight and your direction. Our time working together has been a pleasure and you will be missed. I hope our paths will cross again in the near future.

-кажется, я купила чУдный билет в центр партера на Севильского Цирюльника в Мете на 13е. Поверю, когда мне приедет по почте конвертик.


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Что же у нас сегодня было плохого хорошего?



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From Japan came email, titled: Big News”. In it was a picture, featuring sign “this way to Mt.Fuji”, huge rock shining from spread fingers, smiley faces of two puppies, as well as 300 smiley face-emoticons.

Now I find myself researching such puzzling affairs as “rehearsal dinner”. Anyone has any pointers?

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15 after

Wasn’t going to write, least of all – to write a commemoration-of-tragedy post.

Then an hour ago a note from LiveJournal fell into my inbox: “someone with an alias igparis has added you as a friend”. Who is that, I wondered.


Turns out, it’s a truther. Igor Vladislavovich Voskressenski, 62yo, located in Paris, France, is obsessed with conspiracy theories about 9/11 attacks. God knows what made him think I’ll be appreciative of his oeuvre. Or why did he decide to add my name to his “friends band” – he “friended “4 times more people than reciprocated – precisely on the eve of the 15 years’ anniversary of our grief. I’ve no inclination to read his elaborate fantasies, nor am I interested in mental disorders of Russians with “orthodox-priestly” last names, living in France.

All I will say: take your dirty paws off our pain, you worm.

Hole in the sky…You know how I feel

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14 years

9-11_yellow backpack

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– is something I need to work on.
Over the weekend had a very distressing conversation with E and others. Wanted to discuss how we as a family can develop something of a plan B in case situation with Ebola leads to a crisis. Failed totally: was accused of espousing conspiracy theories, believing political hacks(!), of spreading panic, gullibility and downright idiocy, &&&. No matter what I said, no matter what examples I gave of disasters we personally lived through and how they were downplayed, covered up and misrepresented by the government and the media, and that survivors were people who relied on themselves, not on government – Chernobyl, 9/11, hurricane Sandy – I was laughed at and shouted dawn.

What to do and how to make them listen?

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