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TV surfing serendipity

…on my way to Showtime happened on some  black talk show* where a hefty man with decoratively shaved scalp, holding a toddler on his lap, was rhapsodizing on camera why he taped and posted on youtube the “birthing process” of his son: “It’s all about love, man, I wanted to share the love, to spread my love, man!”

I clicked to next channel.

A generously endowed queen from the hood on an ebony soap op’ra was delivering a snappy remark to a cocky guy in flashy rings. “Yeah, – she scorned, – “Spreading it all over the East Coast!”


*What can I do – they segregated themselves, intentionally

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What happened to

…Travelocity and to American Airlines?

For 2 hrs I’m trying to book roundtrip to Miami. A leg “there” is done. Return leg is “processing” on AA for half-n-hr. WTH?
Phew! All done, booked and confirmed. South Beach, I’m coming!

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Ну то знакомое всем волшебное чуство,когда ты предвкушаешь шелковую постель или налитую пеной ванну, а потом постель.. Когда тебя уже не держат ноги, а впереди все мягко и томно..и вот ты уже там, уже мысли положил туда.В негу.В кровать или в ванну, а сам скидываешь последнее, чтоб присоединиться..мряу….
А тебе кричат -мама!!!!


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Comment alert in my WordPress window: reply to your comment received 17hrs ago.

Me, 5 years ago, to a popular photo of John and Yoko in bed:

-Excellent recording of disgusting people and their abhorringent relationship__________Etat

-Why even comment if it’s to write something negative? Keep your small minded thoughts to yourself and just change websites if beautiful pictures and different life styles bother you. ____Mya, July 20, 2010 at 6:12 pm

-Why don’t you exercise some open mindedness, mya – even a modest effort will go a long way, believe me, in your transition to a sociable person who appreciates opinions of others[…] ____ETat, July 20, 2010 at 10:49 pm

Still, we don’t understand why you took the time. ______Dame,June 1, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Look at the dates.

Note, too, that I am not given an option of replying.

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Received weekly update from my professional LinkedIn group. Trivial post listing “Cities every architect must visit” is signed by Dikshit M. from Mumbai, head of namesake architectural firm.

True story!

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Generational marker

I just discovered that M. Reynolds’ Little Boxes SOME associate exclusively with series Wheeds!

Tell me what this song reminds you of when you hear it?
I’ll go first.


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[what I do now]:

I am sick with flu (or who the hell knows what this crap is); cranky, feverish and angry that I had to cancel my plans to go to Eastman for New Year’s. Sneezing, coughing, holding my suddenly cast-iron head, having no appetite (and food taste like carton, anyway) and bored.

So, what’s up, ducks? Come and tell me stories. Or I’ll go strain my teary eyes over Marquand J P, “Women and Thomas Harrow”…

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