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Apropos employment eligibility,

discriminatory “vaccination” requirement is still mandatory in NY.

Note, even after mandate expires, the state doesn’t give up – the requirement simply transferred to businesses’ discretion. Instead of declaring it unconstitutional!

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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[,,] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

Russel. l. Blaylock

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On one hand:

Walmart requires the unvaccinated to be escorted by staff as they shop

Those without proof of vaccination are only allowed to buy groceries and pharmacy products.

[…]Under the new rules, those who show proof of vaccination will be free to shop. Those who don’t show proof of vaccination will be told to wait in a blue box until a member of staff is available to escort them as they shop. This member of staff will then follow them around the store and make sure they don’t buy any prohibited goods.

Source: Walmart introduces vaccine passports in Quebec, will require the unvaccinated to be escorted by staff as they shop
On the other,

Anti-vaccine tracker convoy coalition called Freedom Rally, are moving all over Canada in direction of Ottawa


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*-Вот ты не хочешь прививаться, а Трамп привился!

-Ну и что? При чём тут Трамп?

-Ну ты же за Трампа! А он привился! А ты нет!

* -Вот ты сказала, что вакцина экспериментальная, и в ней непонятно что намешали

-Сказала. Так и есть.

-А вот сейчас специально для таких как ты, кто боится уколов, Файзер таблетку выпустил. Уже можешь купить и защититься!

-Нет, спасибо

-Что, скажешь, таблетка тоже экспериментальная?!

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Wider perspective

A pithy quote:

“With getting a Chinese virus, we are getting more and more Chinese ourselves”

From where, you ask? Mark Steyn on GB

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Does it finally look like Dr. Anthony Fauci is trying to carry out an assisted suicide of the United States?

J. Kunstler

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…If you look at King David’s Psalms, in one of them he writes, ‘Turn away from bad. Do good and live”…

It’s a wonderful prescription for life…Do not give into the fear. Do not isolate yourself from the people you love. Because fear and isolation destroys the psychology of a human being. And finally, do not take the poison death shot. Do not choose to walk into a execution chamber and ask to be poisoned…if you’re in the higher risk category of patient, you should be on preventive, or what’s called prophylactic, anti-viral treatment to prevent you from getting COVID. And if you get COVID, because nothing’s 100 percent, then you have to start treatment immediately within the first few days of the onset of symptoms. And if you do those three things – turn away from bad. Do good. You will live.”

So I’m actually very, very optimistic and hopeful about the future. I think we’re in a transition from a world that lives with the false narrative, with lies, with the suppression of God-consciousness. I believe we’re witnessing a metamorphosis – a transformation – from a state of slavery and exile into a world of revealed truth and godliness…”

Dr. V. Zelenko, here

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I do not like your COVID jab. I will not take your COVID jab. I will not take it in my house. I will not be your little mouse. I will not take it because you’re nice. I know what happened to those mice. Do not demand to have my arm. Your persistence causes great alarm. Do not make me a scornful topic. Graphene oxide is a toxin. You need not mandate I partake. In VAERS I’ve seen the lives it takes. Fauci says the disease is deadly. Then why did he fund it with our money? Now he profits in the millions. While people die in the billions.

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357 комментов на сейчас

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Ужели слово найдено?


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Bullies will BS

“Drones… Drone darts. Easy. Like the funding’s there. Its easy to do.

At this point i dont care about your bodily autonomy.”

Yesterday I had a call from an unknown number; “CDC” popped up on the screen. “Ah, one of their automated warnings”, I thought and clicked “answer”.

A pleasant female voice introduced herself (very fast, I didn’t catch the name) and explain that I, along with other honored individuals, am given the privilege to answer questions related to the vaccine, so here’s the first in the series…

What? –  I said – you are calling me, uninvited, on my personal phone, and have a gull not only to pose some questions, demand answers, but declare it is a PRIVILEGE? No, I emphatically DO NOT consider it such, I am NOT going to answer any questions, I have NO interest in talking to you whatsoever. Please take me from your lists, never call my private cellphone again!

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Patient’ rights

The GP posted infuriating story of a patient (constitutional attorney) whose nurse-legal-POA was kicked out of the hospital when he got sick, his wishes  and preferred method of treatment (“No vent. No Remdesivir. Follow FLCCC protocol”) willfully ignored, he was put on an unnecessary ventilator and is being held hostage of medical institution.


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6 killed to save 1

Watch while it’s still available

Expert’s comment:

Самое интересное на 4:23 – это называется protocol violation. Напоминаю, что все получатели вакцины и пласебо в этот момент blinded and randomized. А сам violation может в принципе быть что угодно – не пришел вовремя получить, заболел, умер. Пришел получить, но был в полосочку и не стали делать. На обычной стадии это всегде 50/50. У Пфайзеровской оказалась разница в 5 раз (в %). Одно это должно сделать стадию invalidated.

А вот это уже чистый фрод. Записать парализованного человека как “abdominal pain”? Ну, наверно, боль тоже есть. За это судили Мерк с Вайоксом. Именно за фрод на стадии. Class action settlement was about 5 billion + a lot of individual lawsuits

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Чтоб посмотреть, идите на у-туб: ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ht5lu0QVgM


Впрочем, не надо зарекаться. С нынешним руководством, скорее всего, нас ждёт то же самое.


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На сегодня

Ситуация такая.


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Medical apartheid

It is with a heavy heart I announce that I have come to the decision to step down from my position as Chorus Director of the San Francisco Symphony after almost 14 wonderful years with this top-notch organization in the magical city of San Francisco.I have with a growing sense of alarm observed the tide turn in the direction of medical passports, and now that the SFS has adopted a vaccine mandate that disregards even natural immunity from those who have had the infection, my mind is set.Medical privacy, bodily autonomy, and informed consent are basic human rights, and the C-19 injections are still experimental and operate only under Emergency Use Authorization.To coerce experimental medications on humans goes directly against The Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration, regardless of what the US Justice Department has declared.My decision is informed by the very large and growing group of whistle blowing top-level scientists with concerns on long-term effects, (there are two appeals to the European Medicines Agency to halt the roll-out) and also since the reports on injury and death is already more than the past 20 years combined, both in Europe and in the US. Whatever the media tells us, the science is NOT settled on this matter and I urge people to seek out and listen to a large number of whistle-blowing scientists (I personally know several here in Sweden) in order to make an informed choice.I also struggle to understand the promotion of fear of people who have chosen to abstain from these injections. Why the fear of those who abstain if you are protected?? After the risk groups are vaccinated, why the alarm? To separate a group of people as spreaders of disease also rings ugly historical bells.Part of my decision is also that I am on principle against the medical control system now being implemented, where one is regarded sick until proven healthy, and which has already resulted in medical apartheid.I have friends in Sweden who suffer from narcolepsy after the swine flu scandal in 2009 when a badly tested vaccine was rushed to the market and injured many before it was pulled. This too has informed my decision.My heart is filled with many years of magical musical memories with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and Orchestra. Unforgettable performances of Mahler Symphonies and works by Stravinsky, Beethoven, Berlioz with MTT, the many brilliant guest conductors we have had, and also the times when I had the honor of being on the podium, with works by Bach, Handel, and Poulenc’s Figure Humaine and more. I also deeply regret resigning just when Esa-Pekka Salonen is taking over the helm at the SFS.I will miss this extraordinary group of talented and dedicated singers more than I can express. I will also miss the beautiful Bay Area where I met so many wonderful people and forged deep friendships.Sincerely, Ragnarhttps://www.facebook.com/ragnar.bohlin/posts/10158442122813131https://california-artists-management.squarespace.com/ragnar-b

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The proof of vaccine to enter requirement, dubbed the Key to NYC, will apply to indoor restaurants, bars, museums and movie theaters, but not to places such as office buildings, community and senior centers as well as outdoor dining areas.

On Sept. 13, the city will begin issuing fines — $1,000 for a first offense and $2,000 for a second — to indoor businesses that fail to ensure their venues are off limits to those who remain unvaccinated.


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Ever-increasing pressure to submit for the shots resembles something familiar, more and more. Only the fervently religious fetishists are on the other side…

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И о погоде

Вернёмся к нашим баранам – радостно блеющим по дороге на заклание:

vit_r , на редкость для него lucid post

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By Dr. Patrick Frank, elsewhere:

The mRNA treatment is not a vaccine in any conventional or medical-science sense of that word.

The US presently has about 12,000 mRNA-associated deaths and more than 1M adverse events, many very serious.

Meanwhile, SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) is dangerous only to older infirm people. The young to age 30 are virtually immune without treatment. By age 50, the infection survival rate is still 99.9% and is 99% at 70. And that’s when left untreated.

Treated with Ivermectin and/or HCQ/Zn/Vitamin D, and survival increases by a further 60-80%

Even the CDC reported that ~5.5% of the reported deaths were from the virus itself. The remaining ~94.5% had an average of 4 comorbidities.

The whole Covid frenzy is built on nothing. SARS-Cov-2 is not dangerous. The mRNA treatment is experimental and now known to be acutely dangerous, with completely unexplored long-term dangers.

No one should get the mRNA treatment. The benefits are non-existent and the costs are ever more obvious.

The whole thing — the alarm, the lock-downs, the active suppression of effective drug-treatments, the character assassinations of physicians who speak out, the coercive pressures to get jabbed – in some countries forced injections – the injections of infants, the subversion of parental authority — it is the worst crime against humanity since Mao Zedong imposed Communism and murdered 120 million of his countrymen.

But in this case the crime is carried out by elected officials upon previously free peoples.

The reason people are quiet, I think, is because they have not yet come to accept that it may take a shooting war to resist the culture war being waged against them.

No one wants to upend their normal life. Upending requires people driven to desperation. People who have nothing more to lose. That may be coming.


PF adds:

interview with Peter McCullough

Also this conversation with Reiner Fuellmich and David Martin

Fuellmich translates for his German audience, making the discussion 2 hr. You can skip across if you like.

Both interviews are extraordinary, and paint a picture of malignancy beyond understanding.

Recorded 9 October 2020, but still relevant and still stunning.



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Халоймес эта ваша т.н. “вакцина”

Но вы продолжайте колоться! Без меня.

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Слава Сэ умер

19 июня, от двусторонней пневмонии вызванной короновирусом

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Из коммента: как оно организовано.

1. Делаем много тестов с завышенным ПЦР циклом == получаем много ложнопозитивных.
2. Подымаем вой про “Море зараженных! Госпиталя загибаются! Мы все умрём!”
3. Скармливаем эту туфту быдломассам каждый день.
4. Ради спасения осташихся в живых избирателей ВВОДИМ ЛОКДАУН и всякие там маски/регуляции.
5. Раздаём безработным бабло (госбабло из напечатанного) чтобы не вякали.
6. Перераспределяем дохлые бизнеса/землю и т.д.
7. Прикручиваем ретивых тестировщиков и показываем “Локдаун РАБОТАЕТ! УРА!”
8. Отменяем локдаун НО не регуляции + добавляем ДОБРОВОЛЬНУЮ вакцинацию (тут вопросы ещё требуют изучения поскольку нифига не ясно кроме как “контролировать быдломассы”).
9. Ждём сезонной цикличности (любой вирус сгодится ибо маски могут прибить иммуннную систему, а вакцина, кмк, тупо не защищает но надеюсь не способствует).
10. Возвращаемся к п.1.

Это грубая прикидка но как-то так работает.

Похоже, так и есть.

Интересно, Индия, с их 200К “toll”, whatever that means,  переняла ноу-хау или они и правда помирают штабелями на улицах?

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Cindy Adams at NY Post, today:

Gin may be the perfect tonic to watch the Oscars — about whom who cares? — which will broadcast from “multiple locations.” Means whoever has the largest bookcase to pose in front of plus the smallest nostrils for a Zoom to stick up in will get to announce films nobody went to any theater to see. It will be late April — in time for Fauci’s next announcement.

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It’s the season

…for a taxman to be jolly.


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In technical terms

The COVID situation was political from start to finish; the Chinese leveraged their contacts and agents within the US government to erase Trump from American politics, and the disease was the tool.

Fauci went against declared US government policy to finance what is termed “gain of function” research at the Wuhan facility. That was either released on purpose, or it got out due to the usual crappy Chinese attention to detail and care. Could also be due to the employees selling infected test animals, or sloppy work resulting in infected employees. Either way, the Chinese and their purchased agents within the US government leveraged the opportunity they created, and here we are.

Looking at it objectively, from the outside? The response was always completely political. The CDC didn’t believe it was a big deal, as evidenced in how they responded with untrained personnel to deal with that Japanese cruise ship situation, didn’t deploy with necessary contamination gear, and then brought back the exposed while refusing to test any asymptomatic people for the disease. They also shut down that doctor in Seattle who was doing mass screenings, which would likely have shown that whatever the hell was going on, we had COVID here in the US long before January 2020.

The whole thing was political from start to finish, and you could tell from the way they handled it. None of the CDC functionaries took this seriously, and there was no real sense of urgency to their actions. We only have a vaccine because Trump pushed through changes to the usual vaccine approval process–Normally, they’d still be in testing. Remains to be seen whether or not this was a good idea, but we’ll see.

My money is on this whole deal being an opportunistic political deal from start to finish. The flu epidemic of 2009 is going to turn out to have killed more people, by the end of this all. I’d lay money on that… And, because it wasn’t highlighted and spun up in the news, nobody will ever know.

Face the facts… The Republic is lost, and has been since the seventies. The bureaucrats and unelected staff run the show, while the congressional scum make money selling off America to its enemies. Biden just reopened the US power grid to Chinese companies again, and gee, won’t that work out wonderfully?

To put it in technical terms, we are fucked.


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Сколько людей – а мнения похожи.


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Safe and secure

Found in pop-up ad:


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С вечера, после того как изменила в линкдине место работы, пачками получаю поздравления. Проснулись даже люди, с которыми я не общалась годами, и отметился некий Алан,  совсем его не помню – кто таков?

Поздравила близкая подруга, и в постскриптуме – “а мы тут все выпали в ковид, с прошлой среды. дочка легче всех, а мне и мужу плохо. но ты не волнуйся, мы пьём витамины!” Господи, неужели в Бронксе не найдётся лУчшего лекарства, чем витамины? это всё, чем до сих пор лечат?

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