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Про такинета

Не вижу причин говорить хорошее о плохом человеке.  Кто прячется за урезаной латинской поговоркой (тем более – переобувается в полёте) – просто суеверно боится смерти, страхуется от   «а ну как обо мне тоже чего неприятного скажут?». Конкретно к славословиям такинету бывшими его противниками*: гадость. Потому что там не просто суеверие, а рука руку моет московской тусовки. Перефразируя сами-знаете-кого, Пусть и мерзкий, гаденький – да наш.

* see thread

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Instead of wasting so much effort I should’ve remembered the adage featuring a pig, mud and wrestling.

My memory failed me: we’ve met before. The second I saw the pseudonym “Billy Brandt” I should have recalled this particular chivalrous defender of womanhood – as well as the final insult by the blog’s owner .

My bad.

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Quote from Wiki:

Occidental’s coal interests were represented for many years by attorney and former U.S. Senator Albert Arnold Gore, Sr., among others. Gore, who had a longtime close friendship with Hammer, became the head of the subsidiary Island Creek Coal Company, upon his election loss in the Senate. Much of Occidental’s coal and phosphate production was in Tennessee, the state Gore represented in the Senate, and Gore owned shares in the company. Former Vice President Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. received much criticism from environmentalists, when the shares passed to the estate after the death of Albert Gore, Sr., and Albert Gore, Jr. was a son and the executor of the estate.[41][42] Albert Gore Jr. did not exercise control over the shares, which were eventually sold when the estate closed.[43][44]

Hammer was very fond of Albert Gore, Jr., and in 1984 under Hammer’s guidance Gore, Jr. sought Tennessee’s senate office previously held by Howard Baker. Hammer supposedly promised Gore, Sr. that he could make his son the president of the United States. It was under Hammer’s encouragement and support that Gore Jr. sought the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 1988.


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A wedding general


In 2005, Caring flew 480 people, including Elizabeth Hurley and Sting, to St Petersburg for an outrageously decadent champagne-and-caviar fancy dress party at Catherine the Great’s Winter Palace. That event, which elevated him to the A-list of London socialites, raised more than £10 million for charity, including a reported £660,000 that Caring paid to the Bill Clinton Foundation in return for the former U.S. President agreeing to attend.”

[scroll to 41-49.00]


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Миррский карнавал

М.A. Шапиро .

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idnycNaturally, I am completely against this card as form of identification, even more so – as an ID for the questionably-legal (because, as our infamous mayor BdB insist, “immigration status does not matter”. Doesn’t it? Look at Germany, Billie!)
See, f.i., combination of what documents can get you this card in NYC:
-Your child’s U.S. Birth Certificate – listing applicant as birth parent
-Foreign Driver’s License – NOT machine readable
-U.S. School Transcript without date of birth (transcript from H.S. NOT including date of birth, dates attended, academic record etc)
-Plus one document establishing residency: like letter from Homeless shelter or High School.
Absolutely ridiculous!

What can one use this card for? Among other uses, “Benefits like SNAP, cash assistance and Section 8″. Or as government prescription medication discount card (50% off). Compare to a normal insurance-issued benefits card: tiers of “covered” medications, mandatory generics instead of proprietory brands, and premiums and copays of such magnitude that using the insurance card in a pharmacy makes absolutely no economic sense. A relative told me a diabetic med costs MORE with insurance card than if declared absence of insurance and paid pharmacy price out of pocket.
But I digress.

I’d like to offer an explanation why there are now 8mln NewYorkers who applied for the card.


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…, или Рыба Гниет с Головы.

Professor, as usual, doesn’t mince words in evaluating recent muslim shooting in San-Bernardino and Obamatollah* Administraiton’s reaction on that:

…Along with trashing the Second Amendment, the administration has its sights set on the First. No doubt the 5th can be jettisoned too, if guns or politically incorrect speech are involved.
* Very apt term proposed in the comments’ section.

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Не я первая отметила

Ну так вот ещё один плагиат имиджа длиной в жизнь.


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Globalized Emptiness

Упал в почту email из LinkedIn-группы Design&Construction, я от них получаю новости в профессии. Мельком глянула – и глаза протёрла: сплю ли я, грежу ли?

Член группы, уважаемый человек с множеством солидных аббревиатур после имени и блестящим резюме (“worked with a New York City Top 5 Design firm (Perkins Eastman Architects PC) and ENR-Top 100 CM-for-Fee firm”) – постит линк на статью в – опять же, солидном – архитектурном журнале.
И там мелькают слова, которые не могут, никак не могут, не должны быть связаны:
Гейдар Алиев, Заха Хадид, Культурный Центр, “nimble two-layer space frame”, “supportive bridesmaid to double envelope”, “Nureyev moment”, “planned subway line”, Патрик Шумахер (ко-партнер под вывеской Захи) – и некий project architect Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu, “series of terraces interlaced with reflecting pools and waterfalls”…
И среди них – единственно понятные:
-Cost: Withheld
-“the client, DIA Holding, also served as the design/build contractor”

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CaptureCNN :9hrs ago, RussiaToday (Putin mouthpiece): 13hrs ago.

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I took the pictures below on Rector Street subway station platform. This outrageous poster lasted a week before enraged citizens started to tear it apart (me included). I wonder how MTA justifies giving permission to plaster it on publicly-funded walls in the first place. In my 22 yrs of riding subways I don’t recall any other political poster being given space normally sold to commercial advertisers. I don’t remember American election campaign posters – in 5 election cycles i lived in this city, nor any foreign political organization. This is the first time MTA chose to engage in politics. And look whom they are given their preference. (more…)

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Пока три


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Я знаю, о чём вы говорите…

В стране, где сумасшедший дом гармонично совмещен с жилым многоквартирным, каждый день – это день угрозы для вашей жизни, как вы видите из новостей выше – никакая “внутренняя эмиграция” не спасет вас от отморозка/старушки/ребенка/почтальона/соседа с топором/битой/лопатой/косой/шоколадкой/ножом/стеклянной банкой или джипом.

Yanson, в коммюнити “пора валить”

От себя скажу: за 8 лет чтения ЖЖ динамика для меня ясна: от относительной порядочности к мелко-залегающей дикости, агрессии, подлости, травле (и защите от оной, как они понимают)* стаями. В самых рафинированных питерских интеллигентах [за примерами обращайтесь, список длинный] за минуту расхождения с собеседником просыпается скандальный (или приблатнённо-юродивый) трамвайный хам. Этическая норма у них теперь допускает такое поведение, такие дела, что были немыслимы ещё десяток лет тому – а здесь немыслимы уже полтора века.**


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Sergio Berni, Argentine “security secretary”, should read few choice detective stories on the classic problem of “a corpse in the room that appears to be locked from inside“.

Updated with visual aid:

Vince Foster? Alberto Nisman? The guy is a joke!

I wonder who will have the last laugh.

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Video: back to USSR

And 700 comments by “soviet patriots”: Lies, lies, American lies!

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“A light of our world”

, – that is how a commenter described an article and discussion in today’s American Thinker,

Je Suis Sick and Tired of Cant, by Clarice Feldman:

Millions of pixels gave their lives this week in lame efforts to explain the horrid slaughter of innocents in France, most of it pure cant by cowardly journalists, uninformed politicians offering up theological views on Islam, and self-described experts on terrorism who blame it on everything from Israel to the West’s defense against such attacks […]

We ought to consider reducing to the barest minimum and for limited purposes visas from countries which support, encourage or even tolerate Muslim fundamentalism, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan.

We ought to expel any non-citizens who espouse jihadism and close mosques whose leaders endorse or support it. Incitement to murder is a crime whether it’s inside or outside a mosque. We should speed up the deportation of residents and citizens who have gone abroad to fight with IS and Al Qaeda.

We ought to more closely monitor Moslem worship on our military bases and in our prisons and weed out any Salafists in the ranks of these chaplains. Right now they are breeding grounds for further mayhem.

We ought to require visa and citizenship applicants to swear under oath that they understand and appreciate our laws on free speech, press and religion, and that they will not advocate for the imposition of sharia law.

We ought to jail any parent known to us who has forced their daughter into a marriage abroad or to undergo a clitorectomy.

We ought to ban hijabs in public spaces, and stop tolerating demands for special treatment. How odd is it that bakeries not usually considered public accommodations  (for other than racial discrimination) under our laws are compelled to  bake gay wedding cakes while Somali-born cab drivers in Minnesota — engaged what is always considered a public accommodation — are exempt from carrying even aid dogs or passengers with liquor?

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Не знаю чего именно, любая формулировка оказывается недостаточной – одно ясно, чего-то маловыносимого по причине густой вони.
Мусульманская подстилка – наверное, точнее всего; грубо, но это только с нашей т.зр., потому что это оскорбление – только для нас.

“Я, например, к исламу отношусь прохладно. Но когда я живу в Малайзии или Марокко – я махровый исламист. Я понимаю, что мусульманские страны – самые безопасные на планете именно из-за своего религиозного фанатизма. Этот фанатизм меня как бы и охраняет от алкоголиков, геев, гопников и лохотронщиков. …от геев охраняет не так эффективно, как нож, но все-таки… Не знаю кем надо быть, чтобы в исламской стране подрывать тот самый исламизм, который тебя защищает. И кем надо быть, чтобы подрывать его во Франции, где его тоже много.”

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Из ленты friends-of-friend:
1. [цитата из Соболева/lucas-v-leyden]


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Just watched the press-conference of the police commissioner. In response to a question by reporter in the audience the mayor said: this is not the time to talk about politics, now we have to think about the families of the officers killed.

I bet it’s not, for him! And it’ll never be, the shameless cowardly pinko. Why didn’t he think about the families of police officers when he provoked the targeting of the cops, with his blaming the police in Garner case? The blood of these two cops is on his hands and the hands of other agitators encouraging the dissolution of the law and order – of those so called “activists”, like Sharpton and such – who never get in the harm’s way themselves but inflame the riotous criminal crowds.

I was afraid something like this will happen when I talked about liberals sawing the branch they are sitting on.

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Как они охорашиваются и заискивают перед Швейцарией-то. Что бы это значило? Подготавливают маркет для массовой арт-продажи, как это делало ленинское правительство? Или лично для себя стараются, using mixed metaphor, готовят почву для запасного парашюта?

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Cuban Bummer

You all know what the MSM, our Canadian lukewarm neighbors and European do-goodies are saying re: newly announced diplomatic relations with communist dictatorship of Cuba.

Let’s hear what Cuban -Americans think about it:

During Obama’s remarks – which I confess I could barely stomach – he had the audacity of quoting Jose Marti. Yet with one glaring omission:

Obama stated “Liberty if the right of every man to be honest”

He left out the most important part:

“Liberty is the right of every man to be honest, TO THINK AND SPEAK WITHOUT HYPOCRISY.

Sometimes, what’s not said is what rings loudest.



What: Come out tonight to show solidarity with members of the Cuban opposition visiting Miami!
When: 6:00pm
Where: FIU Law School, 11200 S.W. 8th Street, Miami, FL 33199


Ah, if I could be in Miami now I most definitely would.


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Correct and concise:

There once was a thug named Brown,
Who bum-rushed a cop with a frown,
Six bullets later,
He met his creator,
Then his homies burnt down the town.

Author is threatened with rape and murder by “righteous” Social Justice Warriors. I wish them to get themselves what they are wishing on her – that would be real justice.

[via Jordan]

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Меня прокомментировал notorious takinet!
Как всегда, с больной головы на здоровую и пальцем в небо, и в выражениях заставляющих сомневаться в проф.компетенции этого само-провозглашённого “учителя в государственной [российской] школе”:

То есть ты, мудло, еще берешься тут подгавкивать русским фашикам? Дистантно, чтобы не платить за свои пакости? Не удивлен.

По какому поводу я удостоилась? А вот.

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Certainly the Russians can heavily damage the Ukraine; but this is all pointless in the longer term. They are trading their wealth, soldiers and energies for essentially nothing of value in return. Their professional army can destroy but they cannot occupy the Ukraine, although their bandits probably can create some sort of brutal strong-arm “government” in the blasted areas they control with whatever population cannot escape (likely the old and alcoholics) similar to what has been deployed in Chechnya and other “frozen” conflict areas.

The Russian economy is heavily damaged; the fall in oil prices is (mostly) beyond their control but it is happening at a most un-opportune time. Sanctions will punish those few Russian companies that attempt to sell to the West, and state control of the Internet is also hurting one of their most competitive industries (high tech). The ruble is also falling and soon the Russians will be able to buy what is produced locally and this will not be the cornucopia of choice that they have today.

Read the whole thing, as they say: sound logic and many apt observations. Don’t miss the China-related prognosis at the end.

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