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Last month’s debate at Soho Forum – where I periodically went to observe live libertarians in NYC, despite unreasonably expensive tickets and mediocre snacks provided by catering service of Japanese wife of the organizer – will be the last for me.

Last time I was forced to listen to this kind of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel drivel  was when I was leaving USSR – as a Jewish refugee – and it was precisely the reason I left.

Danny-boy, pictured above, in best imitation of Soviet TV anchors, same actor’s diction and modulations, and almost the same expressions, accused Israel of genocide (attempted, if not performed – his words); assured the audience that he is not an anti-semite  (short of declaring his best friends are Jews) – but he’s looking after interests of all Middle East, to save lives of American soldiers and in interest of fairness; his heart of a soldier breaks for poor abused palestinians who live without a hope for their own state – while un-democratic Israelis pronounce themselves shamelessly a national Jewish state. He said that Hamas now is not the same as it was 10yrs ago, and “we” (US) should be forcing Israel to make a peace with it. That rockets that fly to Israeli cities are 1st, harmless, 2nd, don’t come from palestinians, 3rd, come as reaction to aggressive Israeli oppression. That the fact that claiming a “right to return” are now 3 times more “palestinians” than were at the time they were kicked out of Israel land is explained not by fraud – but by “increased demographic birthrates, a tradition in the region”. That it is time to stop feeding Israel with American money and arms! – not  a word of how much we’ve bleed to Arafat and Co and whole unholy cabal of arab leaches.

So on, and on, and on.  My blood boils when I try to recall it all, for this post.

Leftist, anti-semitic, racist, base lies and libel.

His opponent was also a leftist – but a Jew. Lame, whining, apologetic. Said he “doesn’t condone Israeli expansion to settlements”and he’s opposed to Israel as a national state. Disgusting. He lost in the “debate”- and public ( mixed, with fair proportion of Arabs in attendance) rejoiced.

I am appalled.

Sent a request for refund for my VIP package of the 5 debates, explaining exactly why. We’ll see if I have to fight to get my money back.

To hell with NY libertarians, to hell with this “Oxford-style debate”, and to hell with its organizer – with a Jewish name.


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Как я ржала!

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Us & Them

Sam J. says:

The Israelis need to stop murdering everyone around them(us too). At some point people will realize that they can send mass drones and blast all those planes to pieces. Jews have a serious mental illness about compromise. I don’t think it’s possible for them to live with anyone peacefully or at least they never have.

Thread @ Isegoria

How much  you want to bet that by “us” Sam meant Russian nationals?

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Welcome to Paradise


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[Arsonists] were cruising the city and throwing explosive packages from the car windows – at people, gas stations, neighborhood electrical transformer stations and natural gas lines...”


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Отчего-то стало интересно читать воспоминания о первых годах эмиграции. Наверное, уже больше не болит; уже наконец дома и память сгладила всё ужасное, уродливое, горькое – отчаяние, неизвестность, неуверенность, тараканьи бега и мышиный страх.
Американские мемуары принималась читать несколько раз, и всегда забрасываю: как резанёт какая-нибудь неправда, так уже не веришь ничему, и продолжать не хочется.
А вот вдруг заинтересовали рассказы уехавших в другие страны. Ведь совсем, совсем другой опыт! За другие выступы хватались, взбираясь к спокойной жизни; другого ожидали от окружающих; ну и местные словечки выливаются из совершенно других понятий и реальности – ну вот как израильский мазган, он же не просто conditioner, или их (прописанные в строительном стандарте!) бомбоубежищные комнаты в каждой квартире.
И хоть не примеряю на себя общую идею – в Израиль я не ехала совершенно сознательно, и эта уверенность не изменилась за 30 лет – но всякие мелочи останавливают внимание и напоминают забытое своё.


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Добавляю в коллекцию.

Экземпляр о себе:
“…я люблю женщин больше, чем все феминистки мира вместе взятые.”


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