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Our ruling class is turning up the lies and the sleaze and the hoaxes, to seize the high ground, in their usual way.

David Warren

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On one hand:

Walmart requires the unvaccinated to be escorted by staff as they shop

Those without proof of vaccination are only allowed to buy groceries and pharmacy products.

[…]Under the new rules, those who show proof of vaccination will be free to shop. Those who don’t show proof of vaccination will be told to wait in a blue box until a member of staff is available to escort them as they shop. This member of staff will then follow them around the store and make sure they don’t buy any prohibited goods.

Source: Walmart introduces vaccine passports in Quebec, will require the unvaccinated to be escorted by staff as they shop
On the other,

Anti-vaccine tracker convoy coalition called Freedom Rally, are moving all over Canada in direction of Ottawa


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…Also the 2022 trend of rich gents’ new habit of renting — NOT marrying — their young females. Like if Amazon’s delivery slows and the boss’ delivery also slows — the guarantee is her future’s taken care of. No prenup, no lawyers, no hassles over who grabs which painting. This way each gets what they need. The only ass to marry his ass is the former HRH Harry. Why? Because he’s an ass.

HA! read the whole thing

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Wider perspective

A pithy quote:

“With getting a Chinese virus, we are getting more and more Chinese ourselves”

From where, you ask? Mark Steyn on GB

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He’s wearing a t-shirt!

What more proof do you want?!

J. Hoft did yourself (and us) no favors with this crap…shouldn’t post hastily on matters he has no understanding. Or maybe it’s what his audience want: simplistic finger-pointing, no matter how wrong. Who has the time to get themselves acquainted with intricacies of foreign politics and events, for more than 5 min anyway?

“Russians were called by Dems to be behind Tramp? Then they are our friends. Ukranians are Russian enemies? Yay, let’s call them neo-nazi, then! And use Lugandon dats-tzi-bao as proof!  Even better – there is a distinctive Jewish theme – yep, these peeps are wearing the same “Zhidobanderites”  t-shirt. It’s a gang!”



No surprise – the threads are full of expected antisemitic (“jews equal communists”) comments. Well done, JH. I think  I know whom I am NOT supporting anymore.

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Рассмотрим на примере одного поста на 2х языках, рус и Eng.

Прежде всего замечаем, что английскую страницу приходится проворачивать вниз на экране: текст в 2 раза длинней.

Что выпало из русского варианта? Да так,  детали:


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What shoud I do?

lady d

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Blog Break

I started work for a very demanding new client. It is a big corporation on the rise, they shuffle their workforce around several floors, buildings and cities – and all these people need a seat, a desk, an office and a decent access to a fire escape.
Monday I’ll spend in DC, the end of the month – in Quebec City, the interim – on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan.
Blog is on a back burner.

See you later!

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За истекший период ничего НОВОГО плохого не произошло.
Зато нашёлся, по ссылке friends-of-friends, забавный ролик г-на П. Короленко, отлично иллюстрирующий данную серию. Применять в качестве рефрена к каждому посту.


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Проснулась с открытием: я знаю, кого мне напоминает Alec Baldwin – Игоря Квашу!
Это, наверное, к вопросу о подсознательном воздействии media…вот ведь, не вспоминала о нём 20 лет, а тут промелькнуло где-то в ленте о его смерти, и мозги зафурычили, сами по себе.

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I just sold my 15 (or maybe even 17…) yrs Sony Trinitron veteran to a guy found @ Craigslist. There is a hole on my wall. It feels very, very strange not being able to turn on the box that would pour stupid idiotic shows on me. It’s not going to be for long – a new one is in transit to me from Amazon – but in a meanwhile I feel like I have OCD. Help! Feed me some mindless entertainment!

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Ben & Doug

D: Are you excited about digital advertising, working on integrated thought leadership sponsorship campaigns, and providing excellent customer service to clients? (from a job’s mailing list)

B: I found myself drooling and panting just now, and I couldn’t really figure out why. But now I realize, it must have been because I was thinking about an integrated thought leadership campaign!

The Bandarlog

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Tell me, do you find the comedian called Louis C K funny? Someone linked to his youtube appearances, so I looked…

He seems to me rather rude, bullyish and infantile. I do understand he cultivates that persona, but the persona he cultivates is quite unpleasant. Also, I abhor the practice of using your close family as  butt of the jokes, especially vulgar jokes, and double that for jokes that involve sex with your wife or desirability of your children.

Besides, his material is simply not funny.

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You’ve got TM!

This morning I woke to melodic signal of my phone signifying receipt of a text message. In the Fall I slashed TMs from my phone plan; all my correspondents know that and use email if they prefer communicate by text rather than voice. Alarmed (some of my dear are not near at the moment, that could have been an emergency cry from them) I looked it up. Somebody called Steve has sent urgent messages to his boss, informing him the plane to Denver is delayed and he will be late for a meeting. Having obviously nothing better to do in Newark airport he amused himself by describing the circumstances of his plight in lengthy epistles, each taking two screens on my LG phone, totaling 3 (three) so far. To stop the flow I replied to Steve with “you’ve got a wrong number”. So far he cost me $.80, but who knows how much more it could be if he is sufficiently bored! Anybody knows how are the flying conditions in Denver?

Утром проснулась под пиликанье телефончика: так он оповещает, что получил СМС. Все мои корреспонденты знают, что я убрала эту опцию из своего телефонного плана; если кто-то предпочитает общаться текстом, он может послать мне email вместо звонка. Обеспокоившись, полезла смотреть, уж не случилось ли какой беды. Некий Стив, сидя в Нюаркском аэропорту, сообщает своему боссу, что самолёт в Денвер задерживается, и он опоздает на совещание. Одного раза ему показалось мало, и он зафигачил 3 (!) письма с вариациями, каждое длиной на 2 моих экрана. Чтоб прекратить новые, я послала ответ “эй, ты ошибся адресом” и проверила счётчик на сайте Спринта: 80 центов, пока что. Кто знает, лётная ли погода в Денвере, отзовитесь! Вдруг он застрял надолго и ему станет скучно?

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…At age 19 she was a fashion student at the Community College of Philadelphia. But, on a fateful day, while riding her bicycle, the driver of a Jeep made an illegal turn, hurdling into Gardot and leaving her in the street for dead. Hospitalized for months with multiple head injuries and pelvic fractures, her love for music was the best therapy she could receive.


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Groucho incarnate

– You have a right to remain silent.

– I will if you will!

[Piece of dialogue from an installment of Monk]

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I realized what irks me (slightly) in the way Americans pronounce “Kardashian”: they say it as if indicating a nationality or a place of origin. Sort of like “Bavarian”, “Italian” or “Chilean”. As if generously-endowed sisters came from a mythical place called Kardashia, abundant in loud curvy women with appetite for life…

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Мы пойдём другим путём (с) [сами знаете кто]

We’ll follow a different path  (V.I. Ulyanov-Lenin at the news of execution of his older brother, a terrorist, after unsuccessful attempt of assassination of the Tsar )

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What can I add to the commentary re: Weinergate? Only this delicious morsel of a quote from Washington Post from about a year ago, describing coming nuptials between Sen. A. Weiner(D) and his bride, H.Clinton aide H. Abedin:

It was “love at first sight” for Weiner, Hillary told the crowd Wednesday. The Clintons encouraged the match between the Muslim beauty who grew up in Saudi Arabia and the Jewish Democrat from New York City. The couple represents, Bill said in his toast, what he wants “the future of the world to be.”

OK, make it two quotes:

[Bill] Clinton jokingly said that marrying a politician can be tough because it’s “easy to distrust them, whatever their religion,” a source told the Daily News.

Ah, Huma, Huma, you should have listened! The man is an expert…

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T’is the truth

Also: Carl@ChicagoBoyz

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…in 3 days:

Witch Community Upset With Sheen’s Depiction of a Warlock

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Dog Sunday

I just love how someone in the background cautions “don’t spit” when Mishka says: “Obama

I’ve never seen a blue-eyed dog. Have you?

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Expat universe

World is full of wonder, I’m never tired being amazed by the fact. Internet just made this realization more noticeable.

After reading Alan Little’s comment to Brian’s post I leisurely googled “history of foreign occupation of Portugal”. Haven’t found what I was looking for, but came across an astonishing publication. Apparently there is a local newspaper in English in Algarve established, maybe, by British expats? – or so it seems to me after 3-minute browsing – called Algarve Resident, that highlights such tremendously important matters as golf courses supposedly putting strain on the environment, possible abuse of German juveniles in Portuguese homes (?!?) and…wait for it…the need [of Portugal]  to “invest in biomass and nuclear energy”.

Two more links on that site brought me to possible sponsor of that enterprise, The ResidentGroup, that evidently owns other branches – AlgarveGoodLife magazine, Welcome magazine, golf, real estate and business websites, directories for property buyers and various services (medical, retail, etc)…I immediately remembered my friends Ivonne and Roger whom I met in resort hotel in Lagos, a couple from W. Midlands, vacationing on Algarve coast for the last 15 years.

Aaaaaa, the British are coming!

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Amorous present

From TV commercial:

[soap-opera brunet in a black satin robe, surrounded with red cushions]:

Want to give your woman something special this Valentine Day? Get tested for testicular cancer!

I swear…

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