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  • filling a form for a transfer of significant sum between two accounts, I made a stupid, dyslexian typo: accidentally swiched last two digits of the latter account number. tens of thousands dissolved in thin air. naturally, I wrote to both account managers this morning. the weekend, however, is ruined…more so that it was my own idiotic mistake that caused it
  • a wheel that fell off my beloved travelpro carry-on is still not fixed. I googled luggage repairs, but the closest one that’s “authorized” is 2 bus transfers and 3 subway stops away…and I don’t want to appeal to a closer but shoddier repair shop and to prove the adage about cheap bastards who pay twice. I so do not want to leave my warm apartment and lug (d’oh!) my luggage thru urban obstacle course! UPDATE: I called to make an appointment and got a VM: “Sorry, we a closed until OCTOBER 28”!
  • received an HR notice that my yearly evaluation is coming. I’ve to compile 2 forms and “think about my goals, strategic and tactical”, and how they “align with the Co’s”, as well as contemplate the upcoming session with 3 of my immediate bosses. fuuuuudge, as he said in my favorite movie.
  • Wednesday marked 28yrs of my arriving in this here blessed country. Boy, am I tired
  • a heap of unfinished sewing and a small mountain of non-started knitting look me in the eye every time I happen to glance in their general direction…and quickly look away
  • Started to notice lack of energy when I return home after a workday ->need to have some rest -> have to make up my mind where to go on a time-off -> but, but – coronavirus! ->excuses aside, I don’t want to leave my comfortable home ->but that’s not the way to restore my energy, otherwise it’d have happened already ->see the start of this rant…
  • Tax season! forms and statements are piling up, as well as procrastination level and general blue moods.

Which might explain all of the above.

How ’bout you?

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Power of Taxes

From my electric bill’s explanation of charges:


Trump-instigated tax relief balances off social-engineering tax imposed by NYS socialistic bureaucrats. Yay!


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Nation of shopkeepers

Believing in national stereotypes has its downside: risk of falling in deep doo-doo. Like that bon mot by Napoleon in this post’ title. What kind of business genius will repeat the same mistake – that cost him dearly, practically ruining the golden goose – twice? English, apparently.

The Boston Tea Party: 1773

Salt Tax in India: 1835

Could it be possible that British East India Co continuously employed MBA graduates starting 1770’s?


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