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Крыштина Пронько, Oto Cały ty – гимн моей юности



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On 5 or 6 August 1942, German soldiers came to collect the 192 orphans (there is some debate about the actual number: it may have been 196), and about one dozen staff members, to transport them to Treblinka extermination camp. Korczak had been offered sanctuary on the “Aryan side” by Żegota but turned it down repeatedly, saying that he could not abandon his children. On 5 August he again refused offers of sanctuary, insisting that he would go with the children. He stayed with the children all the way until the end.

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На смерть AN

Разноголосица на вечную тему “можно ли выражать негативные мнения о недавно скончавшемся” достигла уровня скандала (см. пост avva – btw, как это всегда получается, что вроде бы чинно-благородные, полные тихого интеллигентского негодования посты avvа всегда вызывают самые жуткие жж-шные драки?)

Мои мысли на тему совпадают со следующим постом одного из френдов. Добавлю: когда я вижу вчера-ещё-непримиримого политического противника умершего вдруг славословящего покойного, да ещё стыдящего и затыкающего рты соратников, мне становится как-то тошно. Как если бы я вдруг подсмотрела некрасивую, подлую мысль или поступок у приличного человека. Заставляет задуматься – либо его убеждения не настолько глубоки и вовсе не убеждения, а приспособничество или дань моде. Либо его страх смерти побеждает его убеждения. Оба варианта хуже.

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Union appropriation

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A city on the edge of many places,

a space of constant insecurity.

John Self wrote an insightful review to a new Pushkin Press book of essays (two of them) about L’vov.

Must be a good companion to Lem. Adding it to my “to buy” list.

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We’ve met at my first big architectural company: I, a junior designer, and T – a project architect with 15 yrs practice. She helped me, she was my mentor and confidant. She gave me my first reference. We became friends, and continued to be for 16 years. On Monday I called to invite her and her husband to my son’s wedding.

The phone was discontinued.

I search my cell for her husband’s number –  and when he answered, asked why T doesn’t pick up.

-She is gone, – he said. -Her cancer returned, and it was quick.

T. never smoked.

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15 after

Wasn’t going to write, least of all – to write a commemoration-of-tragedy post.

Then an hour ago a note from LiveJournal fell into my inbox: “someone with an alias igparis has added you as a friend”. Who is that, I wondered.


Turns out, it’s a truther. Igor Vladislavovich Voskressenski, 62yo, located in Paris, France, is obsessed with conspiracy theories about 9/11 attacks. God knows what made him think I’ll be appreciative of his oeuvre. Or why did he decide to add my name to his “friends band” – he “friended “4 times more people than reciprocated – precisely on the eve of the 15 years’ anniversary of our grief. I’ve no inclination to read his elaborate fantasies, nor am I interested in mental disorders of Russians with “orthodox-priestly” last names, living in France.

All I will say: take your dirty paws off our pain, you worm.

Hole in the sky…You know how I feel

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