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Lunch walk

Strolling around the office in May sunshine

[see the rest here, or @ the lower right margin Flikr window]


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8 утра. Комната в будайском “Модном отеле” сдана, багаж оставлен консьержу, у меня 2 часа до заказанного такси и 5 часов до вылета. Полчаса на завтрак (и какой! ах, эти кокосово-бело-шоколадные шарики к кофе с пенкой!)

Вышла из ворот на улице Ури, пересекла квартал до стены и пошла гулять по периметру.

Тихо, безлюдно. Цветут каштаны, семенят собачки, часы бьют на церкви Матиаша.

8am. The guestroom’s key card is surrendered to reception, a porter stored my carry-on, I have 2 hrs till shuttle to the airport and 5 – till my flight. Buda Fashion Hotel’ restaurant fed me their last breakfast, fit for a squadron of hungry Hussars – oh, those coconut-white chocolate balls with cappuccino!

Out the doors I go, across Uri Utca, along the meter-thick  parapet wall,  around the castle hill. There are no people, just occasional doggie and his master on a leash. Heady aroma of blossoming chestnuts, breeze, sun and melodic sounds of clock from the Matthias church.

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where was I yesterday?


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The Renwick, Part II

Opened another folder on camera’s memory card – and discovered more pics from the Renwick Hotel.


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IMG_0116You might ask: “you, an atheist – and “temple” of any sort? why, or why?” And I’ll tell you, flashing my lashes over curvy shoulder: Art Deco, baby!


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IMG_0100Open to the public last time before big renovation, TWA terminal in John.F.Kennedy airport was THE destination this past OpenHouse weekend.

The OHNY site description reads:

Architect: Eero Saarinen, 1962; Restoration, Beyer Blinder Belle, 2015

One of the most famous icons of mid-century modernism, the TWA Flight Center, beautifully restored over the last six years, is on the National Register of Historic Places. MCR Development, the firm selected by the Port Authority to celebrate Saarinen’s masterpiece and reopen it to the public, is advancing a privately-funded $265 million plan to rehabilitate the national landmark to its original splendor and deliver the first on-site, world-class airport hotel at JFK International Airport. Through a $65 million investment, MCR Development will preserve the iconic terminal for the public to enjoy. Expected to be complete in 2018, the redevelopment plan will include a museum focusing on New York City as the birthplace of the Jet Age, the storied history of TWA Airlines, and the Midcentury Modern design movement.

Sounds tempting? You bet, for you and me and, apparently, 10,000 more people! (or more – I just ballparked the #)


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OPNY-15, Day 2

Yesterday dragged myself home, exhausted. Memory card filled, battery died – had to buy a pack on the run between two sites. Saw lots of beautiful, amazing things –  promise to load pics later. Didn’t di my weekend chores, house is covered with dust, started laundry at 11pm, went to bed at 1am: happy as a bird. Now came back from Pilates, emptied camera’s memory and leaving again for Day 2.

Stay tuned!

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