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Рассмотрим на примере одного поста на 2х языках, рус и Eng.

Прежде всего замечаем, что английскую страницу приходится проворачивать вниз на экране: текст в 2 раза длинней.

Что выпало из русского варианта? Да так,  детали:


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Simon Brett

Читаю уже третью книжку  – и нравится всё больше.


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esl…and Brits, once again, showed themselves to be condescending xenophobic snobs.
I’ve encountered this imperial-patronizing-a-colonial attitude when came on a 1-week visit 8 years ago. And here they go again. Just listen to this:

“Based on participations [sic! Dude, how about your English grammar? -ETat]- so far, we’ve already got some decent statistics. Most native English adult speakers who have taken the test fall in the range 20,000–35,000 words. Click here for a full breakdown by age (opens in new tab/window).

And for foreign learners of English, we’ve found that the most common vocabulary size is from 2,500–9,000 words.”

Just look at the choices they offer to a question “Which option best describe your English learning?”

-I am taking an English class now

-I’ve taken English before but stopped

-All my school classes are/were in English

-I’ve learned without taking a course


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Globalized Emptiness

Упал в почту email из LinkedIn-группы Design&Construction, я от них получаю новости в профессии. Мельком глянула – и глаза протёрла: сплю ли я, грежу ли?

Член группы, уважаемый человек с множеством солидных аббревиатур после имени и блестящим резюме (“worked with a New York City Top 5 Design firm (Perkins Eastman Architects PC) and ENR-Top 100 CM-for-Fee firm”) – постит линк на статью в – опять же, солидном – архитектурном журнале.
И там мелькают слова, которые не могут, никак не могут, не должны быть связаны:
Гейдар Алиев, Заха Хадид, Культурный Центр, “nimble two-layer space frame”, “supportive bridesmaid to double envelope”, “Nureyev moment”, “planned subway line”, Патрик Шумахер (ко-партнер под вывеской Захи) – и некий project architect Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu, “series of terraces interlaced with reflecting pools and waterfalls”…
И среди них – единственно понятные:
-Cost: Withheld
-“the client, DIA Holding, also served as the design/build contractor”

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J. Strange and Mr.Norrel


wolfhall25% read in a week. I do move through if with much difficulty. For some reason, can’t make sense of the premise and it bores me:  if it’s a satire, on what? if an honest-to-god Dickens “cover”, what for?

The style itself, which seem the be the main source of enjoyment for multiple reviewers, is too outdated, too good an imitation of long-winded methodically-descriptive  XIXc. novels.

Or, maybe, it’s just the moment. I am in love with H.Mantel’s Cromwell, can’t wait my library’ turn for the second book  (Bring Up the Bodies). I am too entrenched in 1530’s, with accompanying no-nonsense, concise, logical and consequential life- and writing- style to appreciate S. Clarke’s convoluted message? And in a different time and mood she’d delight me?

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Good morning, UK!

Congrats, Tories and their fellow travelers.

I am not one, but anyone who beats Libs and Labour gets a cheer from me. Yay!

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Saccharine Abbey

Duke (or is it Earl?)* Kuragin with hairdo of a gypsy violinist! Making eyes in a carriage in exotic Sankt-Petersburg! Ex grand-duchess, now a possible prostitute in Hon Kong! Count Rostov, pulling chair for a lady like a good waiter he is (very suitable for his new station in life, I’m sure)!

* “Prince”, – see comments

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