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-Может, вы два сапога пара?


O мочалке:


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German group 17 Hippies.

Отлично, константин, а т. др. проч. шведы – и не!



Vita Sackville-West was married for 5 years and was a mother to 2 sons, when in April 1918 she suddenly fell passionately in love with seductive Violet Keppel (later Trefusis), a friend she knew since her 12 and Violet’s – 10yo. Violet was an older daughter of Alice Keppel, last official royal mistress of Edward VII* – not by her husband, The Hon. George Keppel, but by one of her earlier lovers, Ernest Beckett. 

Alice’s younger daughter, Sonia Rosemary Keppel, is the maternal grandmother of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – whose life-long labors culminated in turning Prince of Wales from lover to a husband. Camilla attended today’s royal wedding ceremony for Prince Harry and his snowy-white-gowned bride: divorced, formerly-Jewish-by-marriage, mulatto American movie actress Megan Markle, –  wearing  a hat which one of the internet wits judged “inspired by The destruction of the Death Star…but pink”. Oh travesty!


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Which one sings for you?



Темы всё повторяются. Можно поставить эту песню (“песню”? неадекватное слово) в ряд к двум постам: этому. И ещё этому. Они все overlap.

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Начало, или Прекрасная Пани Зайденман
Открыла утром, почти опоздала на класс пилатес, и сейчас не могу оторваться.
Какой прекрасный писатель, отличный перевод (Леонарда Бухова) – как могло быть, что я о нём никогда не слышала?
Такая редкость найти книгу полную духом безошибочнo австрийской Польши; сепийным привкусом , когда-то так пленившим меня во Львове (до того, что вышла замуж за город) – в деталях и и самом подборе деталей, в манере – смеси цинизма, романтизма и пронзительного фатализма. Раньше я знала только одну такую книгу – Высокий Замок Лема.
Бегу читать дальше, вот – поделилась наскоро и коряво, и убегаю, узнать что будет с ними потом – с Ирмой и с Павелком, и с Моникой…Игнаци уже умер, а Бронек и Лёлек не заслуживают памяти…


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Yes, from me. Not only I admit this is a subject I am completely ignorant in but I am asking for assistance. A rare combo in these parts, I’m sure you would agree.

The subject is American Dating Rules, further called ADR.

Pre-history: my ideas of a proper etiquette of a meeting dance a) hopelessly outdated by about 25 years b) apply to that now lost socio-geographical oddity called USSR (in all its fragmentations therefore)  c) out of proper vocabulary since my encounters has never been so formal.

In short:


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Let me add yet another $.02 to the chewed-to death topic of unsolicited personal communications.

There is a widely-known notion that “men love with their eyes, women – with their ears”. So each unconsciously project their own preference of mode of communication onto the opposite sex. A man thinks that sending a picture of his appendage is worth a thousand words. A woman describes her more than intimate situation  in a post for a world to see. **

Both didn’t take into consideration the interests of their intended audience. Instead of trying to put themselves into somebody’s shoes they should have imagined what shoes their target might like.

A major marketing mistake. They should have done the opposite.


* Title swiped taken with appreciation from Black n bougie

** I’ll translate for the Russian-impaired.

An author, a female blogger in London, b.in 1977, posit a question: “How to get out a lost-inside condom? (don’t suggest solutions like “it’ll reveal itself in 9 months”!)

After she is given plenty of hilarious advice she expands on piquant details and associations in a full-page text in the next post .

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What can I add to the commentary re: Weinergate? Only this delicious morsel of a quote from Washington Post from about a year ago, describing coming nuptials between Sen. A. Weiner(D) and his bride, H.Clinton aide H. Abedin:

It was “love at first sight” for Weiner, Hillary told the crowd Wednesday. The Clintons encouraged the match between the Muslim beauty who grew up in Saudi Arabia and the Jewish Democrat from New York City. The couple represents, Bill said in his toast, what he wants “the future of the world to be.”

OK, make it two quotes:

[Bill] Clinton jokingly said that marrying a politician can be tough because it’s “easy to distrust them, whatever their religion,” a source told the Daily News.

Ah, Huma, Huma, you should have listened! The man is an expert…

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