Reading an amusing book by Kyril Bonfiglioli [thanks for the rec, Michel], All the Sea in China,  I came across unknown to me previously ethnic term. Griqua, according to Wiki, is the name of people of mixed-race originating from Cape Colony, roughly – children of European men (mostly Dutch) and indigenous tribes’women, who called themselves Bastaards. Sanctimonious English hypocrites found the name indecent and changed it to Griqua, by the name of a common ancestor.

This passage caught my attention:

“The high proportion of single Dutch men led to their taking indigenous women as wives and companions, and mixed-race children were born. They grew to be a sizeable population who spoke Dutch and were instrumental in developing the colony.

These children did not attain the social or legal status accorded their fathers, mostly because colonial laws recognised only Christian forms of marriage. This group became known as Basters, or bastards. The colonists, in their paramilitary response to insurgent resistance from Khoi and San people, readily conscripted the Basters into commandos. This ensured the men became skilled in lightly armed, mounted, skirmish tactics. Many recruited to war chose to abandon their paternal society and strike out and live more the way their maternal lines did. The resulting steady stream of disgruntled, Dutch-speaking, trained marksmen leaving the Cape hobbled the Dutch capability to crew their commandos. It also created belligerent, skilled groups of opportunists who harassed the indigenous populations the length of the Orange River. Once free of the colonies, these groups called themselves the Oorlam. In particular, the group led by Klaas Afrikaner became notorious. He attracted enough attention from the Dutch authorities to cause him to be rendered to the colony and banished to Robben Island in 1761.”

Humanity seem to have a very short attention span – and where is that notorious self-correcting evolutionary mechanism when we need it? We raise, train, appease and arm these bastards ourselves. We do not learn from our predecessors’ mistakes.

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American Thinker minds think [a]like me.

[with live updates, while I browse the news]

Pacifying gestures from our city, state and federal authorities are very short on actual concrete information, let alone common sense.

For instance:

Much was made in regards to what Dr. Spencer should have done when returned to NY after working with Ebola patients in Africa, namely: go into a self-imposed quarantine. In fact, new CDC guidelines order that exact measure to all exposed personnel for minimum of 21 days. My question is, how it should work in practice?

As we are told, contamination occurs through bodily fluids: urine, blood, liquid vomit, liquid diarrhea, sweat, saliva, semen, vaginal/sinus/excrement/breast milk discharge.

Dr. Spencer, as 90% new yorkers, lives in an multistory apartment building. Let’s say, he locked windows and entry door and didn’t exit his unit. Some devoted soul brings him food and leaves on his threshold to pick up when nobody is present. Stuff goes in – what about stuff going out? Plumbing system in the building penetrates and connects all floors, all apartments, and branches via the main to the city underground sewage and water network.

How is potentially infected person supposed to prevent his/her bodily fluids from reaching other tenants in the building, and – wider – users of the same utilities network? Every time (s)he uses a toilet of washes hands or takes a shower or touches door handles in public corridor with his/her sweaty hands –  the disease is spread further.

Another thing. With all those descriptions of Hazmat suits of various categories that emergency personnel should wear it is apparent that average layman is completely unprotected. I just learned this latest know-how in prevention:

However, it is killed by bleach, and you can protect yourself from it through good hand washing practices, which is true of most viruses — Ebola included.

Hey, when was the last time you washed your hands with bleach?!?

And when official prevention recommendation to the public is “wash your hands often” one starts suspecting…if are they actually aiming at wiping off  whole  US population.

Yesterday, as every other day, I went to my gym. I was running late for Pilates class, and I didn’t bring a towel to put on the mat. It was sticky with someone’s sweat, and smelled of it, too.

How am I to know I didn’t contract Ebola already?

Ebola in NY: two quotes

Gov. Cuomo on yesterday’s press-conference:

unlike in Dallas, where two hospital nurses treating an Ebola patient contracted the disease, New York officials had time to thoroughly prepare and drill for the possibility of a case emerging in the city

A doctor who treats walk-in patients in NYC hospital:

..we are totally unprepared for this illness. I am certain that at this point someone is walking about NYC with this virus [written on Oct.3. Now we know of Dr. Spencer, his girlfriend and friends, people in subway and bowling alley he exposed to infection - ETat] and spreading it to others.  Duncan is not the only jerk in this country with this illness.  Doctors are scared, especially ED docs because there is no proper screening and no place for isolation in the emergency rooms. In the first several days with symptoms, it is impossible to distinguish Ebola from any other virus causing gastroenteritis. If we do suspect someone as having Ebola, how do we isolate him from the rest of the hospital? Sure we have isolation rooms, but we have never dealt with such a deadly virus before. The bio-hazard suits are nice but they need to be put on somewhere safe and removed someplace safe. I don’t know of any hospital in NYC that has a decontamination area set up in a ward. In most circumstances, people will put on protective clothing and remove them in a busy hallway, following which foot traffic will spread whatever was on the floor of the isolation room to the rest of the hospital ward floor.


What we’re all witnessing is a group of morons slowly driving a bus off the cliff, and the passengers mumbling softly to each other about how terrible this all is. Some of my friends tell me, you are a doctor and you must stand up and do something. “This is crazy, you must do something” they tell me…. OK, smarty. What should I do? Protest against city hall, protest against the federal government? How? Should I put on a Hazmat suit, write the government is lying to us, and show up to work dressed this way? Someone did that, and he was laughed at. No, I will not waste time arguing with a crowd that should really be locked up in an insane asylum.


* за неделю, за 3дня и даже ещё вчера вечером на сегодня обещали дождь с утра и 59F. утро началось солнечным лучом прямо в глаз, продолжилось прекрасной почти летней погодой, жарой за 65 и лёгкими тучками
*музей города НЙ порадовал прекрасными новыми интерьерами холлов и отличным дизайном экспозиций. да и сами выставки отличные – за исключением политизированной Social Activism in NY; как ещё сами облагодетельствованные не испытывают ненависти к благодетелям? что за мицва такая, когда сделали на копейку, а гладят себя по головке на [утекшие бессмысленно] миллиарды? хвалят себя-нахваливают вот уже лет 150, а бедность, унижение и ничтожество как были так и есть, никуда не уходят…[PS: для справки - я libertarian и classic liberal, любое движение направленное на увеличение свободы (включая суфражисток) поддерживаю всей душой. левацкую "благотворительность" под именем social activism for social justice ненавижу. почему - см. The Fountainhead]
* когда мы шли по музейной миле вниз по 5й, из Парка наперерез перешёл дорогу дядька с двумя верёвками навесу. на верёвках грузом – черепахи. вот прямо настоящие черепахи, перевязанные накрест, машущие в воздухе доисторическими лапами
* визит в медицинский офис, где расследуют больные коленки. доктор, по идее, занимается разными видами артритов, смещёнными позвонками и опухшими суставами; вот настала моя очередь, и кто же заходит в кабинет? скрюченный в три погибели дяденька, еле волочащий ноги, почти горбатый от искривлённой шеи, мне до подмышек… не вижу, говорит, необходимости посылать вас на рентген или MRI – у вас нету резкой боли. вот у меня резкая боль из-за смещённых дисков, это да, таки боль – а раз вы скачете вприпрыжку, нечего на тесты деньги тратить. идите, вы здоровы!

Spinning blooddrops

Diamonds are a girl’s friends only if she plans to sell them later…and what kind of friend that makes her?

if I was asked what do I wish for a ring (not necessarily engagement…just a present – can a girl dream?) I’d say – this one.

No, seriously, this is irresistible:

Pomegranate Ring
Gold & Stone Ring
Created byGillian Batcher
14K yellow gold, synthetic ruby ball bearings. The ball bearings move around the ring band, in the ring cup, and the cup itself spins. This is the ultimate ring for play!

Gray Matters

October is Architecture month in NY, it’s even called Archtober. And within Archtober there is an Architecture and Design Film Festival.

And within the festival is documentary film about the life of Eileen Gray – one of very few design personalities I can say are my models – or as close to models as anybody I can think, with my contempt of authority. Her biography was first book I bought here in US.

It is running tonight in Tribeca Theaters – and if you’d come you have  a chance to meet me there, at 9pm.


A profession that has become popular is ill.

A. Haspel

Так вот, те кто думают, что Босс – уникальное явление: смотрите и кумекайте.
Набрела через 3 колоды на “брифку” из Канады. В посте в торонто-ру, где автор спрашивал “как лучше расставить диваны перед телевизором” читаю её коммент “и тут станки”. А, думаю, коллега. Всегда рада соратникам; пошла в журнал. Сразу в предисловии вижу дисклеймер: пишет человек, явно замученный чрезмерной популярностью у публики. Т.е спроса на неё столько, что ограничивает предложение:
большинство постов про дизайн и стейджинг – в режиме для друзей
советы дизайнера/стейджера/риэлтора – ТОЛЬКО для друзей
мой диплом стейджера можно увидеть здесь (линк)

Неужто, думаю, в Канаде такая официальная профессия появилась, дай-ка гляну на этот диплом. Глянула.
Ниже по треду обьяснение.
Р: расскажи кстати, ты только экзамен сдала или какие-то курсы брала?
Б: недельные курсы и 3 экзамена.


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