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Seaport Film Festival – Cockpit (Sweden)

The South Street Seaport has partnered with LW Productions to host the Seaport Film and Food Festival, a new four-week international film and food series from July 24 to August 18. For four Thursdays this July and August, a delicious array of free cuisine and drinks highlighting a different country will be served at 6:00pm, followed by an outdoor free screening of one acclaimed international film at the Front/Row stage, located at Fulton and Front Streets, taking visitors on a cultural and culinary journey.

*Free cuisine samples are limited

Sponsored by: Sweden Film Commissionand IKEA

About “Cockpit”
After getting fired from his current job as a pilot, and dumped by his current wife, Valle seeks to find a new job. Out of desperation on the job market for male air pilots, he disguises himself as a woman in order to get a job at Silver, an airline seeking a female pilot. The dividing line between his female and male self, as well as his personal and love life, starts to blur to a point which he eventually is unable to handle.



Have you ever been to Turin & around?  Give me some tips, pls
Бывал ли кто в Турине & окрестностях? Поделитесь полезными советами, пжлст

Acorn squash soup

Should I bother with recipe?

Chosen five

See the full story @ David’s. The wait was not in vain!

Who shot the sheriff

This is a screenshot of a blogpost on 07/14 by a “separatist” in Donetsk before they’ve realized which plane they’ve shot. In short: gloating and bragging about “Book” (“Beech”) rocket that is located on bandits’ side of the border (in Donetsk region) while support and navigation is stationed on Russian side:

Caught red-handed

Caught red-handed


Removed another blog from my reading: someone in Russia under a nick TomCody. Not for critique of our sanctions against Russia, our president and our feeble foreign policy*, as it might be construed from our exchange yesterday (although I still wonder why the hell he and others from same destination would not turn their righteous indignation towards their own Administration instead – after all, these are people they elected and pay their taxes to. America doesn’t owe them anything) – no, I removed him because he deleted my comments with expressed-above opinion.

As I have said many, many times here and elsewhere: nothing tells me quicker and more reliably if declared adherence to Western-democratic-liberal freedoms is genuine than behavior towards one’s commentators of opposite opinion. If someone’s dissenting  view triggers tyrannical impulse to “shut someone’s mouth” by erasing their comments – this claim is false. Simple as that.  [Naturally, trolls and bullies are excluded. Suffering fools might be tolerance, suffering obscenities from jerks is not an obligation].

* “TomCody” in his post repeated very popular (at the moment) view @liberal Russian blogosphere – that “Americans and Europeans” got punished (via shooting of Malaysian plane by Russian separatists in Donetsk) for not being more proactive earlier in stopping Russian military intervention in Ukraine. “Now the war came to American soil”, – he gloated -”Americans, once again, will see sealed caskets [with bodies of their compatriots] returning home. You, guys, need to start holding to your word or face the consequences “.

I have much more issues with current Administration than he could ever  dream up – as anyone who ever read these pages notice – and lots of us will agree with Professor’s posts. But it is OUR problem, and nobody outside has a right to demand anything from our country, from us or from our government. Let along give us orders.

Hopping on a Tapas Trail

A week ago I received this invite from Spain Wines and immediately thought of making it an excuse to see my old friend M. She is a native of Barcelona, we used to work together in an architectural firm all these years ago. She’s now always on business trips around the world and it’s difficult to coordinate a meet. (She will be coming to my BD dinner at Le Cirque next Fri, though).

Sala OneNine, NY

Who’s best to appreciate Rioja with if not with a Catalan! – you’d think. Not with this Catalan, as it turned out. M became a health lifestyle addict: works out every evening and doesn’t consume “red” (wine and meat). So I had to call in another former coworker-friend of mine, Jorge.  Ecuadorian is a viable substitute for a Catalan…right. All the way he was asking waiters to speak English!

No, Rioja and couple others (names forgotten immediately) did their trick, anyway: I learned all those rumors and behind-the-scene intrigues of 5 years ago. We talked of of hotel projects and intricacies of Revit software. I was appraised on recent weddings, pairing ups and breaking-downs while munching artichokes with fried pork rinds (in Sala OneNine), chorizo and shrimps in garlic sauce (in El Cid). Recent trends in international architecture were discussed with appropriate passion, and I was invited to Free Friday lecture Jorge was preparing on the topic. Anecdotes of “8 Charlie’s Angels”, which apparently meant his all-female designer team in Quito, were the last thing I recall – and held some sort of significance which now escapes me.

Ah, I love NY. Where one can feel like returning from a trip abroad – when in fact one was just getting home after  4-hr bar-browsing!



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