On 5 or 6 August 1942, German soldiers came to collect the 192 orphans (there is some debate about the actual number: it may have been 196), and about one dozen staff members, to transport them to Treblinka extermination camp. Korczak had been offered sanctuary on the “Aryan side” by Żegota but turned it down repeatedly, saying that he could not abandon his children. On 5 August he again refused offers of sanctuary, insisting that he would go with the children. He stayed with the children all the way until the end.

Floating party

Climbing up (or back, as our timeline demands) the stair, we plop right in the middle of breathtaking panorama

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Sway me more

[ as promised]

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Ишь ты,

всякая большевицкая хня о Набокове своё мнение имеет


В сущности, это так просто
если от вашей любви мне плохо, то мне ее не надо
жаль, что простые жизненные навыки приобретаешь немножко поздно


Sway with me

Let’s start from the end.

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случается найти чудесные весёлые картинки.

и отступает на время.

“О Консуэло, ты Утешение!”



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