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Webstrike spam

Received yesterday,  among usual garbage:

insert liberty here


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Web strike

If I knew how to  make my page look like that, I’d do it. [agree with sentiment. unable to follow directions]

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This video was taken by Dan @ChicagoBoyz on Saturday in Capitol of the State of Wisconsin. I can’t express how disgusted I am by these greedy, selfish, “proletarian” masses (who make 5 times of you and me, and still demand more, and forever)

Tell me, is that me or the chanting there reminds to you, too, the notorious Chilean “¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!” ? Is there a limit to ignorance and lies?

In my mind I pictured that staged “protest against fascist Chilean junta and Pinochet” that my foolish brainwashed 6th or 7th grade wasted so much time rehearsing: memorizing the incomprehensible Spanish words of the song, gluing paper flags, drawing placards…stupid, stupid lied-to idealistic kids. It makes me sick, the way we believed in all this crap, and how we’ve been used.

Чтоб у вас глотки полопались, сволочи. Чтоб вам эти плакатики другим концом вышли.

Now, my hopes are with Gov. Scott Walker. Someone said he has nerves of steel and he doesn’t give in. I really, really want it to be true.

See more videos here.

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Masters and masses

Russian government still is better than general population in its recklessness and fatalism: without external control and fear of punishment most Russian people would behave in more criminal and irresponsible fashion than average government official.

Same old, same old

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Proletarian struggles

I did doubted it yesterday; in fact I thought it highly improbable. Christmas time, tourists are in the city, everyone is last-minute shopping: would they be so stupid to turn the public against them? Apparently they are. And in 22F weather, too.

As of now, I’m enjoying it: slow breakfast with second helping of coffee, warm house, sunny day outside. I can plan my day (have some drafting work taken home, will last for 2 days) myself, do some postponed chores and compare the coverage of the strike on TV channels. All in hope it will not last.

Court in Brooklyn is already in session, they’ll have a hearing at 11am: MTA brought charges against TWU and asks for fines; not the jail time (it would make the martyrs out of them, notes commentator wisely) – great. Kevin, if you’re reading, what would Professor M, expert in Labor Movement and ardent Trotskyte, say?

Bloomberg, on the news this morning used quite strong language (“they want to bring the city to its knees”) and doesn’t show signs of giving in; neither does Pataki, and I heard an interesting bit of news (channel 2, not the CNN’ affiliate New York One): the head of international branch of TWU opposed the strike and it’s considered possible he’ll move to fire Toussaint.

NY One, in a meantime, endlessly showed footage of Mayor walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, alternating with interview with the Schools Commissioner (carefully avoiding any opinion language, just listing the time schools will be open, private school buses points, etc – right, don’t give ideas to the Teachers’ Union!). Among it, quick remarks from last subway commuters of yesterday night: a student with backpack, enthusiastic about rollerblading to Columbia tomorrow, a black nurse from Bronx blaming the city of failing the poor and low income: I can’t afford the taxis, how I get to work in the morning? They should’ve been flexible! A blonde French tourist with charming accent : oh this is so much like Paris; I’m used to the strikes, it’s normal to me.

Oh I hope not. Rare case, but today I rather like the fact New York isn’t Paris.

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