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Today’s newsletter’ installment brought a welcome surprise: Epiphany hotel in Palo Alto.

I gotta say: it is rather pleasant, to see drawings and pictures living in one’s mind – being implemented into reality. Of course, I also see “value engineering” at work: several rather nice features that we conceived few yrs ago got vanished (angled wood accent wall at Reception, f.ex, the tray-over-settee in the guestrooms, or the spiral stair treatment – that I spent so much time over!) On the other hand, other items got developed into a nicer, cleaner statements – like forged steel screen at the restaurant’ entrance, and a cute “round bar section”/button in seating group upholstery.

You can find more pictures here. I do, of course, have my own drawings in portfolio – which I show only to potential employers and clients, and only for the purpose of illustrating my skills.

But, oh, how these pics brought in the memories of that difficult year!

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Ah, what a pity

Look what fell into my inbox this morning: a dream job!


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A toast to end this day

Here’s to a lifetime of unruliness!

[Today was so bad I almost made up my mind to step into Higher Regions to hand in my resignation]

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Where to…?

The project I’m wrapping up now (planning and supervising renovation, fitout and internal move of ~300 people in a major Broadcast company within their NY headquarters) will be over at the beginning of October.

I’ve been working at my top speed and endurance for about 6 months. I love what I do – but 50hrs workweeks of insane intensity; sleepless nights -you know the kind, when one’s mind is too strained to relax,  kaleidoscope of corporate rat race – took a toll.

I need a vacation.

Something to give me a jolt.To take me out of my comfort zone (spa…beach…lazy reading of mystery novels under canopy of leaves…knitting another sweater I don’t need)

So, what do you think – Peru (machu picchu, colonial architecture of Cusco and Lima, Spring at high altitude) or Vancouver (a ferry from Seattle; Fall in a rainforest, Pacific seaside I’ve never seen)? Maybe even in your company? I have about two weeks and I want to return in time for Election.

Advice and ideas are welcome!

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From my window (again)

Don’t remember – did I show you the place where I now work?IMG_0530 IMG_0531 IMG_0532

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Миша Шацкий напоминает нам словами весьма им ценимого Писарева, что праздность – мать всех пороков.


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Behind my back

IMG_0072   IMG_0076IMG_0077IMG_0074

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