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On 5 or 6 August 1942, German soldiers came to collect the 192 orphans (there is some debate about the actual number: it may have been 196), and about one dozen staff members, to transport them to Treblinka extermination camp. Korczak had been offered sanctuary on the “Aryan side” by Żegota but turned it down repeatedly, saying that he could not abandon his children. On 5 August he again refused offers of sanctuary, insisting that he would go with the children. He stayed with the children all the way until the end.

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Из случайной статьи на Jewish.Ru

Дружили крепко, по-советски, связей не теряли, даже когда разошлись по разным институтам”

Тут вам и столичная уютненькая элитка, и феномен 57й* – все эти оскорблённые крики через 30 лет  – и основа левизны, основа советскости: коммунальная кухня, сбившийся в кучку клан; черта осёдлости, проведённая теми, кто изнутри – наружу.  Такая – опошленная и примитивизированная – Ivy League по-советски.

*В разных городах были другие номера; номер конкретной школы неважен. Скажем, во Львове школа была, кажется, 52я. Помню, поражалась как бывш. муж, на 8 лет меня старше, ярко-выраженный экстраверт с широким кругом знакомств, держал принадлежность к 52й за безупречный знак качества – через 20 лет после окончания! Неважны были, на самом деле, личные бзики – как только узнавалось, что субьект учился хотя бы пару лет в 52й, ему прощалось всё, чем гнушались в других на общих основаниях.

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What a great guy

If someone wouldn’t know anything of his professional and civic life, nothing of his struggles, nothing of his history – just this one speech by his son the priest at his funeral would give one an idea of a scale of the person that was Antonin Scalia.

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Have to say, my idea of perfect Blizzard Day (to hole up on a sofa with a cup of hot black tea and piece of ricotta-blueberry pie, watching Angelina in Maleficent) is positively cowardly and mediocre – compared to these PIC (yep, “partners in crime”, you knew it).

Note the news cut at the beginning. Billie d B is a disgusting socialist ninny-dictator.


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Attack on women

No, not just in Germany.

In the minds of conservatives, victims “are asking for it”. Read the thread. Barbarians – not only those raping women in Cologne. But the people who – supposedly – are in the same trench with us.


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Как-то слишком всё хорошо и удачно последнюю неделю – ух, неспроста! Надо бы поосторожнее.

Получила приглашение на обход showrooms в СОХО ->прогулялась с радостью, увидела много чего замечательного (плиточки и light sculpture, например, какие были прекрасные в Blackbody -> везде отмечали на входе, а вчера оказалось: отмечали не просто так, а внесли в raffle для билета на любое кино в Arch.& Des. Film Fest -> и я таки выиграла билетик.


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Of all the “news” sources describing train incident in France, only American Jacksonville TV station’ headline said:2 U.S. service members, civilian stop attacker on train in Europe.

The rest call all three brave Americans – “soldiers”, including our own CNN.

They clearly don’t understand the concept of National Guard, personal responsibility and, wider, citizen’s duty. Europeans used to delegate defense (personal and public) to State, so they automatically call defenders – government employees.

That’s the difference between countries surrendered to statism – and US, with our lingering mentality of freedom, inherent libertarianism of our people.


Courage of free people is contagious:

Norman said that when he first saw the gunman, his initial instinct was to duck down in his seat, NBC Los Angeles reported. But then he heard Skarlatos telling the other men to “get him.” Stone jumped up and ran forward, tackling the gunman. Skarlatos and Sadler followed. Norman quickly joined them, helping wrestle the gunman to the ground and get him under control so he couldn’t hurt anyone else.

Ah, CNN. Speaking from their posterior.  As usual.

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