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-I love, love these elephants, – сказала В., партнёр инвестиционной фирмы.

Ремонт НЙ -ской конторы компании закончен, мебель установлена, мы с В.  разбираем ящик с отложенными-до-ремонта картинами в солидных рамах,  фильтруем собрание для её «углового» офиса.

Два полуметровых принта фолк-серии: алый фон, серо-кофейные (taupe) туши в профиль, человечки в зелёных и золотых чалмах держат их за дружелюбный хобот или сидят на  белых попонах с серебристыми звёздами и полумесяцем.

-…but for the Islamic imagery, – продолжила В. Я молча кивнула. Поди знай этих corporate types, насколько там искренности и сколько провокации, чтоб потом заклеймить разнообразными «фобами» и использовать для демонстративной порки.  Однако, зря.

-though I like these little Indian people, they drive the sloppy giants wherever they want. Still…the Muslim moons are rather inappropriate…

-On the other hand, those moons might be just the sign of Female, – говорю. – These are the she- elephants. They are bigger and firmer than the tiny figures of their male minders, and they are the force that minders have to recon with.

Картинки были величайше одобрены, повешены на видное место (стена напротив деска, «чтоб видеть каждый день, for inspiration») и с гордостью демонстрируемы теперь всем посетителям с собственной её величества интерпретацией as symbol of feminine empowerment.

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More than a year ago a blog-friend asked me to help her out with concept on a lake house her family planned to renovate.

I agreed, even though the money she was paying was inadequate and there was no refunding my expenses. It was a favor I was doing for a friend, simple as that.  We coordinated and Sunday morning off I went on a 3hr-commute to a neighboring state, equipped with my camera and tape measure.


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Just spent 2.5hrs with Skype issues. I am expecting important call from overseas, need it to work properly.

Yesterday I was able to open and sign in; I received SMS message through Skype from my correspondent – so it WAS working. Later in the night I wanted to open Skype again and forgotten my password. Yada-yada, I got a “temp. token” for signing in, I entered it into appropriate slot, typed my new password, confirmed it – and on the next page received Epic Fail message: “Oops, something went wrong, try again in a few minutes”. That was repeated 4 times. I went to bed.


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Потому что это как sleeping with the enemy.

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Found at one of ther threads at Apartmenttherapy:

“i have to admit, though, that i am not a capitalist. i hate the fact that economic class structures exist in this country (and worldwide). i hate the fact that we can sit here talking about how a $700,000 home is “a bargain”, and designer furniture is “an accesible splurge”, while people all over the world starve. or to bring it on topic, while most americans rent nondescript white boxes and shop at walmart, of necessity.

i will disparage the well-off on all counts. most of all, though, for employing transparent and banal status-symbol decorating gimmicks. i mean, if you have the money and want to reward yourself for your hard work, fine. but if what that means is putting a huge flatscreen TV over the fireplace in the formal parlor you never use in your 4-story brownstone you occupy alone, i’m sorry, but that’s wasteful, offensive, and bordering on immoral. and i’m going to call that as i see it.”

[comment by one opoponax; I think it’s a she]

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