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German group 17 Hippies.

Отлично, константин, а т. др. проч. шведы – и не!



Vita Sackville-West was married for 5 years and was a mother to 2 sons, when in April 1918 she suddenly fell passionately in love with seductive Violet Keppel (later Trefusis), a friend she knew since her 12 and Violet’s – 10yo. Violet was an older daughter of Alice Keppel, last official royal mistress of Edward VII* – not by her husband, The Hon. George Keppel, but by one of her earlier lovers, Ernest Beckett. 

Alice’s younger daughter, Sonia Rosemary Keppel, is the maternal grandmother of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – whose life-long labors culminated in turning Prince of Wales from lover to a husband. Camilla attended today’s royal wedding ceremony for Prince Harry and his snowy-white-gowned bride: divorced, formerly-Jewish-by-marriage, mulatto American movie actress Megan Markle, –  wearing  a hat which one of the internet wits judged “inspired by The destruction of the Death Star…but pink”. Oh travesty!


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8 утра. Комната в будайском “Модном отеле” сдана, багаж оставлен консьержу, у меня 2 часа до заказанного такси и 5 часов до вылета. Полчаса на завтрак (и какой! ах, эти кокосово-бело-шоколадные шарики к кофе с пенкой!)

Вышла из ворот на улице Ури, пересекла квартал до стены и пошла гулять по периметру.

Тихо, безлюдно. Цветут каштаны, семенят собачки, часы бьют на церкви Матиаша.

8am. The guestroom’s key card is surrendered to reception, a porter stored my carry-on, I have 2 hrs till shuttle to the airport and 5 – till my flight. Buda Fashion Hotel’ restaurant fed me their last breakfast, fit for a squadron of hungry Hussars – oh, those coconut-white chocolate balls with cappuccino!

Out the doors I go, across Uri Utca, along the meter-thick  parapet wall,  around the castle hill. There are no people, just occasional doggie and his master on a leash. Heady aroma of blossoming chestnuts, breeze, sun and melodic sounds of clock from the Matthias church.

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