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That’s taxing

As an update to my earlier cry re: IRS refund-tracking site shutdown:*jsallison informs us that it was planned due to sequestration! And here I was thinking Chaz’s TopTen are hilarious jokes.
So this is how life imitates art! They got “sequestered” exactly at the time at least half of the country awaits their tax refunds? They couldn’t schedule their 5 days shutdown sometime later, when they’ve performed their main function, the excuse for their existence? And another question, also rhetorical: if we can live without them for 5 days during the busiest tax time of the year – couldn’t we shut them down indefinitely?
I googled the topic and found that the announcement had come a month ago, right after Tax Day; an official explanation given at the time was that they don’t want to delay issuance of tax refunds. But that’s exactly what has happened!

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IRS games

Since mailing my tax forms on March 27 I have been waiting for refund, so far in vain.
Today when I checked on IRS site, created for tracking down the status of refunds, it says -I quote:

This service will be unavailable beginning approximately 7:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 23, 2013 until approximately 5:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, due to several factors, including scheduled maintenance.


5 days! What are those “several” factors besides maintenance?

Considering the publicity with widening up IRS scandal – are they doubling down and trying to intimidate us? To show us who’s the boss?

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…have you noticed that now, in airport security line, every one – not random-selected, not suspicious, not every 5th or 10th are directed into the xray machine with their hands up? I did.

One by one, now we all are suspects.

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The Prof has given us a portrait in a long literary tradition of Hero(s) of Our Times :

Elon Musk has a plan to get rich.  It involves you.  The taxpayer.  You pay taxes.  The government gives huge dollops of that money to Elon.  Elon gets rich.  Who could possibly object? Who could deny Elon’s genius?

He certainly thinks he’s a genius.  He has no hesitations in telling people so.

And there is a kind of perverse genius here.  In the Age of Obama he has found the key to riches.  Get in good with the government-by, you know, sponsoring an inaugural ball.  And then let the government give you the goodies.  Then sue the government if they don’t give you enough goodies.

And then preen before the world, touting your genius-and your environmental credentials. (Pay no attention to that private jet behind the curtain!)

I recall some time ago I came upon a LJ journal written by Musk’s first ex-wife, a writer and a mother of inordinate number of his children [wiki tells me 6 in 8 years, 2 sets of multiples, 1x(2) and 1x(3), after a death of a 1st, 10-weeks-old boy]- whom he took advantage of financially (she said she had nothing to her name to the time of divorce proceedings – no car, no house, no account) right from the start of their marriage.. You can read more in links @ her Wiki page or on her blog. Couple of years ago, I remember, there was a damage-control article by Musk hastily trying to correct the bad impression, but the tone of it was so off-putting, short-tempered and commanding, it rather confirmed it.

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Opinions differ. There will now be plenty of time for weighted thoughtful posts in the blogs, but I want to reserve some immediate commentary for later comparison and reality check. These are from the thread @Ace’s:


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After is it known that there were 2 almost simultaneous bomb explosions, originated from “mobile, portable devices” (quoting BPD), that 3 more found undetonated, that several reports indicate that police and national guard were unusually tense before the start of the marathon (much more so than last year’s, for instance) – CNN and NYTimes made statements (or, rather, a wish) to blame it on “right-wing anti-government groups”! (per Breitbart)

Despicable dipshit.

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borsht tyranny:

“3/9/1953-Washington, DC: Eileen Keenan, a waitress at the 1203 Restaurant, puts up a sign outside the restaurant, March 6, inviting everyone to enjoy “Free Borsht” in celebration of Stalin’s death. “
[via Riftsh]

PS. Ha! And another witch commie dictator  is dead, too. Perfect timing. Joined another one in hell’s cauldron.


Был суров и мрачен юбилей
И никак уснуть не получалось
А к утру приснился мавзолей
На фронтоне “Ленин Сталин Чавес”

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Banana breadHaving discovered  2 bananas way past their prime in the back of my vegetable basket I opted for the Thrift (which is all the rage during the past 5 years of this Administration, as, unfortunately, we all are forced to know). No banana bread in my grandma’s recipe collection, I went to the net and rejecting half-baked (ha!) ones among google-top, selected one by Martha Stewart .

I modified it a bit, as usual: 3/4 of a butter stick instead of 1, less salt, less soda, much less sugar and wine-soaked raisins instead of nuts.

Heavenly, especially when windows are misty with rain and wind howls outside. Try it.

You will never see a baked good disappear so quickly. Mine is gone in 3 days, and I’m the only one munching.

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The particular annoying thing about these days is that nothing catastrophically bad happens. Only the feeling of accelerating, slow-moving, gathering strength avalanche. The wait is worse than the event itself, that’s a banality, but oh how ever appropriately current one.

All unpleasant things that were happening a week ago continue to this one – but a shade more hopeless, a shade more angry; here a brushstroke of nastiness added, there – of desperation. Sometimes it verges on caricature; 2 weeks ago you would think it IS a caricature; now it’s a mainstream. The borderline recedes with every week.

Went to a networking event, talked to several trade people. Here’ are snaps:

A Supremely-Groomed Designer:

In these difficult times, when our usual sources of clientele are diminished we all have but one hope – our Government. In all its incarnations. Thankfully, there are so many departments and committees now, you can always find one or two willing to spend their “public works” funds. Like a Sustainable Green Wall that I designed for an UES, to cover an ugly brick side of a building: 5 city departments and the City Council approved. Of course, it will take about 5 months to collect all the permits, but in a meanwhile I am busy and paid! If only we could finish once and for all with those Republicans. The most single-mindedly stupid, shortsighted, cruel, economically-illiterate people…

I: I am not a Republican, but I can tell you better say all this while looking at the mirror

SGD: But they are against Gay Marriage! They discriminate by sex!

I: And who cares about sex when a house is on fire? Only stupid, short-sighted, economically-…

SGD: it’s easy for you to say! I care!

I: So, it is now OK to marry your partner in NY State ; did you?

SGD (hastily leaves, choking on a piece of cheese)


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For those of you thinking Americans just stopped talking about politics after the election or even better – that they stopped thinking, here’s a quote from my current LJ’read:

“Basically we are seeing the end results of the USSR’s many billions of dollars spent on destroying us by their infiltration of colleges and media. The Soviets just didn’t last long enough to see it bear fruit, but it has. We’re circling the drain and there isn’t anything short of a MAJOR war that is going to save us, if then. And every Democrat in office is doing everything they can to speed it along. They really hate this country.”

I hate to say that but I suspect not only the USSR of old is to blame. There is a measure of involvement by the recent immigrants from post-Soviet territories -just look at “rusam” community @LJ. Disgusting. I used to be offended when people who didn’t know me personally assumed on hearing my accent that I am a commie and behaved accordingly. Now I at least know why – after observing so many newly-planted expats, who paradoxically ran from the country of failed socialism but advocate version-2 here.

Shame, shame and horror.

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[K]ак нам недавно сообщили, по передовым данным науки, государство также создаёт и богачей – иным словом, все классы созданы государством из первобытного хаоса.
В начале общество было пусто и безвидно, и Дух Государства витал над водами. И сказало Государство – да будет Рабочий Класс, и стал Рабочий Класс. И отделило государство Средний Класс от Рабочего Класса, и увидело, что это Хорошо. И постановило Государство, что Рабочий Класс будет работать, а Средний Класс – служить, по роду их, и назвало это Экономикой. И сказало Государство – да воскишит Экономика Дорогами, Мостами, Бизнесменами и Миллионерами. И стало так. И всё заверте…


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Прошлась по своему блогроллу: около половины – молчат. Давно уже молчат. Большинство из молчащих замолчали окончательно. Некоторые перешли на другие ресурсы*, как Хаспел, некоторые нет-нет да и вставят 5коп (на предельно нейтральные темы – “устал”, “а вот книжки”, “сравнительный анализ рецептов” &&&) -но интервал между копейками по месяцу а то и три.
Заинтересовалась и потыкала в блогроллы у тех, кто всё ещё шебуршится. Та же картина: последний пост за апрель 2009, или отчёты об отпуске, или возмущение строителями…

Картина маслом: “Приплыли”. Или ещё:”Перед Грозой”. Или…да подставьте любую многозначительность, на тошнотворно-знакомом советском эзоповом языке

*Скажу ещё раз
-о Твиттере: ресурс для нежелающих изливать душу. Или продумать до конца. Или пустить к себе в мысли.
-о Фейсбуке: ресурс однодневок. Или доска обьявлений.

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We, the people…


Tell me, from legal POV: say, each of the petitions will collect requisite 25,000 signatures. What would be a hypothetical legal consequence/path/scenario from there?

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[T]oday starts a new course for my life. I’ve soured on electoral politics given what happened last night. I believe now the best course of action is outright revolt. What do I mean by that? Well, to each his own. Some may choose to push secession in their state legislatures. Others may choose to leave the U.S. for good (Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Hong Kong, Israel). Still others may want to personally separate themselves from the United States here in North America while still living under communist rule’ the Glenn Beck, grab your guns, food storage, build bunkers, survivalist route. I heartily endorse all these efforts. Express your hatred, shame, and outright disgust with anyone you know who voted Democrat

To some of my former friends -Nina, I am looking at you, among others – who pretend to be “above the squabble”: you are included. If you can not perceive, after all the talk in more than 4 years, the nature of your liberal friends – you are not better than them.  The tactic asking “naive” question of the type:” Here’s what one Right blogger said about Obama’s 2nd term – what do you think of this quote”…”? – and then collecting couple of dozens of insulting remarks from the lefties but hypocritically banning lonely right voice for “a personal attack” – this tactic is not one of “objectivity”, it’s a tactic of licking collective Dem ass.

Plague on you and yours.

If I meet a Democrat in my life from here on out, I will shun them immediately. I will spit on the ground in front of them, being careful not to spit in their general direction so that they can’t charge me with some stupid little nuisance law. Then I’ll tell them in no un-certain terms: “I do not associate with Democrats. You all are communist pigs, and I have nothing but utter disgust for you. Sir/Madam, you are scum of the earth.” Then I’ll turn and walk the other way.

And now you can call me “fanatic” all you want.

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Rotten day

The day started at a polling site.

No machines, just a line to a table with a veeeeryyyyy slow poll worker writing and checking and rechecking something  three times in her three lists. It took her 10 min to give me a voting card #70 and a ballot #71. Wait a minute…”I know, – she said, – someone just messed up her ballot, so she had to get another, and that screw up the whole system”. (What? The system is so easily screwed up?) Then I took this arrangement to a sort of a podium with curtains above (rather frivolous, as the curtains only come down to table height), looked through and started checking the “R”s and “L”s. Wait [another] minute…I am not supposed to! instead of “check” I have to to fill in the small ellipse with black ink! The instruction on the wall severely told me no ballot counts if I step even tiny bit over the outline of the ellipse…I went back to my district table and demanded another ballot. “What’s wrong w/it? – said Mr. Donnovan The Coordinator (approx 150 yo), snatching my ballot and looking it over before I thought to protest – oh, that’s OK, the scanner will take it anyway”. But I was strong – and spent another excruciating 15 min, repeating the sign-up and triple re-checking. Still at the end Mr Donovan tried to switch the ballots for a messed up instead of the empty one…


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Watching the debates. The moderator should be hung! Bias is infinitely mild word for the way she “moderates” it.Interruptions, cutting off at the beginning of answer, changing the topic while Ryan answers her own question, etc etc etc.
As to Biden…Biden is a fool. But that’s just a beginning of his problem. An old, arrogant, lying scumbag deliberately insulting and provoking his opponent to divert from answering for their criminal deeds. As Ryan said: they have been caught with a hand in a cookie jar.

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I wonder what it must be like to spend your whole life believing that you don’t have to follow the rules, that the rules follow you, and then learning — in front of the entire world — that it doesn’t always work that way.

Sorts of like Saddam when they dragged him out of the spidery hole.


Added to blogroll.

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I said before that very rare post on political topic excites me enough to read it through this days. Here’s that rare post. Brilliantly stated, brilliantly argued and brilliantly written. Well, Sowell as a noble inspiration – but the last paragraphs are author’s own, and I agree wholeheartedly.


[and don't forget to dip into comments' section. Refreshing.]

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* Obama wants another $1.2 trillion in tax dollars to… I guess to have something to do. I don’t think he knows anything to do as president other than spend money. Maybe people need to just show him a new activity and that would help slow down the deficit. I bet he would be good at… um… maybe people could just send him to the store to fetch things. Just make sure to tell him he’s really smart whether he succeeds or not.

Frank J @ IMAO.

See also.

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